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Our Stay at Castaway Bay

by Tiffany in Tidbits

castaway bay waterpark sm

Last weekend we had the pleasure of adventuring up north to the Lake Erie area. The last time we were up there it was for the some beach play in the late summer. So what were we doing up there in the dead of winter? Playing at one of the areas many indoor waterparks of course! We went to CastAway Bay specifically and were invited there to be guests for a blogger junket. A great time was had by all. It was the perfect weekend getaway for us.

We have a pretty nice indoor waterpark very close to our home and we go there often but it is nowhere as nice and luxurious as this one. In fact my 12 year old refuses to go to the one near us anymore because it is too “babyish” but he LOVED CastAway Bay. They all did. My 7 year old surprised me by going on all the slides, even the big ones, often times by himself. The layout is so nice that you can just set kids free and they can do their thing while you watch from afar. Though I did go on a few slides myself, after they begged. I am not a ride person but I made an exception. Their favorite by far was the boat/raft slide that hangs above the park. If you look at my photo above you can see it towards the top right.

The rooms very clean, colorful, and restful. It was nice to retire to them after so much waterplay. Plus they had a treasure chest waiting for us when we checked in. The kids loved that and my daughter has been wearing the flower leis from the chest to school all week. With the addition of a rollaway bed this room fit all 5 of us perfectly.

castaway bay room sm

Our room also had a deck attached and we had a lovely view of the Bay. I imagine it is really something in spring and summer but I loved looking at it in winter too. We bird watched quite a bit…

castaway bay lake sm

After checking in we went to the waterpark straight away…

castaway bay fun sm

And at the entrance they had an arcade and a dinosaur display highlighting the dinosaurs they have at Cedar Point. We will be going (for the first time) this year so we were all excited to get that small taste. My 7 year old is still crazy for dinosaurs. They are animatronic and very life like.

castaway bay dinosaur sm

Then of course we scanned our wrists bands and went into the park. Here is a photo of the wave pool, which my kids had never seen before. My poor Ohio kids didn’t know what a wave pool was??? This Arizona girl was/is horrified.

It ended up being a big favorite for my oldest.

castaway bay wavepool sm

After all the waterplay we ate in one of several hotel restaurants, Mango Mike’s. It is right on the water so you have a gorgeous view and the island music they have playing makes you feel like you are at a tropical resort.

Then we engaged in some of the planned activities they have for families. You can of course choose to play in the waterpark till late but they also have many other things to do. We ended up painting CastAway Bay beach towels with fabric paint. Even the husband and I had a blast doing that. Plus they sent us home with fabric markers in case we didn’t finish (which we hadn’t). We love our new towels…they are a great souvenir.

towel art

Before we retired we stuck around to get a picture with Snoopy. My kids have no idea who he is but he is a big dog, what is not to like?? At checkout they gave me a framed picture, which was lovely…

family photo sm

Friday, February 15th, 2013

10 Comments on Our Stay at Castaway Bay

  • Fun! That is one bright room! LOL Must have been nice to get away with the family!

  • Jill

    Thanks for sharing! I’m from Michigan and never knew of this place. Looks like all of you had fun!

  • Allison S

    That looks like so much fun!  We’re in Columbus, so not too terribly far away.

  • Laura Burns

    How fun!  My kiddos are just now starting to really enjoy going to places like this… we did a small one here in Richland county yesterday and they loved it!

  • JillT

    We are only an hour or so from Sandusky. We have been to great wolf lodge and would love to check out castaway!

  • We would love to win tickets! We are a little over an hour away, but willing to drive to enjoy a little getaway with our girls!  We have never been to an indoor waterpark..

  • Jennifer Rees

    It was a really fun time – I wish we would have had some ‘blogger’ time so we all could have met each other!

  • Jt

    I so want to win this! It looks fantastic! 

  • This looks like a blast, my boys would love it.  We have taken them to Cedar Point a couple of time but have never visited Castaway Bay.  Thanks for the opportunity to score some free passes!

  • Aelmarie

    Looks like fun…we would love to get out of this snow and cold!!