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Go Green Get Fit – Week One

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

Week one of the Go Green Get Fit Challenge presented by Planet Shoes and the EcoMom Alliance officially starts today.

It is hot on the tail of one of my first timed and judged workouts (this past Thursday). It was a killer, especially since I am still not 100% after my recent cold (still congested and coughing) but it has really made me want to up my game. The workout rotated through 5 different exercises:

wallball -12 pound ball
push press – 45 pounds (for women)
box step up – 24 inch box
high pull – 45 pounds (for women)
calorie row

The idea is to do as many reps as possible within the span of one minute and then switch immediately to the next exercise (5 minutes of grueling work total). After all 5 were done we rested for one minute and then repeated this two more times, trying not to let our reps fall. You add up all your reps and your total is your score. I got a score of 205 and was pretty happy with that since I was still feeling puny and I was one of the only women (out of eight) who used the prescribed weight of 45 pounds. Most of the other women grabbed 35 pound barbells or lighter. They got more reps than me on the scoreboard but I lifted heavier weights.

After all was said and done I was VERY close to puking, which is a badge of honor in CrossFit but one I would rather not win truth be told. At any rate I am writing all this down so I can compare my score at a later date.

There was another killer workout today to get this challenge started right. Not sure if my huffing and puffing was the result of heavier weights or STILL being a little “off” after being sick. Warm up was 2 rounds sprints, high knees, butt kicks, shuffles, carioca, and high kicks. It was so muggy outside that this was no fun at all. CrossFit in the summer is turning out to be a bitch!

Skill/Strength was 5 rounds of 10 back squats (pictured above and demonstrated below) followed by band shuffles, going heavier after each round. I got up to 75 pounds of weight which bests my previous back squat weight by 5 pounds. I may have gone heavier but I had a partner and she was not able to lift heavier than 55 pounds so adding and removing weights after each set got to be too much of a pain for the time we had. I finished the last of 5 rounds at 55 pounds.

The WOD (workout of the day) was 21-15-9 goblet squats, Kettlebell swings (over the head), and situps. You rotate through each exercise for 21 reps, start over and do 15 reps of each, then 9 reps of each on the third round. My time was 5:50 and I used a 25 pound Kettlebell.

Also got to thinking today that I should get some dumbbells and kettlebells for home use. I have been so busy lately that most weeks I am only getting to CrossFit class three times a week and swimming class once. This week will be the same since I am involved in a community garage sale later this week AND I am bartering web work in exchange for child care when I am in Detroit next week. All of it is three counties away and I am not driving that far to attend a CrossFit class. If I had more home equipment I could print out the workouts and do them at home  (or at my mom’s house) on really busy weeks. Something to consider…

How was your workout today?

  • WOOT!!!

  • paigewolf

    I have a great app called “MyWOD” and it offers a bunch of “Road WODs” that you can do at home and most dont even require equipment! I will do them when it gets over 100 degrees out!

    • I will check that out. Thanks!

  • Lynn

    I’m exhausted just reading about this! Congrats.

  • Hannah Hurley

    Way to go! Ran 2 miles this morning with the stroller before it got hot!

  • Gloria

    I ran on the treadmill Monday and Thursday and went to a Zumba class on Tuesday. Walking outdoors today, now that there’s a break in the heat. Where in Detroit will you be? Wish I could help with the child care but my son goes camping with G&G and it’s my only break all summer : )

    • I will be in Dearborn. I am leaving the kids home while I am gone but they still need a day sitter since my hubby has to work.

      • Gloria

        I feel a little better about not being able to help since I’m pretty far from Dearborn : )

        • Gloria

          Oh and I NOW get that kids aren’t even coming to Detroit. 

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