Meal Plan Monday – Wild Rice Soup and Breakfast Enchiladas

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meal plan mondayIt’s meal plan Monday! I plan my meals out every Saturday (my grocery shopping day) but I use a Monday-Sunday calendar. It just gives the week an organized feeling and if I don’t plan things then I end up going to the store with no plan and I buy what I “think” we may need. 100% of the time this results in me spending too much. I have to meal plan to stay on my budget. Works like a charm! Here is what we are eating this week…

Monday: Wild rice soup with mushrooms – made in my Instant Pot

Tuesday: Breakfast Enchiladas

Wednesday: Venison stew with veggies (thanks to my 17 year old son, the hunter)

Thursday: Slow cooker cajun chicken alfredo and broccoli

Friday: Egg salad sandwiches

Saturday: Veggie casserole and pork tenderloin

Sunday: Pork roast with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

What are you making this week?


Best Foods to Beat Stress

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

Best Foods to Beat Stress

Did you know that making a few changes to your diet can help you beat the stress you experience at home and at work? When you eat junk foods, you don’t feel as great about yourself. Foods that are high in sugar and junk carbs can leave you feeling bloated and tired, which will make stress even worse. Choosing the right foods can improve your general health and leave you smiling when you encounter stress. You can even toss in a supplement like Redicalm to battle stress in two different ways as you eat and snack. Whole foods are the best ways to get what you need for health but supplementation can cover nutritional gaps.


Filled with healthy fats, natural vitamins, and minerals that can help reduce stress, avocado can help you feel better about yourself as a meal. A hot trend among foodies today is avocado toast, which is really just mashed avocado and some spices served on a piece of toast. You can peel and slice avocados before adding to a salad or a sandwich too, or you can mix mashed avocado with some spices, tomatoes, onions and jalapenos for a quick guacamole. There are even some great recipes for making desserts from avocado like a chocolate pudding that is healthier for you.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an incredibly versatile vegetable that you can use in dozens of different ways to naturally deal with stress. Try dicing the veggies into chunks, mixing with some salt, pepper, garlic powder and olive oil and then roasting in the oven until tender. Many authentic Indian curries call for sweet potatoes that are perfect for a meatless Monday. You can also bake your potatoes in the microwave. Poke a few holes in the sweet potato after washing it and cook in the microwave for 10 to 15 minutes. Top with a little butter and brown sugar for a delicious side dish.


Another ingredient that can help you cope with stress is the simple cashew. Cashews are great for those tired of filling up on empty calories too. You can make these nuts sweeter or more savory for using as a quick snack in the middle of the day or as a lower calorie dessert that features healthy fats. Roasting the nuts brings out the natural flavor, and you can choose which spices and seasonings to use on the nuts. Keep a bag filled with cashews at the office to get a boost of energy in the middle of the day and to reduce stress.


One of the best meats for those suffering from stress is turkey. While you don’t need to roast a whole turkey every week, you should make smart decisions when buying turkey from the store. Stick to the deli counter and packaged meats that are free of sodium and artificial ingredients. Make a quick turkey salad from some thick chunks of turkey, a little low fat mayonnaise, celery and your favorite veggies. You can top a green salad with some thick slices of the turkey or make a sandwich from turkey and fresh vegetables.

Taking a supplement like Redicalm will help you battle any stressful situation without feeling anxious or upset. If you frequently experience stress, you also need to look at which foods will help you beat that stress. Eating more turkey, avocados, sweet potatoes and cashews can help you feel more relaxed and less stressed every day.

Best Foods for Stress


Try to Eat Veggies or Fruit With Each Meal

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

veggies with every mealOne of the best and easiest steps you can make towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family is to simply eat veggies or fruit with each meal. Sounds easy right? It actually is.

Reaching your health goals means adjusting your diet. Small changes make things a bit more “digestible”.

Add Them to Food You Eat

One of the easiest ways to add vegetables to your diet is to add them to foods that you already eat. Basically, everyone loves pizza, so one of the first things you can try is to add them as a topping on pizza or puree them into the pizza sauce. If you eat spaghetti, you can try adding a small amount  of spinach or broccoli to the mix, again pureed into sauce. Cauliflower can be pureed into cheese for mac and cheese. Mix them into scrambled eggs or make a frittata. Try butternut squash pancakes. If you add small amounts to your food, you will notice  that every vegetable adds a hint of flavor that you might really enjoy, and it gets the kids used to these flavors as well.

