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Green Baby Diapers

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

Moms have been emailing me quite often lately about cloth diapers…are they the greener choice, which ones are best, etc. I cloth diapered two of my babies and I even owned a cloth diaper manufacturing company and store for a few years. I am a big advocate for cloth diapers. To the right you will see my daughter wearing a tye dye diaper I made for her.

So first things first…are they REALLY the green choice in diapering. Yes! Disposable diaper advocates are quick to say that cloth diapers use a lot of water and energy in the laundering process but frankly their arguments are LAME. I laundered cloth diapers for 4 years and it was a tiny blip on the energy usage chart in my house. Water, yes I did use more water…it equated to about 3 extra loads of laundry a week…big woop. I opted to conserve more “conservatively” in other areas to make up for it. Most of my children’s diapers were also made by me with organic fabric or I purchased from another WAHM like myself.

Disposable diapers are made in huge factories that spew chemicals into the air and nearby waterways. One factory can be unloading as much as 50 million gallons of waste water a day. In one US town, this has caused mutations in fish and one awful stench. Huge amounts of energy go into diaper production and then into packaging (wasteful), and then into transportation around the world via truck, plane, and cargo ship. When the diapers reach their respective stores, consumers spend their hard earned money on something that will last a few hours and then be thrown into the garbage. More energy is used to buy and then dispose of diapers and then they will sit, entombed in a landfill for many generations to come. Are you at ease knowing that your baby’s diapers will be around when your great-great-great-great grandchild is born? Ew!

So….cloth is the better choice IMO. They are easier on our limited resources, they are  better value, and they can used for many years with several children usually. But many moms turn their noses up about cloth for some reason. They might say cleaning messy diapers is gross, or that they don’t have time for 2 extra loads of laundry. I found neither of these things to be true and trust me I was one of those moms who NEVER would have thought I would use cloth diapers.

Also…sposies are loaded with petroleum products, bleached paper, perfumes, and other chemical nasties. Babies LOVE cloth diapers too. How could I not get excited about cloth diapering when you get to use such cutesy terms like Kissaluv, Happy Heiny, Monkey Doodlez, Fuzzi Bunz, etc.

Moneky Doodlez- My friend Cheryl owns this store and I have known her for years. These diapers are so fine they are works of diaper art. They really last and they are a great value for the price. They are AIO diapers or a one piece diapering system and they have fleece on the inside to wick moisture away from the skin so rashes and discomfort are a thing of the past. There are bamboo options and TONS of color choices. You can also get embroidered diapers too.

I have some diapers made by the same company under a different brand name and they are in excellent condition after 3 plus years. I can’t say enough good things about these diapers…really I can’t. They top my list!

Bumgenius Pocket Diapers– These diapers are another favorite. They are pocket diapers that allow you to customize absorbency levels, although an AIO option is available to. They are also a one size diaper which means you can get away with buying a dozen or so and have them fit from birth to potty learning….no need to buy diapers in each size…these diapers grow with baby. I also like the stretchy tabs on these diapers…way cool.

Fuzzi Bunz – These are pretty popular. They are reliable and well liked by many moms. I like the pockets, the snaps, and the fleece inners. They also have some toddler sizes that are quite helpful for many moms. I still have some of these that are going strong after 4 years so that in itself says a lot.

Happy Heinys– This is a solid diapering choice. They last a long time and they are of good quality. They are pocket diapers as well. I really like the Heiny Huggers fitted diapers for small babies…they fit really well and when paired with a wool cover they are top notch.

Kissaluvs– This is my favorite diaper type for newborns.The Kissaluvs size zero diapers and the Kissaluv countours rock for your baby’s first diaper…tiny sizes, oh so soft, easy to use, and good prices (especially the contours). I also love the colors….lime and melon were my faves. I used these until my babies were about 3-4 months old and then I switched to more absorbent diapers. I was always able to resell these for 80-100% of the purchase price too.

Prefolds – These are the very basic in diapering and not my personal choice but I did use them now and again. They are the most economical choice for sure.

My favorite diaper covers for fitted and prefold diapers were simple wool covers or longies and the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. The Bummis were great on top of the Kissaluvs.

Other Green Diapering Options:

gDiapers – These are flushable diapers. The idea is that you flush them where they dissolve and the water gets treated by your city sewage system, instead of putting diapers in the garbage. You get gDiapers washable covers and then you put flushable liners inside them. SO it is half cloth diaper half flushable diaper and still greener than regular disposables. Drawbacks include the potential for clogging your toilet and septic system and also the cost is prohibitive.

Greener Disposables – There are several brands of disposable diapers that you can buy that are just a bit better than conventional diapers. They might use unbleached paper pulp, fewer chemicals, or be more biodegradable. Seventh Generation and Earth’s Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers are two to look at. I tried them both at one point and they seemed really stiff and uncomfortable and part of my reason for using cloth was comfort. I wouldn’t want to wear paper/plastic undies so my kids don’t have to either.

