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Mother’s Day My Way – Buy Me a Groupon!

by Tiffany in Tidbits

Young woman with open arms keep yellow silk on wind.

When it comes to gifts I am all about the experience rather than “the stuff”. In fact, unless it is vintage Pyrex or Le Creuset I think I would rather not have to find a place for new trinkets, gadgets, or other products. I try to live with simplicity and minimalism in mind. I am constantly decluttering and pairing down. Accepting gifts that I don’t absolutely need makes me a bit anxious. It makes me that way because I am worried about where I will keep it (whatever it is) that is out of the way and I am worried that if I ultimately decide NOT to keep it, I will be wracked with guilt. I appreciate the thought and I adore you for trying but stuff just doesn’t push my happiness buttons.

So what does push my buttons? LIFE. Living life.

It may sounds simplistic but I am a simple gal. I love to experience new things and make memories. For that reason I would much rather have that gift card to AMC Theaters rather a gift card to Old Navy. I would much rather have a voucher for ziplining than I would a new purse.

For $25 or less I can dance the waltz, ride into the sunset on a horse, or try my skills with a sword. For $25 or less I can stuff myself with sushi, treat myself to bubble tea after my workouts every day for a week, or maybe even step into a kickboxing ring. And that is just this week. Next week I might have a whole different lineup of adventures to choose from. How so?

When Nerd Wallet asked moms what they would like to get for Mother’s Day under $25 I decided to go with a Groupon gift certificate or an actual Groupon deal purchased for me as a gift, ether would make me happy. Why? It’s easy really. Groupon allows you to try something new (food, entertainment, life skill, spa experience, etc) and support a local business (also very important to me). I don’t have stuff cluttering up my house and I have something fun to do…a new memory to make and treasure. I am also somewhat of a Groupon junkie already.

I took a quick look at what is available in my locale and saw these opportunities (all for $25 or less):

A haircut and highlights
Seafood dinner for two
Kickboxing classes
A mani pedi
Yoga classes
Ballroom dancing classes
Frozen Yogurt
Bubble Tea (Love!!)
An evening of bowling
A canvas painting class
Horseback riding lessons
A fencing lesson
A vegetarian dinner
More sushi… cannot go wrong with sushi

As I said, good food, good fun, or just some special pampering and me time. It is all available with a Groupon gift card.

What you rates higher for you? Physical gifts or experiences?

  • An experience, it is something you will remember! I can’t remember what I got last year, but if it was zipling or horseback riding, I would have remembered.