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A Summer of Fun and Other Stuff

by Tiffany in Tidbits

friday wrap upTGIF! Have an awesome weekend everyone!

I have sooooo much going on right now I can barely find time to catch a breath. And it will only get worse!

Today my daughter participated in a Trike-a-thon for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She raised over $100 for the cause, which happens to be one of my favorite places to donate too. I absolutely love what they do and what they stand for.

This spring/summer will be busy, busy as she is also going to be playing T-ball and practice begins in a few weeks. My oldest son is looking for a soccer team to join. They both have swim lessons starting in April and this month my youngest starts going to a private preschool two days a week until the school year ends. My oldest son is also going to summer camp so he will be enjoying some time spent fishing, swimming, having cookouts, and hiking. It looks so fun I wish I could go. ;)

Before the end of the month we will also likely be picking up annual passes to the science museum, the zoo, and a water park attached to the zoo. Their summer of fun is looking mighty expensive! I always swore I would not be one of those moms who was running around like a crazy person taking kids to all their appointments and extracurriculars…what the heck happened???

In other news I may have solved my dilemma temporarily. I talked my husband into moving to Columbus, Ohio by June 1st. We will be renting a place so that means we will have to sign a one year lease and will be staying for at least a year. Now I just have to find a place I like that is close to nice schools and close to at least one of the metro parks. Being close to hubby’s place of employment would also be nice but honestly since we live over an hour away now anything would be an improvement. I am REALLY excited about moving. I also hope to make this an experiment in simple/frugal living. But disregard all the spending I just mentioned above…cause that doesn’t count k? ;)

Check out this video clip of my daughter. In case you cannot understand her she is saying “Mommy…. you are the DEVIL.” Yeah… in addition to me being the devil she calls her little brother Satan. I am so happy she is learning good stuff at her Christian school, LOL.

Moving on to interesting links:

I found a site with instructions for creating a Nesting box. It is basically a bird feeder made of garbage but instead of food it has nesting materials to help birds build their nests. It looks like a great project for spring!

When my current supply of eco friendly laundry soap runs out I will be trying my hand at making my own liquid laundry soap. It sounds like a very practical way to save money and I know what ingredients are in the soap.

A great article from Frugal Dad on The Cost of TV.

I found an awesome tutorial at Condo Blues on how to make a T-shirt quilt.

Have a rockin weekend all!

  • Alice Santoro

    Good luck! I only wanted to add that I just made my second batch of this laundry detergent last night. I used half as much water so that I could cut the amount per load to 1/4C. It worked for the first batch and I am loving it. I do still need to spot treat, but little kids will cause that :)

  • kristen

    Yeah for Columbus! Let me know if you need any insider tips!