Cloth Diapers


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

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  • Whoohoo! I’m commenting! I’d love to add to my ‘stash’ since it’s not that big yet! And Kaia wears Mediums!

    Merediths last blog post..Bendy Tasty Flatbread Yay!

  • chyk

    that’s great

    chyks last blog post..Hello G-d, it’s me, Funky

  • Christina

    I’m coming out of lurkdom to comment for a chance to win. I’ve been reading for a few weeks and enjoying. These diapers are so cute!

    Christinas last blog post..Stretching the food budget

  • Christina

    I linked back from my blog, so I’m leaving a second comment. :)

    Christinas last blog post..Stretching the food budget

  • Angela

    I used cloth once my 2nd daughter was a toddler, and I’ll be trying it from the get-go with my next daughter, due July 28!

    Angelas last blog post..“Virtual Torch Run” Registers World Breastfeeding Week 2008 Celebrations

  • jaime zee

    i CD my two little ones and i LOVE it!! we are fuzzibunz fans but i always enjoy trying out new diapers. thank you for this great article!!

  • I’m expecting my first any day now and we are using cloth. I’m always excited to hear about people that find success with cloth, hopefully it will make it’s way back into the mainstream!

    Jessicas last blog post..Baby Shower #2

  • Courtney

    Hi, coming out of lurkdom to comment on this post! I’ve really been enjoying your blog – I’m learning a lot. Thanks!

  • Megan

    Great post! We use Haute Pockets, and they’re a really great diaper too.

  • angel

    We are using Fuzzi Bunz for the second child now and I LOVE them! We also picked up a few Bum Genius, I like the one size option. We tried Kissaluvs and other fitteds for the newborn stage and I just couldn’t love them! I’m a pocket mama through and through!

  • I have entered a TON of blog contests, but this is one I’d REALLY love to win! I have used cloth diaper for two of my girls and just love them. We mainly use unbleached prefolds,and fleece liners in a Bummis cover. Simple and cheap. It would be awesome to have some fancier diapers to put in our rotation.

  • Andrea

    Commenting for a chance at the diapers. Also, thanks for all the informative info. I love how clear, organized and thorough your posts are.

  • I added a link to this post on the sidebar of my blog. Thanks!!

    Michelle Lanes last blog post..Not Suitable for the Snake-Squeamish

  • Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!. My wife and I are beginning the process to have a baby. We’ve decided to go with cloth diapers and this would be a great way to stock up for when our bundle of joy arrives!

    I love this blog. Well done.

    Trops last blog post..Ouch!

  • I am expecting again and I would love to try cloth diapers this time. Plus these are soo cute!

    Crystal Ds last blog post..Shiny New blog

  • Great Giveaway! I would love to win these!!

    Staceys last blog post..On Pins and Needles

  • Sarah

    In a lot of areas, you can even get a diaper service to pick up your dirty diapers and drop off clean ones weekly (or more often) for a fee. And all for same/less than the cost of disposables :). Look for services that launder with eco-friendly detergents.

    My hubby and I are going with cloth diapers for our first baby!

  • We’re making the switch from gdiapers to cloth because of the cost, just as you mentioned. I’ve been stockpiling large (for my daughter) and small (for baby to come in July) and would love to start my medium collection, especially with a brand I haven’t tried yet.

    I found some inserts I could put right in the gdiaper covers, so the initial cost to switch was a little cheaper for us. Just in case anyone else is considering it. (So far the Knickernappies inserts seem to do well.)

    Kansas Moms last blog post..He Really Can Write

  • Also, if you can handle the expense, the wet gdiaper inserts can just be composted. So we only flushed about once a day. (It was great because we didn’t have to shred any newspaper for the compost pile like we do now. Luckily, we have a lot of newspaper and kids that don’t mind tearing it into little bits just for fun.)

    Kansas Moms last blog post..He Really Can Write

  • stephanie

    woohoo! hope we win! thanks for all your research.

  • Angela

    We love our fuzzi-bunz. But always love to try new brands/types. My daughter is wearing size medium. Thanks for your great blog.

  • stephanie

    just added your site to our blog.
    we’ve used Bumkins in the past, but they just leak too much. but we dont want to buy all new ones, too expensive.

  • Brooke

    I’m hoping to have a baby in the next year or so, and I’m already committed to cloth diapering. Thanks for the great list of resources!

  • I’m pregnant with my first, and know I want to cloth-diaper, so thank you for all the helpful links! I want to be sure I’ve gotten all the information and know my options before the little one arrives!

  • I switched to cloth when my first was 4 months old and haven’t looked back. My husband didn’t want to at first which was why we waited, but I made the switch then anyway since I was home with her all day. We’ve taken cloth on long camping vacations (2 weeks, with a couple washes thrown in there) and haven’t regretted it.

