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Pura Bottles for Adults and Littles Alike

by Tiffany in Birth & Baby

pura bottles

Reusable bottles are a big factor in our home. My husband and I use ours daily at the gym and as CrossFitters we have pretty high standards. We aren’t going to go with single use plastic bottles ever and some of the more flimsy plastic and stainless bottles might be crushed in class. We opt to go with high quality, wide mouth stainless steel bottles. I am not opposed to glass bottles (I have several) just don’t want to see them broken in a fitness class.

Of late I have been using my hot pink Pura bottle. It’s nice looking, it’s durable, and I don’t have to worry about it being damaged if someone kicks it in class. Well, damaged too much anyway. It is a bit wobbly on the bottom after I dented it by dropping it on the paved parking lot. It is still perfectly functional though. Here it is chilling by the Kettlebells…

pura bottle kettlebells

Pura also makes stainless bottles for kids too…the Pura kiki. If at all possible I think it best not to give our kids plastic to drink out of. Not only is it not sustainable, the whole plastic industry is well known for using chemicals that mimic hormones in their formulations. The products can and do leach these chemicals into whatever beverages you put in them. Not for my kiddos!

Glass bottles are still an option and while I would not hesitate to use them in my own home I know some are worried about potential breakage. Stainless seems to be the answer. It is pretty much unbreakable and it is safe for our littles. The Pura bottles are recyclable and contain on average about 60% recycled material. They are dishwasher safe and you can use a variety of nipples and spouts with them…MAM, ThinkBaby, Avent, Dr. Brown’s, etc.

If you use baby bottles or sippy bottles as I did with two of my kids, even though I breastfed, then these are a great option.


  • Martha

    Love that these are partly recycled!

  • Julie

    These look great!

  • Morganfalter

    Fingers crossed!

  • Deanna

    love how bottle nipples work on these!

  • I have these on my wishlist :)

  • Mshelle1

    This is great. I need something durAble for workouts. Some don’t hold up. Looking forward to trying one!! Happy Friday!!

  • Jenallen76

    This is what my daughter needs. All of the water bottles fail her test.

  • Jamiembunch

    I love glass bottles but our daycare disagrees:) so these would be perfect!

  • Natalie

    Love these!

  • Melanies Darkroom

    These look nice wish I would have seen the littles sooner.  But great for my little gym monkeys too.

  • Nicole Gaylord

    These look so light weight and I LOVE that there is a sleeve for it!!

  • .

  •  We are a family of 6. 4 very active kids and we always have extra
    friends and family with us. A few extra reusable bottles would be
    fantastic for when we are having extras tag along with us on an outing! I
    definitely need more and these look great!

  • Maria

    Due at the end of March with my first baby. :)
    Very excited about a stainless steel baby bottle! I’m wondering if anybody has used or knows if this can directly hook up to the Medela breastpumps.

  • Jrgiuchici

    This would be awesome for my toddler and infant! 

  • Lindsay C.

    I would like to try their baby bottle.

  • Just got a few of these bottles for my grandson, due 2/5/13. Can’t wait to use them.

  • Brittany F.

    I’ve had these on my registry, but no one bought them. They seem like amazing bottles and would love to own some.

  • Sadie B

    My niece has one of the bottle and loves it.