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Driving Another Kia Soul

by Tiffany in Green Cars


The Kia Soul is one of my all time favorite cars. It isn’t the greenest, I have my faves when it comes to eco cars, but it is one of my faves for budgetary reasons. It is a very nice and practical car without a huge sticker price. I like Kia in general and have also driven the Forte and the Optima Hybrid, they are all great cars.

It is probably a bit greener that what I currently drive but in general I don’t find this car to be green at all. My gas mileage during the week I had it ranged from 24 to 28 mpg. It was also not as loaded as the previous Kia Soul I drove but the price is also much lower. This car sells for $21,670. I don’t buy new so this car, one or two years old, would probably be at my sweet spot.

As far as look go it is very sharp though I much prefer color on the outside. The interior was very nice though. I love the remote keyless entry, rear camera, touch screen display, bluetooth capabilities, and 10 year – 100, 000 mile warranty. The only drawback was trunk space. I drove the car to Cincinnati for some amusement park fun at Kings Island and to visit Ikea. I had very little room for purchases and spend a some time doing creative arranging. This is hard to avoid in smaller cars though and I am not willing to buy SUVS or mini vans so I get what I can get.

The Kia Soul definitely stays on my favorites list!

Kia Soul

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

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