    Another bonus to cloth is that it causes fewer rashes in most babies, yay! We pair cloth with elimination communication (taking baby to the sink/potty when they cue they need to go); this is an even more “green” option since you aren’t using diapers at all!

    Jennys last blog post..feeling flutters (16 weeks)

  • Lisa Fischer

    I absolutely love the BumGenius dipes for my 9-month-old daughter. They are so easy to use and clean. I’d love to try out Monkey Doodlez!

  • Jennifer

    woohoo, I’m commenting so I can enter the drawing. :)

  • Amanda

    I have been wanting to try reusable diapers ever since I read your post on a green home a while ago, got me thinking about them… but can’t afford them and the hubby says ‘no way! thats gross!’ so i would love to win and try them out!!!

  • Amanda

    and heres my link on my blog cuz i really want to try them out!!!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been going back and forth about cloth diapers. I’d LOVE to win so that I could give it a try!

    Also, thanks for answering my email about the preservatives. I appreciate it!

    Jennifers last blog post..Happy Belated Earth Day!

  • Michelle

    I want to give these a try!

  • We’ve used cloth since my son was born. Now 18 months later it is still the best decision we’ve made! I’ve used many of the kinds you recommend – including kissaluvs when he was tiny, fuzzi buns now, and a mixture of prefolds and covers all along the way! Thanks for the thoughtful and informational post!

    Jessica Schirms last blog post..Challenges

  • I linked you!

    Jessica Schirms last blog post..Challenges

  • Casie

    Oh these would be great, I would love to try cloth diapers with my 9 mth old!!!!

  • Melynda

    We love Bum Genius because you can snap them into different sizes, therefore being able to use the same ones for most of the diapering life of your little one.

    I’d love to try out some other brands, though!

    Melyndas last blog post..I Voted!

  • Deborah

    I enjoyed cloth diapering my first and second dds…and have since gotten out of it. Dd#3 uses disposibles or what I call, “paper” diapers. I would love to get back into cloth – those diapers would be fantastic! All my fitteds are completely shot.

  • I’ve been looking into this option and it seems like the smartest idea. I hate that regular diapers don’t degrade and can’t imagine all that space in the earth for diapers. Fingers crossed for the give away!

  • Jen

    Hi, Love your blog! I am a late bloomer to try cloth. I switched to all cloth only a month and a 1/2 ago with my #2 daughter at nearly 10 months old. I am so sorry I did not try them sooner, and I regret and always will REGRET all the disposables I put into the landfills! But we are really progressing in our home going from light green to a deeper hue! ;)

  • Rebecca

    I have tried a couple of brands/ types of cloth diapers. Our favorite BumGenius 3.0!! I would love to try the MokeyDoodlez they look similarly easy!

  • Mary Boston

    I’ve been on the fence about this issue for soooo long. I think the only way I’d start is if I was given the opportunity to try it free. So, hopefully I’ll win!

    Mary Bostons last blog post..We’re Having Another…

  • Mary Boston

    I linked to you earlier today so this is even cooler that I get an extra chance to win because of it! Yay yay yay!

    Mary Bostons last blog post..We’re Having Another…

  • Linda

    I totally get the cloth diaper thing but how are they with traveling? I know disposables are not very green but they are very convenient. If someone could tell me how to use cloth when traveling I’d be more likely to give them a shot.

    Lindas last blog post..Battery Recycling

  • Alexander

    Our first is coming soon and we’re staying as green as possible.

  • LeighAnne

    You provide such good information for attachment parents, but your giveaways are so thoughtful. Thanks for all you have done thus far!

  • Great giveaway!

    Carlas last blog post..Weekend Update

  • My blog site is:

    Carlas last blog post..Weekend Update

  • Sheena

    Have you heard of Nature Babycare diapers? Those are sold at Target. I found them when searching for the Seventh Generations which they didn’t have. Oh yea, I want to be entered as we are trying to build our cloth collection!

    Sheenas last blog post..Celebrate Motherhood With PeaceLoveMom! (Giveaway)

  • Minda Bare

    Cloth diapers are awesome! And what a great way to get out the msg to try some!!

  • melinda s

    I enjoy cloth diapering!! My boys think its cool too….they pick out the diaper they want to wear and that makes diaper changing time so much easier. We also use cloth wipes…what a blessing those are!

  • Minda Bare

    okay- liked you in my blog!

  • i’d love to win! yaay! i love our current cloth, but would love to try some new ones!!!!

    courtneys last blog post..if i’m not stubborn and ryan’s not stubborn… how can she possibly be stubborn??

  • Lizzie

    These are great! Hope to win & try them out. Thanks for writing.

  • heather

    I would love to try them out.

