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Mood Mists – Easy Aromatherapy Sprays

by Tiffany in Essential Oils

Mood Mists

Essential oils have the amazing ability to help uplift and stimulate us when we need an emotional or physical boost. They can also help us to achieve balance and restore calm when life becomes chaotic and worrisome. It is easy to make a mood mist that that can either lift you up or calm you down, depending on what you need this day, week, or season.

These mists a simple way to practice aromatherapy. You can spray the air around you, mist your hair and body, or perhaps spray them on bed linens (no they won’t stain). If you are feeling sluggish, they will stimulate you. If you are feeling amped up, it will help you come back down to peace and calm. Pick your poison…

Uplifting Essential Oil Mood Mist

1 drop eucalptus
2 drops geranium
3 drops peppermint

Calming Essential Oil Mood Mist

2 drops bergamot
1 drop frankincense (or elemi for the budget conscious)
3 drops lavender

To make either recipe just take a clean spray bottle (mini size) and drop in a half teaspoon epsom salts. Add the essential oils and top with 4 ounces of distilled water. Shale well before each use because the water and oils may tend to separate.


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  • amethystmoon

    My favorite oil is peppermint. I use it to feel energized in the middle of my work day.

  • Jen At Dapperhouse

    I love a lot of oil scents but I have not tried geranium yet! I need one of your mood mists to get energized before working out, and another one to relax before bed.

  • NYCTechMommy

    This looks wonderful! I always need a little more energy in my day :)

  • I’ve always wanted to try using essential oils. Maybe it’s the time to start my oily journey! The combination of eucalptus, geranium, and peppermint sounds amazing!

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