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Reusing Glass Bottles and Jars

by Tiffany in A Green Home

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We end up with a fair amount of glass bottles and jars that we must then find a way to reuse and repurpose. Coconut oil jars, jam jars, Trader Joe’s sliced peaches jars, artichoke hearts jars, and lately my mom’s Kombucha jars. I introduced her to the chia seed Kombucha from GT and she is becoming a fan I think. Most jars end up being beverage and smoothie glasses but other things become storage for dried goods…like wood ears from the Asian market or dried fruit. Old maple syrup bottles are great for bottling homemade syrup and Kombucha bottles are perfect for home brewed Kombucha.

What do you do with YOUR jars and bottles??

reusing glass bottles and jars

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  • Lisa

    I use my jars for storing food, gifts (like sugar scrubs and bath salts), craft storage, etc…

  • Sarah Langdon

    I put cut flowers in mine.

  • Michelle A.

    We use ours for the same purposes. Smoothies, iced tea, herbs, my homemade beauty concoctions – there are so many uses for them, it’s a shame to immediately toss them in the recycling (unless you end up with too many). :)

  • kim

    I do whatever I can with the glass bottles we have – from drink glasses, to storage of beans, pasta, baking soda, vinegar, to homemade salad dressings, to homemade deodorant, etc. We also live in a community where lots of babies are being born so I put dinners in them too – that way they don’t have to return them back to me!

    • Love the idea to put meals in them. Would work great for leftovers!

      • kim

        We do leftovers in them too! :)

  • Amanda Klenner-Labrow

    We re-use our glass all the time! It is so handy to have on hand and saves us so much money!

  • Mrs Yub

    In Australia our jars are made capable of being reused for canning! Many of us have a little hoard of ‘special’ jars that we reuse for jams and chutneys over and over again! (Naturally we clean and sterilize them first, though :P )