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The pH Miracle

by Tiffany in Book Reviews, Health & Healing

pH Miracle for healthMy “healthy diet” ideas are spread out among numerous ideologies and theories. I cherry pick things that I like and that work for me and drop the things that I don’t like. I like the WAPF ideas of a nourishing diet for the most part but I do not like their obsession with meat. Same thing for primal eaters but I do like the primal practice of minimizing grains. I prefer a vegetarian diet but not so much the fact that LOTS of vegetarians could actually be called grainarians. Living off pasta, bread, and rice is not healthy in my opinion.

I ended up deciding that for me the best diet is a nourished vegetarian diet with little in the way of grains and lots in the way of raw foods and greens (ala Crazy, Sexy, Diet). The chief way I choose to eat lots of greens is via green smoothies. I drink 2 quarts per day, minimum, loaded with things like spinach, collard greens, turnip or beet greens, parsley, mustard greens, wheatgrass, or wild greens like dandelion. Greens have a lot of the nutrients that WAPF enthusiasts claim they need meat for but when you drink 3-4 cups of greens in one sitting you are getting tons of those nutrients. You are also ingesting ALKALINE foods.

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 I moved from Ohio to Arizona so I could go to one of the best doctors in the country. His treatment is a mix of conventional and non-conventional and he encourages diet and other alternatives as methods of cure as well. One of the first things he told me was to stop to eating meat and dairy. The reason? They encourage acidity in the body and cancer cells LOVE acid environments. Meat and dairy would in fact contribute to an environment that makes cancer very happy. Later on a I read several books that backed him up and one of those is The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health.

It is a very eye opening book and shows with perfect clarity why a diet based upon acid foods like meat and dairy are NOT a good idea. Of course this is not to say that you cannot ever eat these things but the typical person is not striking a balance between acidic and alkaline foods. The book goes into the exact things that happen when our body is too acidic… it is like giving your cells and acid bath and giving a place for things like Candida (yeast) a place to thrive.

In all honesty the diet at the back of the book is quite radical and there is NO way I could live on it long term. Cold cucumber, avocado soup in the morning doesn’t sound yummy. But thanks to pioneers in the raw foods movement I can drink my green smoothies in addition to other greens and veggies throughout the day and strike a good balance. Or so I hope. ;)

This book inspired me to get some pH testing strips to test my pH daily to see how I am doing. I also got some  pH booster drops to add to my water. Eventually though that became cost prohibitive and I got an Alkamate, portable alkazing water bottle instead. LOVE it! One of the first reviews on that page was from someone who claimed they were to acidic and were getting hives. Ironically I get hives when I stop drinking my smoothies and let my diet get out of whack. I have never been able to explain way they come on but perhaps it too has to do with my pH. After filtering my tap I now add the pH drops and some lemon for the ultimate alkaline water. I have already seen a difference, especially in my skin. This month my period crept up on me and caught me by surprise. My skin usually gets oily and a just a bit blotchy a couple days before that time of month but this go round… nada. If the outside cells of my skin react this way to a more alkaline environment I can only assume the inside cells are swimming around in joy.

Do you know what your pH is?

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

16 Comments on The pH Miracle

  • You keep making me add more books to my to-read list. I’m reading Happiness Project now. Thanks!

  • JLC

    I started drinking more green smoothies recently, but added a lot of berries to my concoction. Before I knew it, I was in the office with a urologist with interstitial cystitis. Apparently all those berries are too acidic for my bladder. Now I am on a limited diet and it looks like most of the foods are more alkaline. I also have to stay away from too much salt, potassium and caffeine. Don’t worry though… I am still making smoothies but with blueberries (which were on the list of foods I can eat), rice milk, and greens.

    • I started out using lots of berries too. Now I rarely do. ;) if you want to sweeten it try Amazing Grass or vanilla flavored Hemp powder.

  • Dr. Young has some great recommendations in this book. The more you read and follow him though, the more he comes off as harsh and fanatical. I suggest reading the book, but tempering some of what he concludes.

    Balance is key…as we see with pH levels.

    pH drops are great, but you might also want to check out some of the new antioxidant alkaline water filters. Water’s structure and electrical charge is important, just like it’s pH level.

    • Yes he does seem a bit fanatical. There is good information in the book though. I say take what you need from it and do your own research. The pH drops are not the optimal choice but they are the cheapest for someone just getting started with monitoring their pH.

      • Yep. There are also a growing # of alkaline bottled waters showing up in stores. Evermore, Essentia, etc. I think most of them use synthetic minerals, but good to see the concept spreading. I’d grab them over other bottles in a pinch when traveling, etc.

  • Jennifer

    This is so interesting to me! The first time I heard about how important your pH was is when I saw Melissa Etherige (sp?) on the Martha show talking about how she was cured of breast cancer by alkanizing (I’m on a roll today with my misspellings! sp?) her body……Amazing! I wish we heard more about this…..but of course big pharma wouldn’t be able to let that happen! lol

  • Melissa

    Tiffany, What is WAPF?

    • Weston A. Price Foundation.

      • Melissa

        Thanks. Checking out the website now.

  • jennifer

    Where do you find PH drops?

  • Deb

    What does “WAPF” stand for?

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