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BPA Free Feeding Gear Update

The blogosphere and the TV air waves have been abuzz with information on BPA or Bisphenol-A, in the last few days and weeks. There are some exciting new developments to mention and I wanted to give some quick updates on BPA free products I have not highlighted before.

For quick reference you can visit these other posts I have done on Bisphenol-A and BPA free products:

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So what is the latest news?

Canada is banning baby bottles tainted with BPA! Read this article for more information. Go Canada!

The federal government announced Friday it intends to ban the import and sale of polycarbonate baby bottles containing bisphenol A, making Canada the first country in the world to limit exposure to the controversial chemical.

In response to Canada’s bold move Wal-Mart has announced that they will remove all BPA baby bottles from shelves in US stores by 2009.

These are is a good developments but lest we forget that baby bottles are NOT the only product affected by BPA…what about toys, pacifiers, cups, plates, formula can liners, etc??? We need to do better here.

Until BPA is completely banned we need to be vigilant about what products we buy and what companies we support. So here is a listing of some BPA free products that I have not previously mentioned:

BPA Free Lunchboxes

Laptop Lunchboxes – I have mentioned this lunchbox system many times but never in reference to being being BPA free so there is yet another reason to buy this awesome lunchbox! Read my review of it here.

BPA Free Baby Bottles and Breast Milk Storage Supplies

Adiri Natural Nurser – These baby bottles are not only some of the looking bottles I have ever seen they are BPA free and safe for baby. The bottle is shaped mike a mother’s breast and they are gorgeous and sleek looking. The company is run by three mothers in California and I think that is awesome.

Evenflo Cozy Glass Bottle with Sleeve, 3-Pack – Glass bottles witha comfy sleeve to portect the bottle from breakage.

Sassy Baby’s Mam Bottles

Mother’s Milkmate– This company make safe storage bottles for breast milk that work with most breast pumps.

BPA Free Teethers

Waldorf Maple Teether – Non-Toxic Maple Wood Teether that is easy to grasp for little fingers. Soothing for tender gums and handmade in the USA from Natural Materials.

BPA Free Toothbrushes

Teach Me Toothbrush from Sassy

And for in-store purchases. All Oral B kids toothbrushes are BPA free.



BPA Free Feeding Gear for Older Kids – Cups, Sippys, Plates, Bowls, and Utensils

Trendykid Products by Ezee Reach – This company has a few interesting BPA free products including a jar holder and bendy spoon. The jar holder holds baby food in place while you feed baby. They also have a stay-put cutlery and bowl set and a Steady Cup which prevents tipping.

So Easy baby Food Freezer Trays – Freeze baby food safely.

Cupsicles by Munchkin also the Big Kid Sippy Cups by Munchkin.

KidCo Baby Steps Food Mill – This food mill, along with their electric one, grind food in into baby a appropriate puree so you can feed them table food and they don’t use polycarbonate plastics. They also have a feeding trayand an a kit you can buy that includes the mill and ice cube/baby food freezing trays.

Foogo Fod Storage Jars – BPA free and one of my favorite brand. I LOVE their safe sippy cup.

BPA Free Klean Kanteen Kolors – This super stylish cup is now in color!

  • Rebecca

    This is a very helpful list. Thanks! I was wondering what you’d recommend for storing expressed breast milk. I had a bunch of plastic bottles with screw-on lids that probably weren’t safe. The plastic zip-loc bags for storing milk seemed wasteful and often leaked. What are nursing mothers doing these days?

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Rebecca?s Earth Day Resolutions

  • Carrie

    What timing! My guest on the podcast this week has a free text messaging service that parents can use when they’re in the store trying to locate BPA free products.

    Carrie’s last blog post..Natural Moms Podcast #80

  • Melinda S

    Thanks for the listing!!! We have the laptop lunchbox… investment made for our 4 year old to carry his lunch into school!!!

  • Julie

    This is a great list! However, I have to warn parents about the Thermos sippy cups. My personal experience (and the experience of many others as I found out post purchase) was really bad. These cups have many parts that have to be dissected and thoroughly cleaned and inspected for milk residue. They were really a lot of trouble and on top of that, they leaked terribly when not put together perfectly. Overall a very bad experience. I have been using Nuby No-Spill Sippy Gripper cups for months and I LOVE them. They’re so easy to use and wash. My 18 month old loves them, they’re light and they are also BPA free. An added bonus, they are much much cheaper than the thermos sippy cups that I gave up after only 3-4 weeks of use. Do your research before purchasing them.

  • Wow, that’s a great list. We’ll be considering some of those products for expanded inventory on our store. Great job on the research!

  • Tracy

    We just removed all melamine plates from our kids use. Afterall, it was melamine in China’s dog food last year that caused all the recalls and fears of Cancer. I know we warmed foods in the micro on them, and I just don’t feel safe about it. So just a word of caution about your first suggestion.

    We love the Foogo containers! The water bottles keep water cold ALL day long.

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