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Post Workout Snacking – Green Protein Shake & Cocomo Joe

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

I am on a protein shake roll lately. This is my third this week. After today’s CrossFit class I made the green monster you see below.

Made with coconut milk, protein powder, Superior Greens powder, some frozen peaches/cherries, and some ice cubes. Yes, that is a pickle jar. ;)

I also had a Cocomo Joe bar. It is paleo and made with nuts, coconut, fruit, chia seeds, and other ingredients like maca root, all organic. My hubby really likes them but I think they are just “okay”. I am pretty sure the maca root tastes like to soap to my palate. The Cocomo Corn, however, is to die for. I rarely eat corn on a paleo diet but once in awhile I have some kettle corn or caramel corn and and you can’t go wrong with this organic popcorn sweetened with coconut sugar. Yum!!! If you have a weakness for kettle corn like I do, try it now…

  • Good Girl Gone Green

    That smoothie sounds very yummy!

  • Sarahlouise55

    hi there wondering the type of protein powder you use? i’ve been trying a few different ones and they all overpower the flavor of the fruits/veggies in my smoothie. thanks for your help! -sarah

  • I rarely find good bars (and try to avoid anything packaged), but the Cocomo Joe bar sounds good! Or the Cocomo corn. Hmm…