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Crazy Sexy Diet Book Review

by Tiffany in Book Reviews, Healthy Eating

I just finished up an awesome new book last night. Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It! by Kris Carr. I was looking forward to this book for a long time because Kris Carr and her ideas have a lot of personal significance to me. Kris’s first book, Crazy Sexy Cancer, was the first one I read after my cancer diagnosis and it was amazing to read about her journey with cancer just as I was beginning my own. Kris was diagnosed with a rare and deadly cancer at age 31. She had lesions or tumors all over her liver and lungs and was told there was nada anyone could do about it. So she decided to find her own treatment which began with macrobiotics but ended with what you read about in Crazy Sexy Diet… “a low fat, vegetarian (or vegan) program that reduces inflammation and balances the pH of the body with lush whole foods, low-glycemic fruits, raw veggies, alkalizing green drinks, and superpowered smoothies”. It is not a diet book as in lose weight either… it is a diet book in the sense that it highlights how to create a lifestyle change.

Kris’s cancer went dormant and has been that way for a few years now. She is gorgeous, vibrant, and inspirational.

I appreciate this book and its ideas because they are soooo similar to mine.. although I am sure her earlier works and her website helped me to form some of these ideas. I eat vegetarian, I try to avoid grains and gluten as much as possible, I love to eat high raw and I am mindful of the pH of certain foods which is why meat is a no-no and dairy is not front and center. I am a mix of Crazy Sexy Diet, Nourishing Traditions, and The Kind Diet but the emphasis is usually on the first one and after reading this book is likely to remain so.

Nourishing Traditions folks eat too much meat for my liking and not enough veggies. The macrobiotic diet (Kind Diet) emphasizes too many grains… Crazy, Sexy Diet is “just right” when I add some pastured eggs, and small amounts of grass fed dairy. The only thing I saw in CSD that I did not care for was recipes with tofu… yeah soy is not a health food IMO. It is easy to just add double the veggies and get rid of soy though.

The book has a 21 day cleanse for those wanting to get started right away. It is a detox really. There are also recipes in the back for the cleanse and advice on doing a juice fast one day a week. Fasting one day a week is something I am now really considering.

But the book does not stop at eating. It also has advice on dry brushing (which I also plan to start), supplements (gotta buy some E3Live), meditation, exercise, positive thinking, bathing, a healthy home, ect. Spirituality too. I got a kick out of seeing an alter of sorts in the book (I assume it is Kris’s) that had a mish mesh of different deities/religious ideas.. aka Jesus on the cross right next to the Goddess Lakshmi. I have a mix of sorts like that as well. But if you are staunchly in one camp have no fear because it does not preach, just encourages spirituality in whatever form you wish.

It is really a powerhouse book with so much good information I could not put it down. I recommend it to all: Crazy Sexy Diet. As a side note it has already achieved best seller status and it has been selling out in stores and even Amazon. It’s THAT good!



Thursday, February 10th, 2011

4 Comments on Crazy Sexy Diet Book Review

  • Dannielle

    Oh! I saw her documentary on TV :) Definitely will find this book

  • This sounds wonderful! I’ll have to try to find a copy. I have been drinking green smoothies for about 2 months now since reading “Green for Life” and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason for my surprise (and highly unlikely, given the circumstances!) pregnancy last month at 42. :)

  • Tahir Kaba

    his ebook has nothing to do with weight loss. This is about adding foods to your life that have been shown to help heal or prevent disease. The ebook has helped people to:
      Learn which foods contain beneficial qualities.
      Understand what those qualities are.
      Make choices that might prevent illness.
    A little information can go a long way when it comes to proper nutrition. This quick guide should do the trick.