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Unique and Green Christmas Gifts for Kids

by Tiffany in Green Holidays

There are lots and lots of green toys on the market. I have posted about hundreds of options over the years and I have a constantly updated Green Christmas Gift Guide that highlights many of them. I like green toys from small family owned businesses and I like to support the larger companies who happen to make sustainable toys. More and more though I look for things that are unique and not likely to be found on any bestseller list on Amazon. Here are some of the gems I found this year at one of my favorite stores…Magic Cabin.

Ice Cap Game – Kids love games and this is one is especially cute but I like it because it may just be a great primer to teaching even the littlest ones about climate change. Players must balance some polar cuties (whales, bears, seals) on a precarious glacier, being careful not to upset the stack. Made of eco-friendly beechwood!

Gingerbread Baking Kit – Made of felt and oh so cute…much better than the crap plastic toys from Walmart that get squished and tossed in a month or cause kids to lose interest because they are so fake looking.

Cloth Baby Dolls – These are of Swedish design and made of cloth. I love that they are weighted to make them more realistic, like holding an actual baby. They are just flippin adorable too. I love their clothing and the fact that they can suck their thumbs. These are classic.

And if you need a bottle for them…

Toadstool Solitaire – Maybe I am just big on games. I love this unique and whimsical take on a classic game! This Mouse and Cheese solitaire is equally awesome.

Pan Drum – Okay so this has a special place in my heart because I played the pans in a orchestra once upon a time. This pint sized steel drum would be perfect for little music lovers.

Build Your Own Magnetic Vehicles – We love magnetic blocks in this house and build your own wooden cars. This concept kind of combines the two. So simple and yet so fun.

Paint Your Own Russian Dolls – My little girl is getting a bit big for dolls for these she would totally love! You get a nifty suitcase, paints, and three ceramic dolls.

Hope this post gives you some fresh gift ideas for the holidays!!

  • Maggie

    love these. what great ideas. Have my eye on a couple for my 8 mnth old great nephew and 3 1/2 yr old great neice.

  • So that baking cookie kit looks so awesome. All great ideas!

    • Don’t they look delicious! :)

  • Mel Harrison

    That Ice Cap game looks great. We talk a lot about climate change at our house. We’ve played a similar game where I put pillows and blankets on the floor and the kids jump from one to another (the pillows etc. are ice). I keep removing them as the planet warms and it gets more challenging.

    • Such a cool idea Mel. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Wow, so many fun games – and I love that they are “green”! That pan drum looks very interesting, and I’m sure it’s something my son would enjoy!

  • The baking kit and solitaire game have my vote. Love those!

  • My twin toddler would be all over all of these! Especially the Ice Cap Game!

  • I’m about to start my holiday shopping!  Thanks for these recommendations!

  • These are all so adorable!  I think Monster might like a couple of them also!

  • Cecile

    I love the paintable Russian Dolls – my daughter would love this!