Here’s How Tech Can Be a Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

There’s nothing like granola and tech as a part of your healthy, well-balanced breakfast. We certainly hope it is healthy as we all start the day with it – tech, that is. We’re still working on the granola. The alarm clock has been replaced by the smartphone. So we get up on time. We check our sleep stats to make sure we are improving in that area.

Before we finish getting dressed, we’ve got a handle on our schedule so that there are no surprises. Our tech has even told us what time we should leave to cope with weather and traffic.

After relieving our stress about the schedule, our tech is instrumental in surfacing the news that matters most to us. We have prepped the presentation to within an inch of its life. And we couldn’t be more ready to take on the day. All of that has to be a part of the good health equation. But there is so much more tech can do for our health, both directly and indirectly.

Peace of Mind

There are some very good reasons to make sure your kids are carrying a GPS device when away from home. Depending on the age of your kids, the most natural GPS device is a smartphone. That is a device they will not see as a burden, but a joy. They will want to carry it with them all the time.

If you splurge for one of the new iPhones, be sure to pick up one of the many iPhone 8 plus cases that can protect your investment. Both sides are made of glass. And it will cost more to have the back glass repaired than the front. So while your child may be voluntarily carrying a tracking device, accidents happen. Also a must have are pocket pouches or a backpack that blocks EMFs.

Your peace of mind is not just about knowing where your kids are at all times and having a way to reach them. It is also about making sure a costly investment stays in one piece. Part of good health is being able to call for help in any situation.

Nutrition Tracking and Calorie Counting

So just how many calories is that granola bar? You would know if you were using one of the best food tracking apps and calorie counting wearables. Fitbits offer a budget option for calorie tracking. The Apple Watch is the best all-around fitness tracker currently on the market for consumers, but expect to pay more for a complete package. Nutrition apps range from free to just a few dollars.

While you’re at it, be sure to use apps that automatically enter that data into the Health app if you are on the iOS platform. There are repositories for health information on other platforms as well. Just be sure those other apps and platforms use end-to-end encryption. Your health metrics are valuable to those who know how to exploit it.

Medical Technology

Some technology is designed to help you heal such as portable bone regeneration devices that are sometimes used after surgery to stimulate bone growth. These devices are a little bigger than smartphones and operate like miniature sonograms. There was a time not so long ago when such devices were the domain of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Today, you can carry this equipment in your purse or book bag.

There are also the pill cameras that you can swallow as opposed to an invasive procedure. The camera pills pass through your system along with everything else that passes through your body, but the images are sent to a pager-sized device that you keep with you. The information is transmitted via a wireless protocol and the doctor can see detailed video imaging of every part of your digestive tract.

Whether it is tracking your kids, or tracking your diet or tracking your body’s internals, tech is an inseparable aspect of what it means to be healthy in the 21st century.


Natural Ways to Remedy Vaginal Dryness

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

This may be one of those taboo subjects for you, that you don’t like to discuss. But a mom/woman striving for health should always consider her own reproductive health and the health of her sex life. All too often when we experience a health issue we reach for a prescription bottle, which may help with the symptoms of initial concern but they open up a whole other can of worms, such as low sex drive or dryness. Perhaps these issues are creeping up on their own due to the simple fact that we are aging. No matter though, there are things we can do to feel better if we are in pain and enjoy the pleasures of life and love to fullest extent we can.

The graphic below outlines some things we can do including:

  • Cutting back on medications if we can, especially ones that are designed to mess with our hormones…ie birth control. It is never too late to try NFP! Also look at the side effects listed for ALL your meds. You may be surprised.
  • Begin a meditation practice to help eliminate stress. This can improve many aspects of your life and health, this issue included.
  • Get rid of irritants and toxic products…perfumed menstrual products, tampons with pesticide residue, lotions with parabens, etc. You cannot expect to have healthy nether regions when you use toxic stuff down there.
  • Rev up the foreplay and use natural lubricants.

I would also add that you need to eat a healthy diet and look into essential oils that help support hormones. I know I used one such oil blend recently and the it helped amp of the natural juices and clear my skin or hormonal acne flare ups. I was in love until I started getting my period every 3 weeks instead of 4 and decided to cut back on usage. It did show me however though that natural methods can work! Hope it helps.

Why Can't I Get Wet? The Truth About Vaginal Dryness

Image Sourced from LubeZilla. They have a lot of options there for safer, natural lubes.


Got Goals? Ready to Try Meditation?

