Eco Tourism and Green Travel Tips

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Eco Tourism and Green Travel TipsGreen travel is no longer just a trend it is a way of life for many and becoming more and more important in a world which is being harmed in so many ways by human activity. So to make your travel more planet friendly here are a few green travel tips.

Choosing a green destination

Some destinations are more environmentally conscious than others. Not only the individual hotels but entire cities or resorts as a whole. A bed and breakfast might be a more sustainable choice than a hotel chain and Portland, Oregon would be considered a greener destination than Atlanta, GA. We can also consider exploring locations closer to home, thus reducing our travel footprint.

Choosing green accommodation

Hotels which use 40% less electricity and produce 35% less carbon emissions than the average hotel are Energy Star approved hotels. When booking a hotel online use the search filters to find smoke-free hotels and hotels listed as “green”. Consider camping as an alternative to conventional travel and also look into bed and breakfasts or inns which tend to use fewer environmentally harmful resources.

Green Transportation

Sharing transport by using public buses emits less harmful gases than renting a car, and if you have to rent a car then make sure it is an eco-friendly car. Hiring a scooter uses even less energy and there are also transport alternatives which use only natural energy. Try taking a cycling vacation or sail instead of taking a motorized boat. Hiking and walking vacations are of course the best way of conserving energy! If you must fly then choose an airline known for its eco-friendly policies like Virgin America, Alaska Airlines or Air France which offers passengers carbon offsets.

Green Reusables

Often when you’re traveling you’ll be eating on-the-go which means plastic plates, cups and utensils. Take along a reusable bottle/mug and when you dine choose restaurants which use “real” plates and cutlery.  Pack reusable cloths to use instead of paper towels and paper napkins, such as Skoy Cloths or PeopleTowels which are reusable and biodegradable. If you want to try the local food truck scene, and who can blame you, bring your own utensils. These nifty bamboo ones come in their own carrying case AND don’t forget to bring your own healthy easy snacks in a to-go box.

Green Gadgets

To recharge the inevitable electric gadgets that will accompany you on your trip purchase a solar recharger. Using solar energy you can recharge your camera, laptop, mp3 player, and cell phone. If a solar recharger is not a practical option for your trip then use rechargeable camera batteries which can be recharged over night.

Leaving Home

Traveling green begins before you’re even out the front door – Cancel your newspaper delivery, turn off all lights and power bars, unplug appliances or even cut off all electricity via the breaker if you can.

Stay Green in the Hotel

Hang up your used towels to indicate that there is no need to wash them every day. This saves on energy used in hotel laundry. Use the hotel toiletries modestly or even bring along your own. When you leave the hotel room for the day turn off the lights, A/C and TV. If there are no recycle bins in your hotel then collect plastic bottles, paper and organic waste separately and ask the hotel manager where you can find the relevant receptacles in town. Even though you’re not paying for the water, limit your bathing to a reasonable length of time. A vacation is no excuse to get lax with your eco habits.

Eating out

Seek out local farmers markets and organic stores where the food hasn’t traveled far or dine in restaurants which are known to be eco-friendly and local. Half the fun of visiting a new place is trying the food unique to that area so don’t go to chain eateries. You can do that anywhere so support small, local businesses instead.

Hopefully with a little planning your next travel experience will be a little greener…enjoy!


Eco Baby Diapers

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Honest Company Baby Diapers

I have shared my Zulily love numerous times before and I have also blogged about The Honest Company in the past too. The first company gives me access to lots of eco friendly goods for reduced prices and the latter is all about taking conventionally toxic products and making them non-toxic and healthier for families.  Well, these two companies are teaming up to bring even more great deals to our doorsteps.

Zulily is a storefront that takes products we already buy…from lunchboxes and kitchen gadgets to shoes and furniture and makes them available for short periods of time at hugely reduced prices. I am a huge fan and shop there all the time. I have bought cast iron pans, stainless water bottles, bamboo kitchen accessories, gym clothes, and wooden toys and puzzles for my kiddos. I am constantly amazed at all their eco friendly offerings.

The Honest Company appeals to moms who want healthier home products and products for their babies. Moms really are stepping up to the task of making their home cleaning products and care products healthier and safer and I give mad props to Jessica Alba for using her superstar to form this company and do such good work. In my diapering days I used cloth but there were times when even I used disposables from time to time. I would have loved the Honest Company diapers. They are so incredibly cute!!

Honest Jessica Alba

The first of its kind to open on zulily, The Honest Company shop will remain on the site for members to access Honest’s non-toxic, high-performing household products with a splash of style, every day. Honest products are ready to ship in 1-2 days and include:

• Premium Plant-Based Disposable Diapers in various patterns including Anchors, Dinosaurs, Family Tree, Hearts, Leopard, Lumberjack, and Skulls.

• Biodegradable Cloth Wipes

• Premium Plant-Based Disposable Training Pants in various patterns including Night Sky, Princess and Robots.

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

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Reuseit Fall Sale

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One of my fave stores, Reuseit is having a Fall sale and they have awesome deals going on. I did a quick look though and spotted three deals right off that knock my socks off…enjoy!

I have two of these glass water bottles and right now they are almost 50% off, making them only $6.95! That is a steal!

I “love” this I love New York ceramic cup. If only I drank coffee! Only $7.17.

This Blue Q bag is so pretty. I have one of these in a vintage cowgirl print and it is one of my fave bags. They are very high quality and very attractive. $5.98.

Monday, September 17th, 2012

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NatureMoms Exclusive Discount on Glass Water Bottles

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Woot! Time for another another exclusive discount for NatureMoms readers, courtesy of one of my favorite online stores, Reuseit. The discount is available for their uber stylish glass water bottles found here. I have one myself (see above) and I use it all the time for water and hubby uses it for iced coffee. It makes the rounds during the warmer spring and summer months! I like that the design is simple and it is easy to clean. Below are some of the lovely designs you can get:

Glass bottles can be expensive and this one is a great value for the price, which I why I was quick to buy one. If you want to get an even more amazing deal you can get one of these bottles for only $8.45. Use code GLASSBOT at checkout to reduce the price.

Update: This deal is now EXPIRED. 


NatureMoms Exclusive Discount on CamelBak Water Bottles

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I am somewhat of a reusable bottle collector/junkie and Reusit has been one of my fave stores to shop at for many years now. So I am thrilled that the lovely folks at Reusit are offering NatureMoms readers a great discount for two select CamelBak products. They are stainless steel resuable water bottles. One is perfect for all ages and one is designed for kids. They would make a great stocking stuffer/gift for the holidays and the exclusive code CAMELBAK60 will give you an awesome 60% discount. Enjoy and please share with anyone who may be interested in saving some money on these CamelBak products.

Valid December 12 and 13, 2011 only.

CamelBak Stainless Steel , 0.75L Reusable Water Bottle

CamelBak Stainless Steel, Kids 12 oz Water Bottle