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Loving the Ball Jar Heritage Collection

by Tiffany in The Homestead

If you visit my kitchen, you’ll find glass jars everywhere. I use them for everything it seems… beverages, broth, bulk foods such as nuts and dried fruit, leftovers from dinner, salt, herbs, spices, fermenting, canning, vases, storage containers, and much more! Recently when my nine year old daughter decided to climb up the kitchen and rip the shelf that held all our drinking glasses off the wall, spilling its contents onto the floor, we had a huge mess to clean up and a decision to make. The only glasses that held up were the mason jars so we opted not to get any more conventional drinking glasses and just go whole hog with the jars. It was at that time when we decided to add some of the new heritage collection from Ball to that mix. I absolutely adore the lovely blue color.

They are so pretty I seem to gravitate to them… have you scored any of these lovelies yet?

Get the heritage collection =====> here.

blue vintage ball jars sm

  • jen deyoung

    these are beautiful! i love that very pretty pale blue color that they come in, will definitely be snagging these on amazon

  • mom2childs

    I love mine too! They’re so pretty!