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Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Garlic Oil

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

bacon wrapped shrimp from emeals

Another meal success with eMeals! I wrote about them a little over a week ago and how their service is helping me plan some yummy meals. This particular meal was on their special Paleo Valentine’s menu that was a bonus perk of membership. They have a regular Valentine’s menu too but since I am on the paleo menu plan I got the paleo one. I thought that was very nice bonus.

My husband will be working on Valentine’s Day most likely so we went ahead and made one of the meals today for a cozy lunch for the two of us. We made bacon wrapped shrimp on skewers, drizzled with garlic oil. We had more shrimp than we had bacon so we sauteed the remaining shrimp in bacon grease and ate those too. Yum! I have never combined shrimp and bacon before and it was delicious. I can see making it again…often. ;)

And if eMeals makes it a habit of over delivering and providing these menus for special occasions I think I may actually do better about making “special meals” on those days.

eMeals is still offering 15% off for subscribers if you use the discount code newyear. You can use it for any of the meal plans so if you have been thinking about subscribing be sure to use the code. Enjoy!