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Nourishing Coconut Berry Smoothies and Popsicles

by Tiffany in Recipes

The weather warmed up pretty fast here in Central Ohio of late. I went from having the heat on to having to open windows and put box fans in them so we wouldn’t have to resort to using the A/C, all in the span of one week. My kids reminded me that this was popsicle season and to avoid all the plastic wrappers and popsicle sticks that ALWAYS make their way to the carpeted areas of the house, we generally make our own. Here is our latest recipe. I have been making the popsicles for the kids and I drink the remaining as a smoothie. Delish and easy peasy!

Coconut Berry Smoothies and/or Popsicles

2 cups vanilla flavored coconut milk
1 half of a ripe banana
1 cup mixed frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries)
1-2 tablespoons Kids Calm Multivitamin Liquid- Fruity Splash flavor (optional)

Blend well and pour into popsicle molds or smoothie glasses. Enjoy!

The Natural Vitality Multivitamin I use in this recipe is a great product with vitamins sourced from whole foods. That is important to me. It is really tart so it is best to add it to water or put it in a sweet smoothie. We tried adding it to juice but since the juice was tart it made for a drink that was just to sour for my kids. They love these popsicles and smoothies though and supplementation for them is important to me with the nutrient depleted food and soil conditions today. It also has lots of magnesium, which is very important for them to get enough of. We have tried their other magnesium products like the Natural Calm but they like Calm Multi better.


24 Fruits & Veggies
Omega 3 DHA and EPA (fish oil)
Vitamins and Minerals
Natural Calm Magnesium
Amino Acids

This is good stuff and we plan to use it all summer. Enjoy!

  • What a good idea.  I have a healthy smoothie recipe my son loves and it’s with water – but I may put some coconut oil in it next time and make it into popsicles.

  • I hadn’t heard of those multi vitamins ~ what a great idea to put them in a popsicle! It’s about that time of year for us too… this is a great recipe ~ one I’m sure we’ll be using! 

  • I like the natural calm vitality products, but I’m just concerned about the agave used in some of there products. What are your thoughts on this.

    • I would prefer they not use agave. That is a definite negative for me but overall I still like the product. I hope they change that issue someday though.

  • Nicole

    I am reading more and more on the Kid Calm, thank you for sharing.  However, can a healthy “calm” child take this or is this for more hyper children?  Any other information would be great.  Thank you?

    • Yes, any child can benefit.

  • Keri

    Just picked up a bottle today…thanks so much for posting this one. I have been looking for a new vitamin for my son. Kid Calm has so much great stuff in it and is pretty reasonable too. And we all loved the popsicles!

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