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The Shower Bucket – 9 Ways to Save Water

by Tiffany in A Green Home

shower bucket

One the the easiest places we can conserve water is in the bathroom. It only makes sense because we use lots of water there too. Baths, showers, washing faces, brushing teeth, flushing waste…we use lots of water in the loo. One very simple trick that I learned long ago from a friend though is to keep a clean bucket in the bathroom. You can use a plastic one that you already have or you can get a nice metal bucket/pail so that it looks nice when sitting out.

Every morning when you turn the shower on and wait for the water to warm you are letting perfectly good water go down the drain. If you let the shower run for even a single minute you are wasting two gallons or more. Use the bucket to catch that water for use elsewhere in the home. Just think about how much water you can save if you do this every day!

Here are nine ways you can reuse the water you catch…

1. Use it to flush the toilet. Keep the bucket next to the toilet and the next time you flush, refill the reservoir manually with your captured water instead of letting it fill automatically.

2. Use it to clean – Add some soap and you have soapy water for cleaning the toothpaste off the sink, scrubbing the shower, washing your car, mopping the floor, cleaning fruits and veggies, or cleaning virtually anywhere in the home.

3. Water plants – Houseplants and also outdoor plants can be watered with this re-use water. If they don’t need any water, toss the bucket in your rain barrel.

4. Wash your delicates – Got some hand wash only lingerie or play silks? Add your favorite detergent or soap and get to washing.

5. Clean muddy boots and gloves – Your wash bucket comes in handy in the mud room to help scrub a little dirt and mud off work boots, rain boots, and any shoes that happen to see a bit of mud and grime.  Works great for dirty garden gloves too!

6. Foot Soak – Add some magnesium flakes and some essential oils and you have a relaxing and healthy foot soak.

7. Refill your bird bath – Forget the garden hose, grab your re-use bucket.

8. Wet your washcloth – If you like to use a wash cloth to clean your face or wash off makeup simply dip the wash cloth in your re-use bucket to soak it. If it needs to be warm and you happen to have a microwave, 10-20 seconds ought to do it.

9. Do the laundry – Pour your bucket in your top loading washing machine to cut down on the amount of water used during the wash.

Saving a bit of water from washing down the drain is simple and easy to do and there are many ways you can reuse that water and if you can, why not?

Do you have a clever reuse idea for greywater or recaptured water? Please share!

  • Anna @GreenTalk

    I love the idea of throwing it into your washing machine. What a great idea.

  • Eco Passport

    I’m so going to start doing this!

  • Great ideas, thank you for sharing.

  • paola gomez-birenbaum

    The water in the washing machine is definitely great. It helps with our diaper laundry :)

    We also use our reclaimed water in our patio garden and we have even used it in our brita filter carafe.

  • Gabriela Viana

    Very cool, I also think it is important conserve water, unfortunately it is very difficult, especially for housewives, loved the proposal to make it so simple. I’ll try here at home, will certainly save.
    Thank you!

  • Fábio sousa

    I agree and think it’s a very clever idea, and it really is something that few people think and it really saves, and it is perfectly possible to make this idea just wanting, and spread to all of this great initiative.

  • Beatriz Rodrigues

    I loved those tips! At my house we waste a lot of water waiting it to warm. But, shame on us, not only in the shower, in faucets too. I’m goon to show my parents this post and we’ll change out habits.