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Green Goals for 2013

by Tiffany in A Green Home

Green Goals and Resolutions for 2013

My personal resolutions or goals for 2013 have been made. Now it is time to make a few goals specific to a greener lifestyle and environment so that I can ‘up my game’ in that department even more. It’s all part of being a socially responsible member of my community. I am excited to work on a few things that are lacking and also delve into new territory.

Goal #1 – Grow More Food!!

Last year was the first year we grew absolutely nothing and I feel rather disappointed in myself. We have a back porch that can house potted plants and we have a raised bed next to that. We can also use some of our lawn space if we can get away with it. So far I have decided to grow salad greens and bell peppers with perhaps one tomato plant. I know we (or the pet reptiles) will eat those things without letting anything go to waste. I would also like to add another raised bed next to the existing one if possible, plant a fruit tree in the front, build a compost box, and I definitely want to plant sunflowers this year!!! I have a few other ultimate goals in mind but I need to find my gardening groove first. I keep thinking that I shouldn’t invest much time or money in establishing the mini homestead I want because we rent and we could move. In actuality though I can’t see us moving anytime within the next few years so I just need to go for it.

Last night I watched the most inspiring video done by one of my gardening heroes, Shawna Coronado. I got to meet her last year in Detroit when I went to the NAIAS. She is amazing, as this video demonstrates. I hope I can be just a little more like her this year!

Goal #2 – Reduce Garbage and Plastic

We usually have way less garbage than our neighbors and that is a source of pride for me but I know I can do even better.  I want to be more conscious of the packaging and waste that comes into our home and also think ahead more so that I am not being wasteful when I am traveling or away from the home.

Goal #3 – Decorate Green

As I mentioned previously, being a renter and having moved several times over the past few years has put me in stall pattern. It made me not want to invest in a garden and it has made me not want to put much time or effort into making our home cozy and decorate it to my liking. I started to change that last year by hanging some art work but I need to do even more. I know I will be happier here if it feels more like home and not random place we are staying for awhile. I do not want to get carried away and buy stuff I don’t need though or stuff that isn’t planet friendly. To that end, I plan to visit more yard sales and garage sales in the area and look for deals on second hand furniture and decor.

What are your green goals for 2013???

Monday, January 7th, 2013

4 Comments on Green Goals for 2013

  • I share a lot of your goals. I really want to work on waste, though like you said I have way less than my neighbors. I also want to do better on wasting food. I forget about to many leftovers!

  • JnJ

    Ours are very similar! We are going to work on food waste specifically. We compost it right now but I want to generate less overall. 

  • Thank you, Tiffany, so much for the inspiring video of Shawna, she is truly amazing woman! This really shakes me up for doing more this year! 

    • It had the same effect on me. :)