  • We cloth diaper with Bum Genius and Fuzzy Bunz. I prefer the BG’s. I would love to try out these diapers. They are adorable. I tell everyone that cloth diapers are as easy as disposables and so much cheaper.

    Nicole J.s last blog post..Tag I’m it….

  • I would love to start cloth diapering!



  • Marla

    I love your blog. I’m expecting my first around Labor Day and really want to go the “greener” cloth route. There are just so many options to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. Thanks for all the information you give though!

  • Angela

    I really want to be swayed to cloth diapers but am just unsure. I would love to try them out and maybe be the next convert!

  • Nieves

    Hello and how cute.
    I would love to add to my pile that my little one is growing out of.
    I have to add that Dream-eze are also a really nice diaper.
    They are organic and cotton.
    Also thanks for your blog.

  • Erin Anderson

    I have just started reading this blog the past few weeks, and I am hooked. I have also been cloth diapering my second child, and I love it. The extra few loads of laundry are really not that big of a deal, and I like that I am not constantly throwing diapers away. I use cloth wipes too, and they are the best. I just use prefolds and bummis covers due to cost. Would love to add a few more to my collection.

  • Bena

    Got sooo excited when I read this. Will be dreaming of my baby walking around with the cool diapers the rest of the day.

  • those are adorable. please count me in. :) thanks!

    crunchy domestic goddesss last blog post..On Nursing a Preschooler

  • Lindsay

    We just brought our new baby girl home from the hospital Friday and she is one week old. We immediately saw a difference once we switched over to the cloth diapers we had purchased. Would love to try out some other kinds all we have so far are prefolds.

  • ramona zak

    i love cloth diapers. we’ve used fuzzi buns since someone recommended them. i wish i knew about bumgenius so i didn’t have to buy as many, but i have used them with 2 kids so far and the fuzzis have lasted. my husband is impressed too. at the daycare they won’t use them, so i buy “nature babycare” – or – and they work great. they are biodegradeable and safer then even the chlorine free disposables. we use them only because the gdiapers are too costly in the long run.

  • Laura

    Its amazing how cloth diapers have made a resurgence in popularity! I am happy to know that by the time my daughter is out of diapers she will have already made a difference in making our world healthier. Emily is in size two’s and We would LOVE some AIO’s as we are currently using contours and prefolds

  • Debbie

    We use bumgenius diapers and we love them!

  • Mackenzie

    thank you for posting about cloth diapers. I sure hope i win!!!

  • Hannah

    Great information! I also sell cloth diapers- my favorites are the bumGenius and Thirsties. My daughter loves her diapers- I have been so happy with our CD’s. Plus, it is so nice to never have had the reason to buy disposables- you make a great point about those that use disposables literally throwing their money away. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for the great info. I love CDing as well, but I had not heard of a couple of these brands before. Thanks!

    Lindss last blog post..Reaching Outside the Home

  • This is so very helpful, thank you! I’ve been overwhelmed with all the choices, and I still am confused about the pros and cons of pockets vs. no pockets, fleece vs. wool, etc. I’m still confused but this comparison helped a lot..thanks!

    Saras last blog post..What a Difference A Week Makes

  • Hooray for cloth diapers! We’ve been very pleased with ours so far, though we’re still struggling with the mother load of pee the wee one (pun intended, heh) seems to produce at night. :-(

    Melissas last blog post..My family will think I am out of my mind

  • linda

    would love try cloth diapering again with these! :)

  • I have been using cloth diapers for the past two weeks of my son’s life and even though we’ve only tried prefolds, I don’t think that I’ll ever use disposables again. Hopefully these will give me a chance to try something else.

    Nikkis last blog post..Pregnant? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cherie

    I have only been subscribed for a few weeks but I love your writing about cloth diapers and how they are environmentally friendly. I am loving your glossary as well. I plan to link your blog and glossary for the CD class I am teaching this week for moms-to-be. They are both very helpful! Your giveaway is an added bonus to CDing moms as well.

    Thank you!

  • Heather

    I love your blog. Always great info.

  • I’ve linked to you here,

  • I partially cloth diaper my daughter (when she’s at home vs babysitters) and I can’t wait to do it with future children. I have linked to your blog for some time now!

    Jaimes last blog post..Happy Birthday Mom!

  • Colleen

    So nice! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • HeatherJ

    Oooo! I would love to win this for my friend Terry’s new baby. She was born prematurely at only 1 pound 10 ounces. (you can peek at her here… She will be coming home from the hospital in August, God willing, and would look so cute in these diapers!

  • I just posted on my blog about cloth diapers around Earth day. I love them. I am on my third baby and decided to make the switch. I wish I wouldve done it with my other two! we love it. My daughter is a medium. Those are cute! I do a lot of laundry because my stash isn’t that big. slowly building it up. I supplement with disposables when I run out, but my goal is to not have to use them anymore, when I get my stash built up a bit. That will save me on laundry as well! Right now I only have to buy one pack of diapers a month. not bad! I love Fuzzi buns and Bum Genius are great for nighttime use. never had any leaks at all!

