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iCycleBeads for Planning or Preventing Pregnancy

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

I have been a fan of Cyclebeads for many years. I practiced Natural Family Planning or NFP up until we opted for sterilization a couple years ago. I decided early on that I would never, ever use a product that introduced hormones into my body and NFP was the safest and greenest way to go. Cyclebeads provides a very clever way to track your periods and determine if pregnancy is likely or not. I just used a handy dandy calender but I would have been all over the latest product from this great company…

iCyclebeads is an online application that does what their bracelets do, virtually. There is also a smartphone app for on the go use. Love this!

The red bead marks the first day of you period. The blue beads marks the days when pregnancy is very unlikely. The white beads mark the days when pregnancy IS likely. The yellow bead marks the day when your next period should start. It takes all the guess work and days calculating out of the equation and can even send you emails to remind you of fertile and non fertile days, when your period is expected, and to remind you to enter your cycle data.

Of course I think that if you plan to use NFP you should still be highly familiar with your own fertility signs but I think this app is an awesome resource. I used it all this month just out of curiosity and it is very easy to use, even if I no longer need it. I don’t track my periods at all anymore because I don’t have to but it is nice to know when you should expect your period for vacation planning and such. You have access to the application for a mere $12  year and the first month is free. Score!

  • Great concept; this could come in handy!

  • I like tracking my cycle for more than just birth control. I like knowing how “where I’m at” may be affecting my moods, cravings and energy level. Since I’m 37 now, I’m seeing myself head into perimenopause so this is particularly useful for me.

  • Chevalrose

    What a great extra tool!

  • Becca

    I love that it sends you reminders, my current app just sits there until I remember about it.

  • Diannastar

    I’ve used this product too and love it! I have the iPhone app but it works in a similar way. May have to try the web version though since I may be trading in my phone soon.

  • Amy

    Very cool! 

  • Celeste

    Would be great to have after my 2nd baby due next month!

  • Recently, I’ve become more and more interested in natural birth control methods with the research I’ve been doing about the side effects of hormones.  This sounds like a great app, and I’d love to try it!  $12/year sounds well worth it!

  • MIB

    I’m not able to use hormonal birth control but use my iPhone all the time… I’d be interested in this app for sure!

  • Rum Cakes

    How sad you opted for sterilization.  Too bad you hadn’t heard about Theology of the Body prior to doing so.  Even though sterilization isn’t about introducing hormones into your body, it has emotional side effects.  Learn more about TOB, and if possibly reverse the sterilization.

    • Even if I had heard of it I wouldn’t have cared. I am agnostic.