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SodaStream Super Bowl Commercial Rejected

by Tiffany in Environment

plastic bottle ruining nature

I admit to you that I did not watch the Super Bowl. It did not play anywhere in my home and we attended no parties. My husband and I could give two licks about football so why bother? I guess this also means I missed out on all the wonderfully entertaining commercials but I will survive I think.

Because I didn’t watch I don’t care to get irate about the inappropriate content of the commercials. I have two eyes that are capable of looking away when I see stuff I don’t like anyway. I see no need to sanitize the content of the world and make sure it is all to my liking only. Yet I did get pretty miffed when I heard that SodaStream tried to run an ad that shows how their product can reduce needless waste (via plastic bottles) and that it was rejected. CBS is saying they rejected it because it unfairly disparages Pepsi and Coke but we all know they allow those two companies to attack each other via commercials all the time. I guess it stops being funny when it is done by a company who wants to create consumer change and has a good product that can actually do so.

SodaStream ended up airing an ad but they had to change it slightly to protect the not-so innocent.

The original ad doesn’t even really attack the soda companies, it simply highlights that you can make soda at home and save more than 2,000 bottles a year. Pretty incendiary stuff! CBS better protect us from all that vitriol! Thank goodness we have them to shield the public from its destructive consumer ways and protect the interests of big business. At least we can keep talking about the issue and make sure the ad gets seen…

What do you think of this move by CBS and what do you think of the SodaStream ad?

  • I like the commercial and think it is ridiculous that it was not allowed to be played during the super bowl!

    • J’net

      I don’t have a problem with either ad, but have always considered it tacky if you have to display your competition’s logos and products as a way to promote yourself.  Just my opinion.

  • Bhakti74

    This ad DID air during the Super Bowl. I remember seeing it. Where do you get your information?

    • They did air a commercial but they had to change it.

    • J’net

      I thought I saw it too…but it might have been immediately after the actual game that this particular one aired.  Even the one I just found on YouTube, it’s very clear by the colors of the bottles that the referrence is to Coke & Pepsi, but SS also offers many other flavors/choices than the big guns, so it shouldn’t really be an issue. 

      If Coke & Pepsi are so worried about it overtaking their business, they should creat a product with their syrups that can be used in the device and people can still purchase their products, but add the fizzy water at home.  That’s what you get when you purchase a cup of the product. 

  • I actually like the one that was aired better.