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Go Green Get Fit – Week Five – My Fave Fitness Blogs

by Tiffany in Fitness, Health & Healing

This week was a bit of a let down in that I did not get to workout as much as I wanted to. Much of this was because my CrossFit box had a wonky schedule due the CrossFit Games in LA this past week. Our box had a competitor, Marcus Hendren, in the games and several of the coaches went with him. He finished in 7th place, which makes him the 7th fittest person on earth, or so they say. His performance was way awesome! On Monday I was doing the WOD and looked over to see him doing lunges right next to me. Pretty cool.


On Monday the warm up was 100 meter lunges, situps, wall couch, supermen, wall pigeon, and squats. WOD #1 was 5 rounds max backsquats (53 pounds). I did a 110 of them. WOD #2 was 3×10 Kang Squats w/33 pound bar and hold a hollow position while partner does their reps. WOD  #3 was 2 rounds air squats, situps, supermen, and 200 meter run.

On Tuesday  the warm up was a 2500 meter row. Wod#1 was 100 situps with a medball (20 pounds), touching overhead and passing to a partner. WOD #2 was 7,14,21 pushups – calorie row – situps. WOD #3 was 7, 14, 21 ring rows – box dips – medball slam (20 pounds).

I did both workouts with my hubby. He claims his legs still hurt. ;)

On Wednesday through Friday I did nothing as far as exercise. I spent most of it entertaining my daughter and friend, who accompanied us to my parent’s house up north. We saw three movies…Ice Age 4, Madagascar 3, and Katy Perry. We went to a waterpark, played numerous board games (Risk, Scene It? Disney, Battleship), played Croquet, went to see my Dad play softball, and went out for ice cream. It was very fun.

On Saturday and Sunday I spent a large chunk of the day watching the CrossFit Games via live stream. It was hard to watch and not be able to WOD myself! On Sunday morning I HAD to do something and went for a 1.8 mile run. Over 200 squats on Monday did almost nothing to my legs but that run really made them sore. I figure I need to run longer distances and toughen my shins and calves up, so I ran on a treadmill the following day too.

As the title promised I also want to highlight the blogs I have been following for inspiration. These are my fave fitness blogs to read and follow. They are in no particular order:

Carrots N Cake – This blogger does CrossFit and competitive racing.

CrossFit Lisbeth – This blog is unique in that it highlights the Words of the Day, a play on WOD. I loved this recent post on having perspective.

Elizabeth Akinwale – This is a CrossFit Games competitor’s blog. She came in 7th for the women’s competition. Since I had been reading her blog for months before the competition I felt like I actually knew her somewhat and was rooting for her.

Jen-Fit’s Playground – Clean food, fitness, and fun.

Live Fit and Sore – Another CrossFit blog.

Peanut Butter Fingers – I simply adore this blog and the blogger behind it. She is so sweet and fun and I LOVE her dog Sadie!! She does a variety of workouts at the gym and at home and she races too.

Pumps & Iron – I like the workouts posted to this blog but typically have to wade though posts about fashion to get to them. They are worth it though. A True Blood workout????  Hello, I love you.

The Petite Athlete – Written by a CrossFitter and military wife. She amazes me.

Do you have any great fitness blogs to recommend??

I’m one of 30 bloggers participating in the 12-week Go Green, Get Fit Challenge as part of the EcoMom Alliance Sustain YourSelf™ Program presented by This is my week five update, you can read about week four here.

  • wow. I am so amazed by crossfitters ~ it seems your WODS would kill the average human lol. Great job for sticking with it Tiffany!

  • Thank you for sharing so many new blogs for me to check out! Great to see you are an avid cross-fitter! So much fun and SUCH a great workout :)

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