    Sarahs last blog post..Homeschool Freebies

  • Laura

    I use cloth and would love to try those you are giving away!

  • Jen

    Another great giveaway! Thanks for all you do to get the word out about green products. :)

  • Elisabeth

    We love CDs!! Great giveaway!

    Elisabeths last blog post..Lessons learned from my 9 month old

  • Lisa

    Thanks for a great low-down on cloth diapering…I’m expecting in October and have been researching which ones to start with…I check in to your blog regularly since coming across it when looking into organic mattress options…Thanks for doing what you do!!

  • Jenn Senior

    I love cloth diapers too :) I am CD both my boys and am loving PF right now .. now to just find a cover I really love … we also use OS pockets


  • I hear the water/energy arguments all the time and have the exact same thought as you: LAME! Thank you. I feel so validated.

    Annikas last blog post..Bubbles

  • melissa

    Love CDing, love ec too! This is a great blog, hope I win!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie

    I am going to try cloth diapers with baby #2 (due this month). Thanks for the great information. I am going to look into the brands recommended on the site.

  • nancy

    I use Seventh Generation on my 3 week old but am anxious to try cloth when he is older and I’m in the “groove” with the mommmyhood thing!

  • nancy

    I just put a link on my blog to you! My blog is

  • Andrea

    Great info. and would love to win as I have yet to begin to buy the cloth diapers Ill need in a few weeks yikes!

  • vienus

    I cant belive this topic showed up today. I have spent a couple hrs today trying to find eco friendly night guards for my 5 yr old who wets the bed. I found a few but would love to win a sample to try and help him feel better about his bed wetting!!

  • Jeanette

    Would love to win this giveaway. I never thought I would be the cloth diapering type either!

  • YAY! I really need to increase my “stash”… I hardly have anything!

    Merediths last blog post..More food pictures!

  • Stacey Melis

    Yay for cloth! We’ve been at it for 16 months and I love keeping plastics/chemicals/etc out of the landfills… I feel like I’m doing my tiny part, plus what’s cuter than a CD bubble butt? :) Thanks for the article!

  • Hillary

    That duck is toooo cute.

  • Carrie

    Whenever someone trys to pull the “cloth diapers use too much water” card, I ask them what kind of dishes they use in their house? Disposable or regular? Do they think it’s less wasteful to use disposable dishes for every meal? It’s just a rediculous argument.

  • Melissa

    Thank you for this informative article! I am a cloth diapering mama of a newborn boy. I would love to try these brands!

  • Amy

    Great summary of cloth diapering. I might need to keep a link to this post handy for all the cloth diaper bashers I encounter.

    Count me in for the give-away!

    Amys last blog post..Magic (and not so magic) Beanstalks

  • Karen

    I love cloth diapers. My only regret is that I didn’t “discover” them until my daughter was a year old.

  • Amy Sue

    Fantastic post! I just wish you’d mentioned the wonderful world of WAHM-made cloth diapers. I love supporting WAHMS!

    ~Amy Sue

    Amy Sues last blog post..It’s Not Easy Being Green

  • lynnp

    I love my Mother-Ease diapers. I’ve used them w/three boys so far and am about to use them w/baby # 4. They’re still going way strong and are so easy to use.

    My bro-&-sis-in-laws are having their first baby soon and going with cloth. They’re going to sample several brands then decide which to go with. I’d love to win these for them to try.

    My blog link to this giveaway is here:

    lynnps last blog post..Diaper Giveaway

  • Candice

    We would love to try these diapers!

  • Jel

    I agree with everything you said about cloth diapers. I’m not commenting to win, since my daughter is way past mediums. But it’s wonderful you’re doing the giveaway. Just wanted to see if you found any good green options for training pants. Right now I’m using Gerber training underwear at home and Seventh Generation on the go. Any tips for toilet training a cloth diapered kid? At the daycare they would let her get really wet, so now she’s used to that feeeling.. :( Email me tips at Thanks!!!!

  • Jenna

    Wow — Interesting read.

    Thanks for the links — very helpful! : ]

    Jennas last blog post..When Terrorist Attacks Aren’t Nearly as Scary as Losing Your Health Insurance…

  • Kristi

    thanks for all the great info! i’m in the process of switching my 14 month old to cloth and would love to try these out!

  • Becky

    Thank you for spreading the love about cloth diapers. We can’t wait to use them when our baby arrives.

  • Ashley

    Thank you! Your post was awesome! I’m gonna link it to my MySpace (it’s on private so I won’t bother linking it here) so that hopefully people will take a look and see why I bother to use cloth diapers! I occasionally use disposables, but I hate to. I haven’t bought any since before Christmas, and I am proud to say that. Love this blog. I am so subbing to your feed.

