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Herb Scissors – A Super Helpful Kitchen Gadget

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

A few weeks back I finally got a pair of the herb scissors that were calling to me on Amazon. They are only $10 and I use them quite often for cutting herbs quickly and with less chance of hacking my fingers off. Since I cook at home every night, anything that shaves some time off the process while still allowing me to cook good, healthy meals is welcome in my kitchen. I think need to update my Real Foods Kitchen post and add these nifty scissors in fact.

They make it easy to cut, chop, or mince most herbs into nice small strips and then you can easily add cilantro to your tacos, green onions to your sweet and sour soup, and fresh rosemary to that baked chicken. They are made of stainless steel and can go in the dishwasher afterwards. Easy peasy!

Also pictured: Core Bamboo Over-The-Sink 2-in-1 Cutting Board

  • Those look super handy.  I think that I will put them on my Christmas list!  Thanks, Tiffany :-}

  • what a cool gadget! i could think of some cool craft projects with those too:)

  • oh my, I need a pair of those!!!

  • Laura Burns

    I have those same scissors and I agree… fantastic!  They do great with chives which is no small feat!

  • OMG. Those are so cool and would be so helpful! 

  • Abigail

    Recipe for your sweet and sour soup, please! And I love those scissors.

  • oh those are so nifty!! I love kitchen gadgets… not sure I use enough fresh herbs to make it worth it though lol

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