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GLOB Natural Paints

by Tiffany in Crafts

Natural eco friendly watercolors

Painting outside on the porch is what my kiddos spent most of this gorgeous day doing. I made some paper dolls for my daughter using some Trader Joe’s bags I have had laying around for a couple months. After cutting them out I set all the kids up with some natural paints from GLOB. My youngest boy just painted on paper and my oldest painted a cardboard house.

The paints use plant materials for their color… pomegranate, blueberry, tangerine, basil, plum, and lemon verbena. They even have their fruity smell still.. YUM! You mix some of the paint powder with some water, adding more water for thin paint and using less water for thick paint, and away you go. Using these is a bit more work than buying a plastic bottle of liquid paint from Walmart but I rest easy knowing they are using safe, non-toxic paints and that they are low impact.

The doll template is from the website for Family Fun magazine. I just love all the crafty stuff for kids in their magazine and much of it is perfect for natural families oddly enough.

Wishing all a lovely, warm, watercolor weekend!


Paper Dolls

Child Painting with watercolors

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

3 Comments on GLOB Natural Paints

  • Lizabeth

    oh, now i have GOT to get me some of this paint! the colors are so vibrant for a plant source. i am so used to having just pastels. thanks for sharing!

  • jessica

    Wow. Never heard of these paints. Love it. Will have to try them.

  • Jen

    These look awesome! Thanks for posting. I am going to try and see if they are available in Canada