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Eco Baby Diapers

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

Honest Company Baby Diapers

I have shared my Zulily love numerous times before and I have also blogged about The Honest Company in the past too. The first company gives me access to lots of eco friendly goods for reduced prices and the latter is all about taking conventionally toxic products and making them non-toxic and healthier for families.  Well, these two companies are teaming up to bring even more great deals to our doorsteps.

Zulily is a storefront that takes products we already buy…from lunchboxes and kitchen gadgets to shoes and furniture and makes them available for short periods of time at hugely reduced prices. I am a huge fan and shop there all the time. I have bought cast iron pans, stainless water bottles, bamboo kitchen accessories, gym clothes, and wooden toys and puzzles for my kiddos. I am constantly amazed at all their eco friendly offerings.

The Honest Company appeals to moms who want healthier home products and products for their babies. Moms really are stepping up to the task of making their home cleaning products and care products healthier and safer and I give mad props to Jessica Alba for using her superstar to form this company and do such good work. In my diapering days I used cloth but there were times when even I used disposables from time to time. I would have loved the Honest Company diapers. They are so incredibly cute!!

Honest Jessica Alba

The first of its kind to open on zulily, The Honest Company shop will remain on the site for members to access Honest’s non-toxic, high-performing household products with a splash of style, every day. Honest products are ready to ship in 1-2 days and include:

• Premium Plant-Based Disposable Diapers in various patterns including Anchors, Dinosaurs, Family Tree, Hearts, Leopard, Lumberjack, and Skulls.

• Biodegradable Cloth Wipes

• Premium Plant-Based Disposable Training Pants in various patterns including Night Sky, Princess and Robots.

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

33 Comments on Eco Baby Diapers

  • Leizaw

    i use disposibles over night.  They seem to leak less and since I cosleep this means a dry bed in the AM

  • Jessica Keefer

    I will admit I currently use disposables. I’m considering switching for #2!

  • Leslie

    We use disposables. I’ve always been interested in greener diapering, but haven’t figured it all out yet. Thanks!

  • Domestic Diva

    cloth except while traveling.

  • Laura Burns

    I use ‘sposies when we are at church or traveling… the rest of the time, cloth!

  • Kristine Plasky


  • Kristine Plasky

    I prefer to use cloth, I typically have disposables on hand for outings and overnight use.

  • Jlmschirm

    I used mostly cloth with our first son and will do the same for baby #2 due in 4 weeks! But we sometimes use disposables for traveling and I would love to try these eco friendly ones!

  • Deanna

    I use BumGenius cloth diapers and love them!

  • nd

    I used disposables with my first but I would like to try cloth this time around.

  • SadMoose

    I use both

  • Katie

    Never got the hang of cloth with my premies. Maybe with the next one?

  • Sharisse Lopez

    I used cloth with my first, but I’m due with #2. Unfortunately we live in a complex with no hook ups now, but maybe we’ll switch to cloth in the summer when we move.

  • Cara Sheppard

    I use cloth 90% of the time, but disposables when we’re out for the day or traveling.

  • Cloth lover here…. 

  • Sonya Morris

    I use mostly cloth.

  • Sarahlouise55

    tried g-diapers with my oldest, looking for some new options now…

  • I will be using cloth.

  • Anne W.

    I will be using cloth.

  • Naturelovingmomma

    Plan on clothing all the way!

  • rachel

    Disposables…cleaning cloth ones gross me out.

  • Joy Pehlke

    I use disposables but only environmentally-friendly ones.

  • Zeresh Altork

    I use cloth during the day, and used to at night too, but saw my DD was doing better with disposables at night, we do use chlorine free ones at least.

  • Heather

    I used disposables with the 1st one.  Going to use cloth with the next one.

  • Both thanks

  • Amanda Hoffman

    i use disposables 

  • V. Ramsey

    i use disposables mostly but have used cloth a few times- livivua chandler

  • Kristina

    We use disposables.  I am thankful there are good, Eco-friendly ones now :)

  • Travisandsarahking

    We use cloth all day and will switch to cloth at night as soon as I finish my ds’s wool longies

  • Kelly

    I’m planning on doing a combo of some disposables (in the beginning) and then switching to cloth for long journeys and things, but am going to be trying out diaper free to see how that goes.  

  • Ampitsch

    We use cloth probably 90% of the time, but I like disposables for night time use and with 2 in diapers disposables are nice for longer day outings too! 

  • Molly Bussler

    I use both cloth and disposables 

  • Mariah

    I use cloth when we’re at home and whenever we go on vacation I use disposables.