7/12 Only – Vegetarian Times & Yoga Journal Magazine Deals

by Tiffany in Tidbits

vegetimesoc2012I am not vegetarian anymore but I know that many of my readers are so I wanted to share this great deal. I went paleo well over a year ago now, but I used to read and LOVE this magazine in my veggie days. It always has lots of great recipes to keep things fresh and it also has great advice and tips on health and diet in general. I loved the frequency of conversion recipes that make old favorites vegetarian friendly.

If you read this magazine save some dough by using code 7695 which makes a one year subscription only $5.50 (55% 0ff).

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Also today only subscribe to Yoga Journal Magazine for just $4.99 for the year. Use Promo Code: 4489 –  Order Here


Reuseable Straws and Popsicle Molds on Zulily

by Tiffany in A Green Home

Three of my absolute favorite things are on sale at Zulily currently. I jumped all over these deals myself so I had to share…

Popsicle Molds: We go through lots of popsicles in the summer and to keep costs down, as well as avoid the needless wrapper and stick waste (which always end up on the lawn) we make our own at home. I also like having control over the sugar content and the use of artificial dyes. No need to ensure hyperactivity!

Anyway we have several different molds to keep things interesting… rockets, ice cream cones, stars, etc. Some of our faves are on Zulily today for rock bottom prices.



Straws: There are also some stainless steels straws on sale. We have the angled ones and love them. I prefer my kids use these over glass because they have broken my glass straws before. They are reusable and perfect for kiddos.

ss straws

Hand Towels: Lastly I saw spotted PeopleTowels on Zulily!!! They are small hand towels that I absolutely adore and I was actually looking to buy some on Amazon recently but the price was a bit hefty for three small towels. With this deal I got 7 for the price of 3. I use these primarily to cover my gallon size Kombucha jars.



5 Minute Raspberry Spinach Sorbet

by Tiffany in Recipes

Raspberry Spinach SorbetLooking for a cool summer treat that is easier than churning ice cream for hours and healthier than the stuff the ice man sells? This quickie sorbet is tasty, refreshing, healthy, and kid approved. I love that is so easy and fast to make as well. When the kids come inside after a long day playing outside or they finish up a sweaty session at their CrossFit Kids class I can make this up in a flash and not worry about unhealthy ingredients. In fact this sorbet has greens in it! It may be Popeye’s perfect ice cream.

It’s paleo, primal, and vegan.

Raspberry Spinach Sorbet


1 Cup spinach
2 Cups frozen raspberries
1 Cup chilled almond or coconut milk
2-3 teaspoons sweetener (raw honey, coconut sugar) or a ripe banana (frozen)


Throw the ingredients together in your blender or food processor (I use a Vita-Mix). Blend until you get a creamy but thick consistency. Serve immediately as soft serve or stick in the freezer for a spell if you want a harder consistency. Works well with just about any kind of frozen fruit too. Enjoy!


The Health Benefits of Juicing

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

I love this graphic about the benefits of juicing. If you are facing a health crisis it is one of the fastest ways, in my opinion, to get the healing started. It also addresses the difference between the cheaper centrifugal juicers and cold press juicers (preferred) and why we would do better to juice at home instead of buying the pasteurized stuff in stores. Enjoy!

by BELLA NutriPro


Conscious Box Relaunch and Giveaway!

by Tiffany in Tidbits

I am a big fan of the Conscious Box and I have reviewed their monthly boxes several times over the last year or so. It’s fun to get a mystery box each month and dig into random products that you have never tried…all of which are good for you (or the planet) in some way. I have found soap brands, green cleaners, nut butters, toothpaste, and many other products that I now buy regularly because I fell in love with them via the subscription box. Who has the time or money to try all the new eco brands that come out on the market? Not me. I appreciate getting to sample so many products and see how they stack up against what I am currently buying.

Well, Conscious Box just went through a site redesign and overhaul. One of the biggest changes they have made is that they are now offering points to you for rating the samples in your box and you can use those points to snag some great discounts on your favorite products, right from their web site. Also, as you earn more points you’ll level up to different characters, starting at “Seedling”. If you happen to be very picky about what products you will use…say vegan only, well they have a vegan box as well as a gluten free box. That way you don’t end up with snacks you can’t eat. The boxes are 100% recycled, wind powered, made with veggie based inks, and have no BPA labels or GMOs.

To celebrate the relaunch, the company is allowing me to give away a 3-month subscription to one of my readers – that’s a $59 value! If you have yet to try this service I know you will LOVE it. To win just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. A winner will be chosen at random on March 17th! For everyone else, get 50% OFF using discount code GOCONSCIOUS. Good luck!

Giveaway Closed…