  • Hey there,
    I dig all the info on cloth diapering…a woman after my own heart!
    I regularly blog on ecoparenting issues at
    Keep up the good work, and thank you!

    Cates last blog post..Your Child’s Sunshine State

  • I’d never heard of Monkey Doodlez before, but we keep thinking about switching to cloth diapers. Let’s hope Hubby can get over the ‘ick factor’! ;)

    SkylarKDs last blog post..The 350 Challenge

  • I am pregnant and planning on using cloth – and would love this set to kick start my collection.

    Becky Thomass last blog post..

  • We plan to cloth diaper with the next baby, and I’ve been wanting to do a little research. Thanks for putting it into one place for me!

    Mamaspheres last blog post..When Your Child’s Jokes Are Not Funny

  • I totally agree. There is no way Disposable diapers are greener than cloth! I just switched to disposables due to our current lack of a washer… and OH THE RASHES that have come about! I use the most basic: prefolds and bummis whisper wraps and never have leaks or issues!

    Clares last blog post..Time to Paint

  • Holy moly, people like these cloth diapers! I’m not commenting to win (so you can remove me from the pot if you want), I just wanted to say something about the gdiapers. I bought them this go around for my 2nd child and I LOVE them. The inserts are compostable (not the poopy ones) which is cool, or flushable if you are away from home or would rather flush, but most importantly I don’t actually use the flushable inserts regularly. I made my own inserts that can be washed (and I am so not Suzy Homemaker). I pulled together all the old burpcloths and tiny wash cloths we have stashed away and turned them into liners for the gdiapers. Anyway, not getting paid by the company to plug them, but did want to toss out this as a very viable, affordable option! And the covers hold up great and are way cute on their little butts. But then aren’t all cloth diapers?!

  • beth

    luv cloth…just hope i can get organized again to do them exclusively!

    beths last blog post..Potager Gardening May

  • beth

    Your post is on my blog :)

    beths last blog post..Potager Gardening May

  • Jana

    I use Nature Babycare diapers – they’re 100% biodegradable so that’s a start, but I’m considering switching to cloth if I can talk my husband into it…

  • Elisabeth A Saliani

    I really wanted to use cloth diapers but didn’t because my day care only accepts disposables, something about the state health code, but would like to start using them at home.

  • Angela

    I have 3 children and I started about 3 months ago using cloth diapers. I soooo wish I would have used them with my older 2 or started from day one using them on my son. lol I have been using the prefolds and pins and the gerber pull on covers. I have also started using cloth wipes after making my own from paper towels for about 6 mths. I would have never saw myself as a cloth diapering mama, but I love it!!! I would love the chance to win the give away, as it would be nice to try something besides the gerber prefolds, pins, and gerber pull on pants.

  • Thanks for the articulate defense of cloth diapering. I used cloth diapers with two of my three kids and loved them. I saved a ton of money, never dealt with diaper rash, and got a ton of satisfaction out of knowing how my choice helped the environment. I chose to use Motherease diapers, which worked great, but don’t fit well under a newborn’s clothes at all. Now that I’m expecting our fourth baby, I would love to try a few different options in newborn sizes to get me through til he’s about 15 or 20 lbs. He’s due in November, so hanging out in just a diaper isn’t an option this time. Any suggestions?

    Karen Monahans last blog my resource

  • I used cloth with baby #1 and baby #2 is arriving in 6 weeks so I would love these.

    Christys last blog post..Aquarium

  • Sharon

    I loved reading about the cloth diapers and would love to try the Monkey Doodlez! You have such a great blog.

  • After having a terrible allergic reaction to a regular feminine pad last year, I began to do some research on pads and diapers. What I found scared me to death. I made a vow then that I would put my child in cloth diapers one day. I’m not pregnant yet, but am actively trying for a little one. This entry is an excellent resource that I’m going to bookmark for later use. Thanks so much for the opportunity to receive a freebie.


    Melodys last blog post..Reality Check

  • Cindy (Nana)

    I’m a blessed grandmother of 13 soon to be 14 wonderful grandchildren. I like to have disposables as an option when they visit us. Do you recommend a disposable? It sounded like the disposables weren’t good options. My daughter brings a green friendly disposable type when she comes, but I can’t find any locally myself. Any suggestions?

    I’d love to win so at least I’d have two diapers ready for a visit! I’m computer challenged so I don’t have a blog, but I enjoy reading others. thanks for the great break down of which diapers are best.

  • Amberlynn

    I love using cloth diapers. I have to say the only time cleaning poopy diapers was too gross for me was while I was pregnant with another child and had “superpower” olfactory senses. However, I have a husband who knows when to take a turn cleaning poo. :)

  • Cheryl

    GREAT BLOG! I have been reading off the RSS feed for a while now. I’ve been cloth diapering with unbleached prefolds and fuzzibunz since my almost 1 year old has been 3 weeks old. We used seventh generation for the first few weeks and now we use gdiapers when we’re traveling where there are no easy laundering options (i.e. places other than Grammie’s house). Luckily my son’s child care center will use the cloth! It’s a shame when I hear about other centers that won’t!