Green Smoothies

A very easy way that you can eat more fruit (and veggies) is to freeze fresh fruit, or buy frozen fruit that you can use in making smoothies and add some greens to the mix as well. Drink a healthy mixture of fruits and veggies on the go. This is especially great for people who are too busy to cook entire meals in the morning before work or make healthy after school snacks. Smoothies are usually a mix of water, nut milk, or coconut milk and the fruit and greens of your choosing. Greens that are perfect for smoothies include kale, spinach, arugula, and chard. And don’t worry, some pineapple or a super ripe banana disguise the taste of the greens.

Make Soups

Another excellent way to get your daily vegetables would be to add them to soups. You will be surprised by the almost limitless options that are available when it comes to making delicious, creamy soups that you can use to top rice, meats, or even just eat plain. You will be able to heat up these soups and eat them on the go much like the smoothies mentioned earlier in this article. If you plan ahead you can get all of your nutritional needs and more into a few cups during the day. Add some cauliflower or leeks to potato soup or chop some veggies super fine and add it to the chicken noodle soup.

A surefire way to make sure more veggies are in the diet is to make it a priority to have at least one serving with each meal. Make it a goal and get creative with different ways to make it happen.


Beginner Tips for Fermenting

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

Beginner Tips for FermentingSo, you have decided that probiotic rich, fermented foods may be for you and you want to add more to your diet. You already know the numerous health benefits, the categories of fermented foods, and how you want to use them. The problem is, that you may have some trouble finding all the foods that you want or at the very least finding them within your budget. When a single bottle of Kombucha can run nearly $4, that can make a dent in your food budget fast. If this sounds like you, you may have already looked into fermenting your own foods. Here are some beginner tips that can get you started on the right track.

Start with Fermentation Kits

Kits are a great place to start if you are new to fermenting. There are several reasons for this. The first is that the kits will include everything you need to ferment the chosen food. There is no need to research all the different tools and ingredients and try to find them, they will be at the ready. The second reason for starting with kits is because they are often cheaper than trying to buy each piece you will need for the fermentation process. You will also receive step by step instructions as well as recipes to try later.

Stick with Foods You Already Love to Eat

You may already be eating fermented foods that you love, like yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, or pickles. It makes the fermentation journey that much more enjoyable when you try your hand at fermenting those foods yourself. The benefit of this is that you already know the flavors, textures, and methods you like of these foods. You know what you are looking for. You know what you like and it ls less likely that you will let fermented foods go to waste in the fridge. After all, you may have began this journey to save money, not waste it. Once you get the routines down for your favorite ferments then you may want to get more exotic and experimental.

pickles fermented at home

Create a Ferment Storage Area

Make sure that if you are starting to ferment your own foods, you have a proper storage area them. Make sure that you know where you will be storing them, how best to store them, and for how long you will need to store them before they are ready to eat. The last thing you want is to have the foods ready to go and find that you do not have the adequate space or area to support the fermenting process. Do some research on the best ways to store your fermented foods and the temperatures you will need to maintain.

By utilizing these tips you can start on a path to fermenting your own foods. Once you learn the basic processes you will have a fermented food pantry that you can pull foods from just like a grocery store, at a fraction of the price. Your budget will be super happy and your health will too.

fermented jam

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

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Organic Meal Delivery with Ion Nutrition

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating


The meals I struggle with the most are actually breakfast and lunch because I eat them away from home. I am great at planning and prepping healthy, organic meals for dinner and all meals on the weekend. The motivation and inspiration kind of runs dry when it comes to packing lunches though. Most of the time I grab a ramekin and some instant organic oatmeal for breakfast and a side of leftovers for lunch. When there are no leftovers I often eat Chinese takeout. This can be pricey and though I often go for stir fry loaded with veggies it is not organic I am sure.

Recently I gave a meal delivery service a try, Ion Nutrition. A box of prepared, fresh meals arrive at your door and you eat them at your leisure. These are not gross TV dinners either. These are delicious, organic, gourmet meals prepared by culinary experts. There are NO preservatives, additives, dairy, gluten, GMOs, hormones, added sugar or soy. They are nutrient dense for optimal nutrition and best of all they allow you to eat well, feel good, save time.

  • FREE delivery anywhere in the U.S.
  • Healthy, cost-saving meals for the home, the office, or the outdoors
  • Indulge in your health with an ultra-portable, refrigerated meal management bag. Enjoy tasty, healthy meals anytime, anywhere

There is a regular plan, a protein+ plan, and a paleo plan so you can select the ones that goes best with your eating style. They were super, super tasty too. I had a chicken thigh that was melt in your mouth delectable and a beef patty that had me wanting to inquire about a recipe. The meals had generous serving of veggies too. They were really perfect for taking to work and eating healthy on the go. I would not hesitate to order again though they are on the pricey side I admit. That is the only stumbling block.

Have you tried a meal delivery service before?