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An Organic Earth Day Feast with Cascadian Farm

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

A few weeks back Cascadian Farm asked me to participate in an all organic Earth Day feast celebration. My mission was simply to create an Earth Day feast, or rather a feast worthy of Earth Day since I would have to do it earlier in the month, and use organic foods. To facilitate they sent me an Earth Day Celebration Kit with Cascadian Farms products and coupons. So of course I decided to incorporate Cascadian Farm foods wherever I could.

In honor of the warmer weather of late I decided to go with a backyard picnic feast. I dug out my fave yard sale quilt (only $1.00!) that we use for picnics and I made light and fresh foods. That ended up being paleo chicken tacos, homemade salsa, and blueberry coconut milk smoothies. Perfect for a mid day picnic in the back yard. All the fresh fruit and veggies just scream Earth Day.

Pretty much everything was organic and to make it a Cascadian Farm affair we used their Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes in the salsa, frozen sweet corn as a taco topping, and frozen blueberries in the smoothies. It was delicious! We might just do the whole thing over again on Earth Day for reals. ;)

We buy organic most of the time but it is always good to have that reminder that it is better for the planet and for our health. Supporting organic is a crucial step in voting for the world we want. “Like” the Cascadian Farm Facebook page to get more information on their Earth Day celebration. Also many thanks to them for our kit, which came in that nifty canvas basket seen in the pictures.

  • Mommapib1

    everything looks so good. I would love the tote and goodies.

  • Nicolelu74

    Everything looks beautiful and delicious. Cant wait to try the recipes!

  • Karen

    We love Cascadian Farm!  They are the only product with Box Tops that I am willing to buy!

  • Maggie

    I love the way those tacos look. They look delicious. I am trying to go more organic. I’m growing my own veggies and fruit and going organic. I try and buy organic when I can. I agree with you that going organic is crucial for a better planet and health. Really like your post.

  • I love picnics! Weather permitting, my husband and I spend summer Sundays picnic-ing on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Can’t wait to introduce this tradition to our new baby girl!

  • Looks amazing! I hope you had fun enjoying the fruits of your labor! :)

  • Abigail

    Yum! Yes, please!



  • Mauri Gibson

    Those tacos look amazing.  They are going on next weeks menu for sure!

    Come stop by my blog and say hey:

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  • Lori

    Thanks for the S/O Tiffany! Funny how we both posted on the same day. I added a link to your giveaway. Your organic feast is gorgeous.

  • Amlefaive

    Thank you, I’ve enjoyed stopping at the Cascadian farm in the Cascades of Washington state….

  • Jen Vanderboegh

    Yummy looks good! I would also like to win the giveaway.

  • Heather

    We would lovve a chance to have an Earth Day picnic!  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Good Girl Gone Green

    That smoothie looks delicious! Nom Nom

  • Robynn Faughnan

    I LOVE their frozen fruits.  They are perfect for smoothies! We have a big lake on our base here in Little Rock and this would be awesome to win and take my 3 year old out for a picnic!

  • Amanda H

    Those chicken tacos look delicious!

  • Stephanie Loa

    Organic Living, Organic Life! Good quality food and good harmony of the mind is the perfect combination to achieve magical happiness~<3 Best of Love to everyone and keep Earth Day an Everyday thing!!
    Much Love and Light
    ~Stephanie <3

  • olymomma

    Umm…that’s looks good.  I’d love to have their basket!

  • hippie4ever

    OOoooh,looks lovely! I’d love to win :)

  • I’d love to win this basket too!  We always buy Cascadian Farms products when they are on sale.  Actually, we buy as much organic/non-gmo as possible when on sale.

  • Liz

    Looks yummy!! I can’t wait to try it with my kids!

  • Shena

    Love the canvas bag and can’t wait to try your recipe…looks delicious.

  • Monicacrust

    Our family would love this!

  • Karitrad

    Pick me! Pick me! I am always looking for ways to incorporate more organic into my life. Since graduating, I have struggled to find a job and therefor struggle to afford organic.

  • C

    Those tacos look great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jennifer S

    That gorgeous basket would come in handy on our lunchtime picnics at the park. I’m still trying to decide what to do for Earth Day with my homeschooled DS.

  • I love the reusable bag. We love Cascadian Farm items and purchase them when we can. Can not wait to see the Earth Day celebration that they do. =)

  • Sealpup

    We love Cascadian farms!  The basket looks great!  We would love to have it!

  • Kristy

    I love Cascadian Farms frozen fruits and vegetables. My grandson loves their cereals. Earth Day means so much more when you think about where you food comes from, it’s quality and how it came to be on your table.

  • Kelly

    It’s great to see more people becoming paleo and curing themselves.

  • Melissa

    YUM!  We would love this.  thank you!

  • cristiana

    Love Cascadian Farm products! We’re just making plans for Earth Day with my 7-years old and we’re getting excited!

  • Cherie

    The tacos sure are making me hungry!  Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us.

  • Love the basket  & blueberries we eat a ton of them around here & think this is great.

  • Cajotsiao

    Good idea, I’m always trying to help my 11 yr. old understand how important it is to do our part.

  • Nd

    Would love this Cascadian Farms basket. We take the granola bars on trips.

  • Heather MyFamilyLovesIt

    We are really making an effort to eat healthier, this would be great! Thanks for the chance! 

  • Gemma

    I woudl love to win

  • Beth

    I’d love to win. All of those products sound great! Thanks so much.

  • Camille

    What a beautiful picnic! My family would enjoy everything in that kit!

  • Christopher Sorel

    Yum love blueberries and cascadian famrs

  • Tammy Baugh

    I would just love to win this basket! It’s more like for the  challenge of how to use all that’s in it than just winning in and of itself.I really do love a good challenge. And am attempting to switch to organic however whenever wherever I can. It is such a slow and difficult process. This basket sure would help!

  • AmyLynn

    These tacos look so yummy. My family is always looking for healthy, yummy recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  • And the winner is… Gemma! Congrats!