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Have You Ever Wanted to Do a Mud Run?

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

A Woman with Muddy Shoes at a Mud Run

Last year I really, really wanted to do mud run. I run quite often in CrossFit class and do lots of jumping, hanging on bars, and climbing ropes as well. A mud run just seemed like such a fun way to spend the day while enjoying a physical challenge. The seemingly perfect run for me to participate in was very near to my location even and yet I was paralyzed by fear. I have never done one before…what if it turned out to be uber competitive and I couldn’t hack it? What if I couldn’t run the whole 5K and had to…WALK. I couldn’t seem to focus on the joy the run would bring me and instead focused on some imaginary outcome.

I ended up talking myself out of going, even as I visited the registration page numerous times leading up to the run. When the event day came and passed I reluctantly decided that “someday” would be my day. Well, someday is coming this year, this Fall to be exact. I am going to participate in the Pretty Muddy Women’s 5K Mud Run. Currently there are Pretty Muddy runs scheduled for seven different states including my state of Ohio and there are several reasons why I think this particular race is perfect for women.

Well, the first is obviously because it is a women’s only race. I do enjoy getting my WOD (CrossFit speak for workout) on with the guys just as much as the girls but when I am not in my comfort zone I prefer to get my feet wet with women. In fact when I first started going to the gym regularly a couple years years ago, I joined an all women’s gym. The fact that it is women’s only also makes it perfect for gals who want to team up with girlfriends and do the run together. In fact 80% of the runners do it in groups. How fun would that be??

A few weeks back I also spoke with the President of Pretty Muddy and he shared that 60% of the run participants walk the course and that it is not timed so as to be competitive. Participants are also free to bypass obstacles that they are uncomfortable with. You don’t even HAVE to get muddy if you don’t want to. This just shows me how inclusive that the run is and how women from varying athletic backgrounds can join in and feel accepted. If you can walk for 3 miles easily enough (5K) then you can probably participate in this event. You put into it what you can and you will have an amazing feeling of accomplishment at the end.

Another big bonus for this race is the fact that they make sure there are no rocks in the mud. It would really suck to have to worry about getting all cut up during the run, especially for me since I am missing most of my lower lymph nodes (cancer) and injuries to my legs heal very slowly and usually scar if there is a cut involved.

After the race you don’t have to worry about looking like something stuck to the bottom of a shoe either. You can of course pose for pictures in all your muddy glory so that you can post them all over the Internet, letting everyone know what a total BAMF you are. After that though you can get cleaned up, change your clothes and shoes, etc. Pretty Muddy takes care of all that.

It’s all about fun and physical activity. You get to do something new and perhaps stretch yourself. You can even wear a costume to “up” the fun factor. Wear a tutu or a super hero cap maybe?? At the end of the day you you can look back fondly on time that you spent valuing YOU…your needs, your enjoyment, your health. I know I mainly want to do this run for me and my personal enjoyment and health but it is also for my daughter so she can see one of her female role models get out there and roll around in the mud and pursue athletics. I want her to see that it isn’t just the boys who do these mud races and obstacle courses, the girls can do them too, any girl who wants to.

I am in the 10am wave on Sept 14th in Columbus, Ohio if you are local and want to run with me. :)

If you are interested in doing a Pretty Muddy Women’s 5K Mud Run there is a discount code available through Thursday. Use the code GIRLTIME for $20 off registration. This is the best deal they will be offering so take advantage while you can! Also check out the video below to see what the run is all about. Girl Power!

This post was written as part of the Pretty Muddy blog team. My run registration has been covered in return for my sharing my experience here. Enjoy!

  • Meagan

    This looks soooo fun! I’d love to do this. I don’t know if there are any in my area, but my SIL lives in Chicago and runs so I’m definitely going to tell her about it! Thanks for sharing!

  • oh that looks sooo fun!! I would love to do one. I looked into doing one a while back, but found the closest one was in Colorado. I’ll take a look at the Pretty Muddy and see if they’re coming closer. Have fun!! I can’t wait to see the pics and hear all about it!! Are you doing any special training for it? 

    • No, not really. CrossFit will have me prepared on all fronts. The only thing lacking right now may be actual running but that is only because it has been cold. I ran a mile yesterday to take advantage of the 50 degree weather and once spring comes I will likely be running every day. Can’t wait!

  • The closest one is Texas… hmmmm… that’s not that far. ;) 

    • Maybe you and some girlfriends could meet and go? I know it will be an awesome experience.

  • Cdowney

    I just signed up for a Spartan Race coming up in June in NY. This will be my first. Had I known about the Pretty Muddy I would have started with that! I hope it’ll be as fun as it’s tough. Love the challenge!!

  • Laura Burns

    Argh.  I signed up for the Warrior Dash in Clearfork in June… now I wish I knew about this one before I signed up!  Hmmm…

    • I am in the 10 AM wave if you do happen to come. :)

  • I’ve been interested in doing a mud run and a color run, but sadly running just isn’t my favorite thing to do. :-(

  • This looks like a cool race- a good way to get your feet muddy if you want to get into the sport. There is so much macho/competitive energy at other obstacle course races these days.  If anyone needs advice on how to train, check out my website. Good luck!

    • Thanks so much for commenting. Your site is awesome. In fact I found another mud race I can join for free as a cancer survivor. Great info!

      • Thanks so much for visiting.  Wow!  Which race does that?  If you feel like doing a guest post about the race I would love to have it!

        • Dirty Girl, in Ohio at least. I will try to remember to send you a post after the race. :)