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Supporting Smiles in Need with Tom’s of Maine

by Tiffany in Social Good

tooth fairy crayon drawing

The above drawing was done by my spunky little girl. I asked her if she would draw me a picture of the tooth fairy and she drew a picture of her “personal” tooth fairy… because there are many don’t ya know? There would have to be to make sure that tooth coverage is extended to every child on earth. Ginger here covers my daughter’s room apparently and I hear she pays pretty well too.

I am going to enter this lovely fairy in the Tom’s of Maine Be a Tooth Fairy Hero Sweepstakes. The idea behind this initiative is to help increase access to oral care for those families in your area who need it most. I worked for a couple years at a dental office that had a large pediatric customer base and I saw personally how much dental care is needed in my own community. While I personally believe that nutrition is not played up nearly enough (or at all) in regards to healing dental problems and avoiding dental problems in the first place there is only so much you can do where education is concerned. Access to the dental help you is of great importance and sadly there are many without means.

The Dental Health for All™ program is celebrating over 1 million dollars that has been donated to community dental clinics over the past 10 years. They are dedicated to providing more families with regular screenings and check-ups and to date the company’s funding has helped make more than 200,000 additional patient visits possible.

The Be a Tooth Fairy Hero sweepstakes is getting kids involved in the process. Just have the child(ren) in your life grab their crayons and some paper and have them draw the Tooth Fairy hero who needs to help those smiles in need. You can also use the coloring page provided at the link above. Then attach it to the entry form and you are entered into the sweepstakes. Ten entries will be randomly selected with Tom’s of Maine awarding a $10,000 donation on each winner’s behalf to a dental clinic, plus providing toothpaste for the child’s school.


  • JB

    LOVE this !  Thanks for posting .  My daughter will be excited about this.  :)

    • You are most welcome. Good luck!