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Just Another Way to Reduce Paper Waste – Send eCards

by Tiffany in Tidbits

It is a big part of our culture to give cards for special occasions…birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, illness, the list goes on. Even when we give gifts it is customary to give a card as well. I have always resisted the urge to buy cards because I think it is wasteful. The cards are beautiful and often funny (I like the humorous ones) and they provide us with something witty to say when we don’t have the words. But most likely they will just end up in the trash…or they will saved in some dark box along with other cards that have been relegated to the greeting card grave yard until they too are trashed when the recipient decides they no longer need to hang onto cards from years ago.

Greeting cards are also really pricey and you have to go to the store to buy them. For me that means a special trip usually because who remembers these details when they are already at the store? Not me. Any alternative that does not require me to drop $6 on a single greeting card (even if it sings), a special trip to the store, or sending paper waste out into the yonder is alright by me. Luckily there are more and more options out there.

American Greetings has new singing greetings and  video eCards that you can send. They can be  sent via  email, mobile, or Facebook. You pay a small monthly ($3.99) or annual fee ($19.99) and then you can send unlimited eCards. You can also try the service via a free seven day trial. Learn more.

I love the “Just Because” video eCards. I need to send one to my mom just to let her know I have been thinking of her a lot lately. Love this ladybug one! My grandmother used to have those exact same chairs. :)

Who do you want to  send a video e-Card too??

Ecard from American Greetings

  • Ashley M

    I’ve always loved sending traditional ecards but honestly, I never thought about the waste. You bring up an awesome point.

  • I totally agree with you about the waste…and the price of greeting cards has gone up to the point that sometimes they’re half the cost of what I’m paying for the gift I’m giving. No thanks! Personally, I love to send video e-cards to both of the grandmas – my mom and mother-in-law!

  • Kelsey Apley

    I love cards and this is a great idea!!! Thanks for the idea!

  • Kimberly_SavingMoreThanMe

    I had a hard time saying goodbye to paper cards but once I realized how much money I was spending on them and where they ended up {trash or drawer}, I decided to switch to e-cards too.

  • Tasha

    I really like the idea of ecards but I’ve been so accustomed to giving and getting paper cards though. I usually keep them all in a box lol sort of like a keep sake to look back on. A great idea though :)

  • Emily

    ecards are a great way to reduce waste, I also love how I can send them last minute as I tend to be forgetful.

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