Zulily Deals! Costco, Safe Nail Polish, and Homeschool Supplies

by Tiffany in Tidbits

There are some great deals on Zulily today. Enjoy!

A new Costco membership OR renewal plus some freebies is only $55.00. I am all over this one personally. I have been going with a friend and using her membership for the past couple years but this has increasingly become a hassle and we would like one of our own. We like to buy bulk coconut water, coffee, and rechargeable batteries there mostly but they also have lots of organic offerings.

Laptop Lunchboxes – One of our all time favorite lunch/bento boxes. We have four of them. :)

KidCraft Wood Toys – Trains sets, sandboxes, dollhouses, puppet theaters and lots of other good stuff. My daughter has the Glitz & Glamour Dollhouse and it is very high quality and will last for many, many years.


Slyvan Products – Great for homeschool or for summer learning. We have used (and enjoyed) several of their products in years past.


Sprout Non Toxic Nail Polish – Conventional nail polish has all sorts of toxic nasties in it so I always try to buy safer, non toxic versions for my daughter. Sprout is one brand I have not tried yet but perhaps today is the day to order some. :)



Tampon vs Mooncup Video

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I saw this video on Facebook a few weeks back and forgot to post it. I absolutely adore it! I wish something like this would air prime time in the US and make menstrual cups seem more normal and also clue many their into their existence in the first place. Enjoy!

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Thursday, April 18th, 2013

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10 Steps to Planting Organic Veggies in Newspaper Pots

by Guest in Eating Local, Gardening

Guest post by Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, founder & editor of Odyssey Outdoors.

newspaper pots

If you want to know where your food comes from, there’s no better way than to grow it yourself! That’s just what we did with a group of families last weekend in the outdoor family group we formed about a year ago.  We followed these 10 easy steps.

1.     Gather supplies.

We started with newspaper, some beautiful organic seeds that would grow in early spring in our area, organic potting soil, popsicle sticks and markers for labeling, and shoeboxes for transporting the seedling bundles back home.

The beauty of using newspaper is that we didn’t need to buy pots, and the newspaper can be planted directly in the ground and will quickly biodegrade.

seed packets

2.     Discuss with kids where our food comes from.

First we talked about how our food is grown. How do we know how many chemicals were used? We explained to the kids that the best way to know is to talk to people at the grocery store, form relationships with farmers and best of all, grow it yourself!

3.     Demonstrate how to create the origami newspaper pot.

Before beginning, a couple of the adults watched this video.  Note that the woman in the video is in Germany and she uses a different size newspaper than in the U.S. In the U.S. you will need to trim about 2 inches from the long side of your newspaper before folding.

Here one of our group moms demonstrates how to make the origami newspaper pot.

group seed planting

4.     Work in adult/child pairs if possible.

Research shows that it’s an asset for kids to have non-parent adults who they can trust in their lives. In our outdoor group we often work in non-parent adult/child pairs to build community long term.

coloring sticks for garden

5.      Color popsicle sticks to label each seed pot. 

We used a background color similar to the vegetable, and then spelled the name of the veggie on top.

6.      Fill the origami newspaper pots with organic potting soil. 

filling pots

7.      Label each pot with the popsicle stick labels.

8.      Put the seed bundles in a shoebox for easy transport and watering.

9.      Time to plant the seeds!

Make sure to use organic seeds that grow well in your area.


planting seeds with children

10.   Your seedlings are ready to grow!

Bring home the seedlings and water them just enough so that the soil stays damp, but the newspaper doesn’t fall apart.  Wait until sprouts appear and then bring them outside during the day, in a shady spot for a few days.  Then gradually move them into the sunshine.  Then, they’re ready to go in the ground!  Tips on planting them in the garden can be found here.

And that’s how we start growing, and soon eating, our super-local, organic food!


Bundle of the Week – Gluten & Grain Free

by Tiffany in Book Reviews

grain free bundle

The ebook bundle of the week is right up my alley and I am fairly excited about it. The theme is gluten and grain free and it includes 5 wonderful ebooks. For only $7.40 you get the following: Against the Grain, Beyond Grain & Dairy, The Grain-Free Snacker, Best of the Grain Free Meal Plans, Gluten Free and Good for You.

If you are curious about going grain free or want to try and eat fewer grains and gluten then these books are an excellent resource. I like to download these books to my Dropbox and then read them on my tablet in the evenings. Plus I can take the books with me “virtually” if I have to go sit in a line at the DMV. I didn’t use to be a big ebook person but I am officially converted! Enjoy!


Reclaimed and Recycled Dog Toys

by Tiffany in Natural Product Reviews

We don’t have any dogs in our home…yet. We badly want one but we are renters and it’s just too much stress to have a pet at this time. To get our fill we have to make regular trips to Nana’s house where there are two furbabies available to love on.

Every year the #1 Christmas gift priority award is bestowed upon those dogs by my kids. Forget everyone else in the family…as long as those doggies have full stockings we are all good.

This means I have to be on the lookout for more planet friendly options and there are many at the Only Natural Pet Store. I recently got an email highlighting their new 2 Ball Toss & Tug Toy. It’s a durable, inventive toy made entirely of reclaimed materials, making it more eco-friendly. The rope is repurposed climbing rope and the balls are reclaimed. Made in Colorado too! I know two someone’s named Zoey and Koko who would love these…


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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

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