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Preserve Colanders – Recycled and BPA Free

by Tiffany in A Green Home

All this week I have been using a Preserve colander in the kitchen. Therecolanders is just no better kitchen gadget than a colander for washing all the fresh fruits and veggies we eat. Our colanders also do double duty as produce bowls on the counter when they are not in use. I am loving my Preserve colander too.

Preserve is no stranger company to me. I am already a big fan of their toothbrushes. What I love, love, love about Preserve… other than their fantastically designed products… is the fact they recycle plastic already in the waste stream to make their products. They use 100% recycled #5 plastic to make their products including open ended containers like yogurt cups. This is a big boon in my eyes because many recycling plants will not accept open mouthed plastic containers like cottage cheese or yogurt containers. They just end up in the landfill. Preserve is doing something about that.

My Preserve colander is 100% recycled plastic, it is recyclable,  it is made in the USA, it is BPA free, it is dishwasher safe, and it is beautifully designed and attractive. All their products have vibrant colors and a kind of modern yet retro look. The colanders come in Milk White, Berry Blue, Apple Green, and Ripe Tomato. I have the Apple Green.

I also have a stainless steel colander with an enamel finish. But I find myself going straight for the Preserve colander more often than not because it is so light weight and easy to clean. And because it is using recycled plastic headed for the landfills I feel no guilt about it being plastic. This is in fact the best way to buy plastic! And of course plastic is also more affordable. This plastic is sturdy too. It will last a very long time so that I can get many years of use out of it and then of course it can recycled again. :)

Target is now carrying the Preserve line if you want to check it out. The prices are as follows:

Large colander: $11.99
Mixing bowl set of 3: $21.99

Large plastic cutting board: $12.99
Small plastic cutting board: $8.99


  • Alex Foster

    Thanks for sharing. I too use my colander all the time, but it would be nice to not have to lug out the stainless steel monster! They are cute enough I would just out the colander out on the table for kids and friends to munch out of!

  • hey there! I too like Preserve, I haven’t bought any of their kitchen things simply because I already have that stuff. But we do use their toothbrushes (although I’m not impressed at all with their razors!)
    I just wanted to caution readers that the “open-mouth container” issue is city-by-city. Please check with the company that picks up your recycling, they’ll be able to tell you for sure if they take them. I live in a very small town that does accept them, but I’ve heard of large cities where they aren’t. That goes for anything you might be fixing to put in the trash – ask first!