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Try MeditationDue to the fast pace of the modern world, making time to relax and focus has become a difficult task. Even when we make time, we often feel as though we can’t truly relax and live in the moment. Our mind wanders to our struggles, our busy schedule, our conflicts, and our worries. A truly healthy mind requires training to be able to accomplish that kind of focus. Learning the skill of meditation is a great way to achieve a high level of focus and control over your mind. It has a variety of benefits to reveal if you are willing to take the time to develop the skill.

For years I thought meditation was kind of woo-woo. I also thought it sounded really boring. Yet every time I listened to an interview or read a memoir of a super successful person, they almost always mentioned meditation. I slowly began to want to give it a try and knowing my short attention span I started with guided meditations so I would begin to understand the process and the intention.

Short Periods of Meditation Are Beneficial Too

One thing that people don’t realize, is that you don’t need to sit for hours in a quiet room to meditate properly. Meditation can be done in almost any place where you feel comfortable, and you can spend mere minutes meditating if that is all you have time for. This will train your mind to get used to coming into a period of meditation with a lot less production. When you have mastered these short meditation periods, feel free to delve deeper into this amazing and rewarding practice.

I began my meditation practice with the popular app HeadSpace. I make it a habit to get to work about 20-30 minutes early for a variety of reasons and I often spent that time sitting in my car scouring Facebook. When I decided to try meditation it was that before work time that seemed to make the greatest sense. I decided to do a 5-10 minute meditation every morning and right from the very first day I was hooked. I felt good all day long and pretty soon people were telling me that I seemed peaceful, happy, and more smiley. A morning meditation seemed like a very small thing but the benefits were not small at all. I was walking into work every day feeling like a freaking rockstar. Woo woo? No, “Woohoo!” is more accurate.

Work Your Way Up to Longer Periods

Once you have gotten used to meditating, you’ll find that you have a much easier time sitting down and getting into a focused state of mind. When you have the time, begin increasing your meditation periods by increments of 3 – 4 minutes. This will extend your stamina for meditation and take you into deeper levels of concentration. There you can find a sort of clarity that is less commonly available during normal conscious hours. You can either focus on specific ideas, or simply repeat a mantra, but the mental benefits will be noticeable over time.

The Many Benefits of Meditation

It’s clear that meditation can help you to reach new levels of relaxation, help you to mull over ideas and decisions, and concentrate on specific things, but what else can it do? One of the major changes that you go through after meditation has become a common practice for you, is that the relaxation that you experience will help to improve your neurologic functionality. It makes your brain work better. It can reduce stress (and thus improve your health), make you more self aware, increase acceptance, optimism, and happiness, and improve moods and memory retention. More and more scientific benefits are attributed to meditation each year but all one has to do to see the proof in the pudding is start…with five minutes, and see where it takes you.


Stop Complaining and Focus On Solutions

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Stop Complaining

I have some brutally honest words to share with you today and for some of you, it will not be the easiest thing to read and come to grasp with. I know, I have been on the other end before and thought…”Geez…what do they know! They don’t know me or what I struggle with!”

I’m sharing this because it’s important to me to see you succeed and to make a real positive change in your life and your level of courage and self-confidence. I hate when women are down on each other when we should be lifting each other up. We should be swarming around each other in a circle of love and helping each other realize our life’s dreams. Why can’t that be reality? It can, but we first need to take a long look in the mirror and realize we have some things we need to address about ourselves. Many of us struggle with positivity. We struggle with a very bad habit, complaining.

Complaining Does You No Good

I get it. It feels good to complain and let off a little steam from time to time. We ladies often times love to talk and communicate and if we are stressed or unhappy then of course we want to talk about (or complain about) all the things that are making us feel this way. I’m not saying you should never complain and I’m not saying that there isn’t a time and a place when you should launch a legitimate complaint. What I’m trying to tell you is that it’s often a waste of time to whine and complain about your situation. Complaining without action and a desire to bring about change does you no good and actually hurts your self-confidence. When you focus on complaining, you’re embracing the role of a victim and that’s not a powerful role at all. It’s a passive, accepting what’s dealt to you kind of role.

Stop it right now. Don’t be the victim anymore. Be the one who sees a problem and says “I am going to fix this”.

Here’s What I Want You To Focus On Instead

When you stop putting energy into complaining you have a lot more time and energy for productive things. Instead of complaining, I want you to channel that energy into taking action and making a difference. For example, instead of complaining that your kids never clean their room, get in there with them and create a system. Find out why they are having a hard time keeping a clean room clean. Is it clutter? Is it overwhelm due to too many possessions? Are other activities like screen time and sports zapping their desire or energy to keep a tidy room? Take a long hard look at all the potential issues and fix them. Take the time to teach them how to clean their room. Going forward, make them responsible for keeping it tidy and make sure there are consequences when it doesn’t happen. Taking the time to investigate the whys, plan some new strategies, and enact a new system can save you from future frustrations.

