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The Harvest Your Health Collection

by Tiffany in Tidbits


I have made no secret hat I am a die hard ebook lover. I love buying books on Amazon and I love buying them from various bloggers and authors direct. I am addicted to leaning I guess. It is what makes life worth living, the fact that we can keep growing, learning, and evolving. If I could I would be back in college racking up the degrees and taking classes for fun but since that is too spendy…this will have to do. I will learn from life life and from others who are out there living and learning.

The Harvest Your Health bundle particularly appealed to me and I wanted to share it with you. You get $1000 worth of ebooks and goodies for only $37. That should keep me busy through winter at least I reckon.

Click on the banner above or visit this link¬†to see all the books you get but I if you want to know which ones excite me…read a little further.

The Grain Free Lunchbox – I struggle with on the go lunches that are grain free and paleo. You want easy and convenient but not the traditional lunch meat or PB&J sandwiches.

Paleogasm – Ha! Love the name.

Baking With Coconut Flour – Always looking for more coconut flour recipes. I adore the stuff.

Apartment Gardening – Have it and it has some great information and ideas.

Salves Made Simple – I would really like to start making more home beauty products and remedy products such as salves.


  • Boo Jangles

    Are all of these available in pdf format?? I can’t tell.