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Mojito Raspberry Paletas

by Tiffany in Recipes

mojito raspberry paletas

Hot on the trail of my cool and healthy summer treats post, I have a delicious recipe to share: Mojito Rasberry Paletas!

Paletas are fruit pops sold in Mexico… I used to get them as a kid in border towns (grew up in Arizona). Unlike fruit “flavored” popsicles, paletas have big juicy chunks of fruit in them. My favorite as a child was always pineapple or coconut with big chunks of the fruit inside. Yum!

Yesterday I tried my hand at making some and combined the ever delicious taste of a Mojito with Raspberries… except no rum of course.

Used my Vita-Mix and my Soda Stream for these….

Tovolo Star Molds

Tovolo Rocket Molds

Basically you just juice 2 big limes, add honey or other natural sweetener to taste, 2 cups fizzy water, and pulse in a blender with a sprig or two of fresh mint. Half of the mixture goes to filling the popsicle molds halfway. After the popsicles freeze for about an hour, add some frozen raspberry chunks on top and fill with the remaining mojito mixture and freeze again. This is a raw vegan summer treat for the kiddos and one that mom LOVES as well. It is sweet with just the right bit of mouth puckering sour and the raspberries are divine. ;)


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  • Melodie

    These are the best looking popsicles I’ve ever seen homemade. Would you like to link them up at my carnival here? It’s a Friday carnival but it appears to get lots of traffic all week long. Would love to see you.

  • ooh more popcicle inspiration! I have some mint growing outside so I must try these. Now to find some organic raspberries…

  • Oh, delish! Those are the kinds of popsicles I grew up with too! I loved the coconut and mango ones! I gotta get me a Vita-Mix!

  • marjolein

    This brings back so many memories! I used to make my own ice creams as a kid in summer. Yummy! I might make some today..

  • andiscandis

    I’m gonna try it. You posted a recipe for some raspberry spinach pops last summer and my daughter LOVES them.

  • What i fizzy water? I am brand new to the raw world and sometimes need to ask silly questions……

    • Denise, just carbonated water. We use the soda stream mentioned above to carbonate ours.

  • The look of those fruity icicle pops would surely make my kids crazy! And very smart and nutritional treat too! Would love to try this out with my trusty soda siphon for an all-natural organic treat! Would love to try these out with mangoes instead of raspberries.

  • Stephanie Moram

    This looks awesome! I need a soda stream!