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Laptop Lunches

Payton's Laptop Lunchbox

I have been wanting to buy a laptop lunchbox for a very long time. I first saw them on the Vegan Lunchbox blog and that was it…I wanted one. But unfortunately I did not have a use for one so I decided against purchasing. A few weeks ago though, my son started kindergarten at a new school and unilke his previous school they attend all day long and serve lunch. And since the school lunches are not healthy, I finally have my chance to use the Laptop Lunchbox system. Hurray!

My son and I were like two kids at Christmas when the postman delivered it. Then we were anxious when we had to wait four whole days to be able to use it :) But alas we are now using this wonderful lunchbox and we both like it VERY much. Let’s just hope he doesn’t lose it.

The basic idea behine this luchbox is to create fun, practical food containers that promote better nutrition and waste reduction. The lunchbox system eliminates the need for plastic bags, plastic utensils, disposable drink containers, etc. It helps you to make nutritious lunches without adding to the waste problem. I love the design with the individual food containers. It makes it so easy to pack leftovers from the previous night’s dinner and also to add a variety of foods so that my son can get the most nutrition from his lunches. And there are lids too so I can make sure that foods don’t mix. There is even a tiny little container and lid for sauces, dressings, dips, ect. Genius!

They are made with plastic but the company behind the product (two moms) only use plastics that are not suspected to have carcinogenic properties. And since so many lunchboxes have lead in them nowadays I feel secure that this lunchbox system is a good fit for us. We are making a small improvement by ditching the plastic water bottle though. I have ordered him a 12 ounce Klean Kanteen bottle instead. :) But overall…this lunchbox is wonderful. I love the fact that I am not sending my son to school with anything that needs to be thrown away….everything is reusable.

We ordered the whole laptop Lunchbox System which includes:

An insulated carrying case with nametag
A reusable water bottle
The Laptop Lunch Bento Box
A set of stylish utensils
The Laptop Lunch User’s Guide

The User’s Guide has a lot of wonderful health and nutrition information and several recipes as well as some general tips for making the most of your lunchbox.

payton-and-lunch2.jpgThe picture above is lunch that my son and I packed together for tomorrow morning. It includes a peanut butter and blackberry jelly sandwhich on whole wheat, fruit salad, apple slices and peanut butter dipping sauce, and peanut butter carob balls rolled in coconut. The carob balls are very healthy with flaxseed meal, raw sunflower seeds, oats, carob powder, peanut butter, and raw honey. Everything in his lunch is organic of course. His drinking bottle (not shown) is filled with water.

The bottom picture is my oldest son with his new lunchbox. I would say that we are both very happy with this purchase. :) We got our Laptop Lunchbox from my favorite online “green” shop… Reuseit!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

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  • RK

    Dear Tiffany
    I was intrigued by your site but I am conflicted about your statement that all happiness can be found thru nature Jesus said ” No man comes to the Father except by me” All people need God for happiness. There is an inherent void in us that requires God Please search it out Ask God to prove himself to you
    Love RK

    • jess

      not all people need jesus for happiness and I find your statement quite rude. there are many many hateful Christians out there and extremely happy Buddhists, wiccans and more. not everyone ‘needs’ jesus.

  • Nicole

    Please post your recipe for Carob Balls! =)

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  • Tracy

    I love the idea of Bento boxes after seeing it in the Dallas Morning News this summer. The boxes and things are pretty pricey so I came up with an alternative. My boys have been using the small rectangular clear tackle box containers. (yes…plastic…I know…) but they work beautifully and are available in many sizes with and without dividers. They love them – and their friends think it’s a cool lunch. Like a lunchable but actually healthy!

  • Very creative Tracy!

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  • Diana Lankler

    I’m desperately searching for eco-friendly party favors. That mean something. Any ideas?

  • How about a mini lucky babmboo plant?

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  • Shannon

    I have concerns about the laptop lunchbox. I don’t like the idea that it is plastic. Even though they say that this plastic is safe, I have read reports that no plastic is safe – that they have found all plastic to leech into food, especially acidic foods such as tomato sauce and fruits. I would rather see a stainless solution. I wouldn’t take the chance on plastic.