  • I second everything you say
    I am cloth diapering my son…I use mostly prefolds, some contours, and one set of AIOs.
    They’re economical…and you never run out of diapers in the middle of the night…just run a load
    Also, my child care center does allow them!

    JoyceAnnas last blog post..lo for MW

  • GREAT POST!! I’m a fan of cloth, although I think I’ll go without the “onesized” option next time and just get the proper fit.
    The gdiapers have also been terrific for us. I enjoy reading your blog and have been a RSS subscriber for quite some time.

    Monicas last blog post..Vaccinations:The Other Side Of The Debate

  • My friend has been wanting to try these and I’d love to give them to her.
    Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Bebemiquis last blog post..Ya Call THIS Glamorous?!

  • Clabrie

    I love my Bum Genuis diapers, they are wonderful. My little dude is way happier so is his little bum!

  • Alecia

    Great post! I am expecting my first and have done a lot on research on cloth vs disposables vs diaper services. Most people think my husband and I are crazy for choosing cloth, but I can’t see leaving a legacy of landfills for my baby!

  • ohcanada

    I love cloth diapering! Although, I must admit, we use a cloth diaper service. But, it’s a step up from disposables, right? We would love to try doing our own, and this prize pack would be a nice starter! Please add me to the draw! Thanks.

  • Darcy

    Awesome! We could always use more diapers. Thank you for helping spread the word on cloth diapering and other green issues.

  • Cindi

    What a fabulous prize package giveaway! Please enter me in your drawing. I really appreciate it! Thanks,Cindi

  • Jill

    Thanks for the latest entry! There are also some great diaper services that work out to be the same price weekly as diapers like Seventh Generation. The drop off clean diapers & pick up the dirty ones – no washing needed at home.

    Also – Gdiapers are compostable as well. Haven’t tried them personally, but have friends that are just starting.

  • i am looking forward to putting my next in cloth diapers. Those are especially cute!!!

    leslies last blog post..First Taste

  • We are expecting baby 3 in a few weeks, and have cloth diapered our first two. Would love to win these cute dipes!

    Jennifer Bogarts last blog post..My Sweet Husband…

  • Deanna

    Our little one is 2 mo and I started cloth diapering last week using BumGenius pockets and love them. I purchased 24 which means I need to do laundry every 2-3 days. I think an absolute essential accessory is a diaper sprayer that hooks directly to the toilet–BumGenius sells a very reasonably priced one. So much easier to clean them! Oh–and I’d love to win:)

  • Angela

    I just found your blog and really enjoyed this entry. I think it’s a great summary about the environemtnal impact of diposable diapers and some of the cloth options.
    I’ve been using prefolds with my twins since they came home from the hospital (they’re 8 months now) and I have found them very easy to use and clean. However, I personally have had more leaks which the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, I prefer Thirsties diaper covers.
    I look forward to getting caught up on you blog and keeping up with in the future. Who is great to find other moms who are concerned with raising their kids in a natural environemnt.

  • Jenifer Selos

    I love cloth diapers. I CD both of my children and I have posted about my favorites on my blog

  • Michella

    I am switching from disposables to cloth with my second daughter and so far the transition has been fairly easy. I am using prefolds mainly, but really like bum genius pocket diapers.

  • Kimberly Guenther

    so so so sweet : )~~

  • Deanna

    I am trying to educate myself on cloth diapers and would love to win these!


    I would love to win these.

  • Vickie Couturier

    I used cloth diapers with both my babies,an now my grandaughter is to be here July 1 an my daughter wants to try to use them,so this would be perfect for her,thanks

  • nell

    I’ve been thinking about clothing my new – not yet born baby but the amount of options is totally overwhelming! This would be a nice contest to win…might get me the push i need.

  • olene mccoy

    Wow, i’m going to a baby shower tomorrow evening, my pastor’s daughter is having a little girl soon, i would love to be able to give this to her. pick me pick me. omccoy

  • sara

    So sweet! I want to start cloth diapering with my baby-to-be. What a great starter kit!

  • Dawn C

    I love cding my babies. Maddie is in a medium so it would be perfect.

    I just read your post on the Jungle. You will be missed! I will be subbing to your blog~


  • Sareen

    I have one baby in cloth and a baby on the way. I would love to add some aio to my system. I think with two babies, all the help I can get to avoid daily laundry, the better.

  • Sareen

    I don’t want to seem desperate… but I am! Baby 1 is 1 years old and baby two is 1 month away. Help keep our bottoms dry and well cared for.