Taking action and doing something about the circumstances or things you don’t like is very empowering. Think back on a time when you’ve taken a stand or done something to change your situation instead of complaining about it. I bet your confidence went through the roof once you started talking action. Why? Because you felt POWERFUL.

When our kids come to us with a problem they are having at school with another student or perhaps a teacher we don’t just listen to their complaint and then do nothing. We ask questions, we discern why these issues are arising, we offer suggestions, and we offer our help. They are unhappy and we want to help them resolve that. Yet when problems arise for us or something makes us unhappy we often times resign ourselves to complaining rather than finding a way to fix it. We need to show ourselves that same love and care we show for our children.

From here on out, I want you to think of complaining as your clue to take action. When you hear yourself complain about something, or when you start thinking about complaining, stop and ask yourself what you can do about it. What can you do to change and improve the situation? Not only is it much more productive use of your time and energy than whining and complaining, it is also a great way to build your courage and self-confidence.

A good place to start: The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage

The Positivity Kit: Instant Happiness on Every Page


Don’t Diet, Just Focus on Nutrition

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Focus on NutritionThis is month two of my 12 month new year health challenge. Last month was all about improving my sleep as the foundation of health and wellness. This month is all about diet and nutrition. I have already made many great strides in this area because improved nutrition also helps with sleep but I can focus even more on good nutrition now that the habits for good sleep have been established.

As I mentioned in my initial challenge post I put my health on the back burner when I experienced several personal upheavals and challenges. My diet and fitness suffered and I gained a large amount of weight that I hope to lose. I am not going on a diet though and starting to hit the gym every day.  I won’t be counting calories, instead I will focus on eating the most nutritious foods and superfoods I possibly can and getting lots of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. In short I will not worry at all about how much I am eating but what I am eating. When you load up on nutrient dense foods and healthy fats your body has all it needs and cravings and overeating don’t happen.

So what changes are on the menu? Lots! Lots of healthy fats, high qaulity protein, fewer carbs – That in a nutshell is my plan.

Mushroom coffee – My old coffee made an exit last month when I started looking for something with less caffeine. I started drinking Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps & Chaga. I love it and it is super good for you. It is full of powerful antioxidants! Cordyceps helps with immune function, it improves stamina, detoxes your liver, and has anti-aging effects. Chaga contains structural polysaccharides which provide energy, improved cardiovascular health, and healthy blood sugar levels.

Collagen Peptides – My mushroom coffee and also my afternoon tea gets a boost with the addition of collagen. It helps with a healthy metabolism, strong joints, building muscle, and also better looking skin, hair, and nails.

MCT Oil – This is another add on for bulletproof tea/coffee and a great source of healthy fats. The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are burned by the body for energy, or ‘fuel’, instead of being stored as fat. It can help you lose weight and important to me is the fact that it is great for people who have a hard time digesting fats.

Dandy – I recently bought some of this herbal beverage with dandelion to try with my coffee and tea. It is highly recommended and I love dandelion tea already. Made from a blend of roasted barley, rye, chicory root and dandelion root.

Laird Superfood Creamer – Made with coconut milk, coconut oil, and mineral rich marine algae. I love it!

No Fast Food! – This is hard limit for me. My only two faster food options will be Chipotle (and only the salad bowl) and Bibibop.

Hydration- Between meals I will drink spring water and lots of it. Also bone broth will make a regular appearance. I will have bulletproof coffee in the morning and bulletproof tea in the afternoon. A few times a week I will also have coconut water or Kombucha. I am cutting out all alcohol except for special occasions, like date night.

Nuts – I have added a handful of nuts (almonds, pecans, and pepitas) to my morning and afternoon meals. They fill me up and they are loaded with healthy fats.

Reduced sugar at all times but especially in the morning – I will not be starting my day with sugars, even natural sugars such as fruit. This seems to help me get my metabolism started in the most efficient way.

Supplements – Our food is not nearly as nutritious as it once was because our soil has been depleted so greatly. To make up for missing or inadequate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals I will be taking the following supplements. A whole foods source is always preferred!

Nature’s Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid

MegaFoods Turmeric Strength, Balanced B Complex, and Blood Builder

NingXia Red

Liquid Ionic Magnesium

Master Formula

I have been gradually implementing these dietary changes over the past four weeks and not only do I feel incredible, I had to retire my two pairs of jeans I usually wear because they got too big! I am also seeing tremendous results in my skin and hair. I swear I look ten years younger and my hair is growing really fast. I am very confident that this will be a fantastic years for my health goals.

New coffee addition…MCT oil. #coconutoil #healthyfats #coffee @sweetsweat #SRfam

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