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  • amanda

    Question, I have been considering getting this for my first grader. I want to know if all of the individual containers have lids?

  • Ann

    Amanda, It sounds like only two of the containers have lids but you can order more if you’d like. There are some good reviews on the site Tiffany mentioned above. :)

  • Big Bill


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  • jess

    The Kids Konserve lunch bag is a similar idea, but it comes with a stainless bottle, two small stainless containers for fruits, salad, etc, and a washable sandwich kozy, and a cloth napkin! You’ll need your own silverware though….much better in my opinion than the plastics. It gives more flexibility too because you can switch out the stainless containers and put in an insulated thermos for soup… lunch would be nice sometimes and even BPafree plastic should never be heated up with food.

  • Kresnadi Blog

    It looks like Japanese Bento Boxes. Great idea!

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  • I bought a laptop lunch from Real Green Goods last year for my niece. It was her first year going to school and I wanted her to have the safest lunch box possible, but also the most practical. The plastic used in the laptop lunch by Obentec is a #5 which is considered the “food-safe” plastic and has no known leaching properties or harmful carcinogenic chemicals added. Studies show that other plastics like 3, 6 and 7 are harmful to our health, becoming more associated with cancer developments, not something I would personal want my niece to be subject to. Yes, the safest food containers available are glass or stainless steel, but these seem to be impractical for a 5 year old. Real Green Goods, my local green store and also on the web, carries the laptop lunch not only because of these facts, but also, as others have mentioned here, because the company is socially responsible. The two mothers who developed this product had the full intention to create the healthiest and safest lunch box for their own children. Rather than a large, multi-national, corporation who are focused on profits, these ladies are focused on the health of our children. This is just as important to me as is the product safety standards, if not more. I would highly recommend a laptop lunch box for anyone concerned about they safety of plastics. This is the safest on the market!

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  • Monte Hartrick

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  • Ellyn Drathring

    I know I’m quite a bit late in reading this post but I just discovered your site and have been exploring…

    Anyway, based on the amount of peanut butter you mentioned in your sons lunch, I just feel the need to tell you about aflatoxin – it’s a carcinogenic mold toxin found in several foods, but is present in pretty much all peanut products, even organic. Look it up – you may not find it threatening but it’s always best to be informed :)

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  • Imissbear

    How are you allowed to pack so much peanut butter?  The lunch sounds wonderful by the way.

  • This is the most recent set released
    by Laptop Lunches.  I like laptop lunch box because its features like, 3 sealable lids prevent wet foods from
    leaking onto other foods and i think it is  made in the USA. This is really informative post.

  • Nmar149326


    • Nmar149326

      Im sorry, i just got a little frustraited.

  • Nmar149326

    yummm the lunch looks good!! i love strawberrys!!!

  • Abhe

    mmmmm…. yummmi
    make me hungry :)

  • Dani

    We have THREE one for each of my Girls and myself and we just love them!!! I also use cookie cutters for their sandwiches, fruit etc. it makes it that much more fun!!!

  • DANA

    In Canada, there has been a report based on research by the David Suzuki foundation about the contribution of plastics to obesity in children. Have you heard of stainless steel tiffins like they use in India as an alternative?


    I am getting one of these for sure!

  • James Paulson

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing! I’ve started incorporating more health and sustainable items into my son’s lunch and he loves it!

  • Jenn

    Hi, I realize this discussion is getting old… years in the making really :) But I think it’s one that us Mom’s talk about every year when school starts. My son is now in grade 3 so I’ve had a few years of packing lunches under my belt and we’ve only had to buy two different lunch boxes so far we’ve been lucky. When he started Kindergarten I bought him one from The Boys Depot and I believe it was called Yubo and it was neat because you could personalize it with different faceplates. It would have gone on to last much longer but by grade two he just wanted something different. With the Yubo I really liked that you had a special ice pack and the containers were great… even in Kindergarten he could get the lids on and off no problem. So for grade 2 we upgraded to the planetbox! I really like it except each compartment doesn’t allow for a lot of food in each one. I’m currently looking again for something that is like the planetbox but with larger compartments. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!