  • I was just checking out the monkey doodlez site and I would love to try them! I am expecting baby #3 and plan to cloth diaper…we used cloth with our other two and agree with all you said about it.

  • Misty R.

    These diapers are so cute. And, what a great money-saver!


  • Teresa Hoyt

    I would love to win this for my sister.She is planning on using cloth diapers with her new baby when he or she is born!

  • Tammy Kennedy

    My son and daughter are expecting their first child and need everything. My daughter in law is old school so this win would help her in staying to her plans of doing it the old fashion way.
    Thank you for the chance to help them out with their goals.

  • Mary Jenkins

    I love cloth diapers! i am trying to use them at least half the time.. i need more cloth diapers! these are really cute, too

  • Frugal Babe

    I was committed to using cloth diapers before my son was born, but I was a little concerned about how much extra work it would be. Turns out that it’s way easier than I had expected. He’s five weeks old, and we’ve gotten in a good routine of washing a load of diapers every other day, and hanging them out to dry on a portable clothes rack. I can’t imagine doing it any other way – for me, cloth diapers are the obvious choice. I love seeing how many people have commented here who feel the same way!

  • Frugal Babe

    Love your blog! Just linked to you from my site, so I’m adding another comment :)

  • paula dinsmore

    My daughter just had 2nd baby, one year apart exactly.

  • Daisy Soto

    very cute

  • Kelly

    I just linked to your blog from fugal babe and it is perfect timing. My daughter is 11 weeks old and we have so far been using disposibles, but I really want to switch to cloth. Since money is a bit of a factor, I have been researching a lot and haven’t made a decision yet, but like the idea of the one size fits all. I am a stay at home mom so the “extra” work (a couple extra loads of laundry) are no big deal to me. Anyway, your list of the ones you like is helpful as I have been considering a couple of those brands. I just don’t know where to get started!

  • Kathy Conley

    These make cloth diapers not only an environmentally good choice but a fun and cute option as well!

  • Eva Mack

    I want this

  • Eva Mack

    For fun

  • Julie Grady

    I’m interested in trying these out.

  • bunny

    Oooo.. I’d love to win this for my sister… she’s expecting! :)

  • hetal gandhi

    I have always used cloth diapers. and they are the best..of course work but gives a self satisfaction.

  • Oh, I hope it’s not too late to enter! This looks wonderful! Thanks. :)

  • Would love to win! I already use BumGenius One-Size(great!!!), but it’s always fun to try another diaper :)

  • Posting again since I linked to your blog!

  • The winner is:

    Comment number 83 – Melissa! Congrats!!!

  • kathy pease

    count me in please :)

  • Janene Grace

    I would love to give this to my daughter! I used cloth and what a savings. I think If she would try it, she would like it also.
    janene1627 (AT) yahoo (dot) com

  • hope

    Eversince I got pregnant early this year, I’ve been reading a lot on cloth diapers and have decided to go green for my baby. I haven’t bought any yet, and would love to win one to start off! Thanks for all the reviews!

  • Wendy

    Thanks for summing it up. I’m a cloth diaper advocate and I always have to field this question. I was surprised at how people equate some laundry of cloth diapers with the manufacturing of disposables in regards to environmental pressure. I’m going to link to your blog (when I get around to updating my blog! Yikes!!!)

  • violette

    if you want to see very nices diapers look there

  • Ramona

    i love cloth diapers. i’m cloth diapering kid number 3 and my fuzzibuns are going strong (i just had to reaplce the inserts). I tried happy heinys and love them too – sooo soft.
    i am addicted to trying new cloth diapers – recently got thirsties and am thinking about wool cover with prefolds – just for fun – and so i can give my 2 cents when somebody asks. i try to sway everyone to change to cloth – it’s just too easy, good for the environment and so cute :)
    p.s. the disposable denim diapers are totally gross – someone at the daycare where my kids go had them – they are so trashy and just wrong!!
    go cloth go!! i might even try making my own even though i have no clue how to use a sewing machine…

  • diaper coupons

    This is great! I did not know you were cloth diapering. I bought some when I first has Will and then did not stick with it with SO MANY poopy diapers! :)..I have been looking into it again. It just seems a bit overwhelming. THis is very helpful.
    diaper coupons

  • Anonymous

    Please excuse the ignorant question – I am new to all of this! Do you need diaper covers for BumGenius or FuzziBunz AIOs? If yes, what kind? Thank you!!!

    • Tiffany

      No you don’t. The outer shell is waterproof.

  • Momie2ten

    A bit more info on gDiapers ~ yes, you can flush the dispoable inserts but as they are completely biodegradeable (in 50 days) you can just as easily compost or throw away! Also they have a washable hemp insert if you prefer to be 100% cloth. I use the hemp but have a few biodegradeables that I keep in the car for emergencies. I like that I can use the same cover all day & just snap in a new liner if needed. Baby #10 just loves them!