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12 Amazing Uses for Tea Tree Oil

by Tiffany in Essential Oils

Tea tree oil has many practical, therapeutic, and medicinal benefits that make it a must have in any green/natural household. Since you can get high quality tea tree oil for an affordable price it is bought and used consistently in our home for all sorts of things. Here are just some of the things you may find it useful for:

  1. Household cleaning – Tea tree oil is antibacterial so use it to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces where bacteria can linger. Your house will be clean and it will smell great too.
  2. Removing mildew from clothing and bath towels – In humid areas clothing and bath towels left to lay around damp will often take on a the rank smell of mildew and it can linger even after regular washings in hot water. Tea tree oil is a great additive to kill the mildew and get rid of the smell.
  3. Get rid of lice – These little critters cannot stand tea tree oil so if your kiddos get it, use tea tree oil in their shampoo and/or in a oil/water spray bottle for daily spray treatments. It is also detested by leeches and ticks I hear.
  4. Mouth wash – 2-3 drops of the oil in a cup of warm water can be a very effective mouth rinse/wash if you have issues with plaque, oral thrush, canker sores, or gum disease.
  5. Congestion – Using this essential oil in a diffuser, a pot of boiling water, or in a hot shower can really help open your sinuses.
  6. Acne – Often times folks with acne have a habit of touching their faces or picking at pimples. All of this causes bacteria to hang out on your face and exacerbate the problem. Spot treat acne with tea oil on a cotton ball or washcloth to clean and help reduce inflammation. You can also mix with some coconut oil for larger areas, like the back/neck.
  7. Athletes foot and toenail fungus – Tea tree oil gets rid of fungus and fungal infections so why not try this instead of a harsh over the counter product?
  8. Soothe cuts, wounds, and burns – It is helpful in treating knee scrapes, cooking burns, bee stings, and other bumps and boo-boos.
  9. Diaper rash – Mix a few drops with a carrier oil to soothe and heal.
  10. Ear aches – Many moms have had great success treating these aches at home. Dilute in warm olive, almond, or coconut oil and use a few drops in the ear. Hold head to the side for one minute and then let the ear drain, using a cotton ball or washcloth to collect excess oil.
  11. Eczema and Psoriasis – Put a few drops in a warm bath and have a good soak. This soothes and disinfects problem skin.
  12. Sunburns – A few drops tea tree diluted inside coconut oil makes a great sunburn lotion that will help with any soreness that may prevent you from sleeping and moving about well and will reduce blistering or peeling.

So tell me? What do YOU use tea tree oil for in your home?

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  • Mcwill7

    Where do you get tea tree oil?

    • In natural food stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s or online:

    • Valentinebaby50

      You can also get it at Wal-Mart in the vitamin aisle.

  • awesome! what a great and informative post!

  • Cdowney

    I love the stuff. The moment I feel a cold sore coming on my lips I put a couple of drops of tree tea oil on the spot and it dries it up almost immediately.

  • Valentinebaby50

    I also add it to shampoo for problem scalp. (dryness, dandruff, itching,etc.)

  • Yes! Tea Tree Oil is like a magic elixir! It is so great for so many things. I love it. I agree with @d1d7a0163ed63a286591093857270229:disqus awesome on cold sores!!

  • Yes, I’ve bought it at Trader Joe’s, but mostly use for cleaning. I wish I’d known about some of these natural acne solutions when I was a teenager. I cringe thinking about the stuff I used then.

  • I love tea tree oil.  I have always used in on my skin, and it works great to clear up any blemishes I find I still get.

  • I do not use at all. In fact I didn’t know that tea Tree Oil has so many uses… I will get one from Grocery store… Thanks for useful information…

  • Ccorbett

    Great for yeast infections!

    • Brilinski

      How do you use it to clear up a yeast infection?

      • You can put it in bath water and soak for awhile, use it in a douche, and also coat a tampon with lube and little bit of oil and insert.

  • Vegetarians

    Wow! I didn’t know that it can also help soothe skin problems such as Eczema and Psoriasis. Can I just use it directly on skin? Tea tree oil is now one of my favorites. You can use it for almost everything.

    • Usually you put it inside a carrier oil.

  • Carrie Willard

    Tiffany once again you and I have written a similar blog post within days of each other! I actually scheduled this one to publish weeks ago, thinking that I would have a tiny newborn by now! Today is my due date and no baby…. :-) 

  • Love Tea Tree Oil :)

  • Andreajiannacopoulos

    My son colored all over his arms, legs and face with a purple sharpie!  I put a little tea tree oil on a cotton ball and swiped it over his skin.  The Sharpie came right off!  It was amazing!

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  • Emilyp20017

    I just did a scholl prodject on tea tree oil! this article helped me alot, thanks