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Better Than a Box – Recreating Your Favorite Processed Foods

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating


I consider myself fortunate that I did not grow up on hoards of processed foods. My mother was very much the all American farm girl who slept in the barn with her pony whenever she could get away with it and ate farm fresh foods each night. When she moved away from Ohio to the urban sprawl of Phoenix, Arizona with her young family she fed us the same types of foods that were cooked on the farm. We also adopted some of the eating habits of the Southwest too which meant seafood (crab legs, fish) and lots of Mexican food but for us that did not mean Taco Bell. That meant Chimichangas cooked from scratch. My siblings and I developed adventurous palates and we grew up on REAL food. We ate very little that came out of a box.

Even back then this was radically different than what my friends ate. Most of them ate straight from boxes…macaroni and cheese, tuna helper, hamburger helper, Bisquick pancakes, boxed cornbread, and beans from a can. Pretty much all of them loved coming to my house to eat – where the pancakes were made from scratch and the ice cream churned in a silver bucket into something way more delicious than what you get from a half gallon tub at the grocery. I still hear from old friends that claim to be making my mom’s fondly remembered recipes for their own families now. I highly doubt anyone is that nostalgic about Hamburger Helper. Real food nourishes us, it creates community and fond memories, and it provides a healthy legacy for us to pass on.

But what if you didn’t grow up on real food? What if you grew up eating out of a box and can with meals from fast food eateries thrown in for convenience, as so many have and still do??? What if combining spices or making slow cooked meals seems too complicated? Well, that is sadly the pickle that many face but I am hopeful that the tides are turning and more people are wanting to return to the days of real food and cooking from scratch from real and identifiable ingredients. Even I know how easy it can be to just buy that can of cream of mushroom soup or the onion soup mix instead of making your own but if we want to reclaim our health we MUST reclaim our food.

This is why I was so excited to see a new book from Kitchen Stewardship (whose other books and web site I adore) called Better Than a Box. It is a great resource for those that want to include more real foods in their diet (and are a wee bit lost) and for those that already cook real foods but miss their old favorites that came from a box. It is way more than just a recipe book or cookbook – it’s a tutorial in real food cooking, reverse engineering processed foods, and creative recipe development because we can ALL do so much better than a box.

In the first 100 pages you learn how to transform your old favorites that came from a box or a can into 100% real food. Think Stovetop Stuffing, tuna casserole, hamburger helper, french onion dip, and cheese enchiladas. It also teaches how to remake your favorite resources such as dry onion soup, bouillon cubes, chicken stock, Velveeta, bread crumbs, salad dressings, tortillas, and many others.

As the site boats: “We leave no can of cream of mushroom untouched. No box of Stovetop Stuffing is safe”.

Are you ready??

Right now there are two different ways you can buy and both are an absolute steal and these deals are available THIS WEEK ONLY…

You can get the Amazon Kindle version for only $99 cents.

You can also buy direct from Kitchen Stewardship for $1.99 and you get several bonus goodies that make the teeny boost in price well worth it.


For more information about everything you will find inside Better Than a Box check out the video below. Enjoy!!