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Eco Friendly First Aid

by Guest in A Green Home

Eco Friendly First AidIn this day and age, there’s no shortage of venues that could benefit from an Eco-friendly revamp. The medical community, while invaluable to our society, is certainly one of them. Though it’s far from my place to accuse doctors and nurses for being wasteful, I think we can all admit to having treated our own boo-boos without much regard for the health and well being of our earth.

Don’t worry – I don’t blame you for it! The environment is probably the last thing that crosses your mind when you’re plagued by a skinned knee or an upset stomach. And why would it be? It’s not particularly instinctive to think that your personal remedy could actually be an ailment to the earth. However, it is a real issue. The overuse and improper application of medical products can lead to a fair bit of needless waste.

If each one of us were to take a smidge of extra responsibility in our household medical labors, it could do a world of good. We can start with the one thing all of us need: the first aid kit.

What to Put in Your Green Kit

From the bumps and bruises to the cut and scrapes, knowing how to dress a wound is vital for every responsible member of the household. You’ll need a few common elements – some gauze, something that can disinfect the wound and probably some bandages. Fortunately, all three come in earth-friendly varieties. Biodegradable, latex free natural gauze can be found in many pharmacies, and when it comes to rinsing off a wound, some natural liquid soap can usually get the job done just fine. There are even brands out there that sell adhesive strips which come without any sort of synthetic dyes and make use of natural, water-based adhesives.

It’s not just the lacerations you need to worry about though; a lot of unnecessary waste can also come from medical manufacturing processes. Petrochemistry, the process of transforming crude oil into goods and materials such as plastics, can have an adverse effect on the environment. Plus, the disposal of plastics can be even more harmful. Thankfully, whether it’s your pill box or the actual first aid box, recycled containers are easy to find. You shouldn’t have to look too hard or spend too much – biodegradable packages are available in most department stores.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to their first aid kit. There’s really no standard for what exactly you need to keep on hand. Your container and your dressings are a good place to start, but they’re far from the only places you can look to go green. How else can you make an environmentally friendly impact with your kit?

Guest Post by Kristina Ross – Blogger at

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

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