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Earthing Shoes – Get Touchy Feely with Mother Earth

by Tiffany in Eco Fashion

Earth Runners

Late last year I wrote about Earthing – what it is and why it is so important so learn about and implement in our daily lives. The post is rather long winded but essentially it is about reconnecting to the earth…physically. It makes the case that we are actually meant to be in close contact with the earth and that our health suffers when we don’t have that contact. We all know that kids who do not have the close contact and “touch” of their parents suffer physically and mentally. It is well documented. Well, we also need to connect with and touch our Mother Earth. The earth’s energy helps to regulate our own bodily energy. Our sleep patterns, our hormones, our health… all of it, is tied to this flow and regulation of energy. Without it, we are a flickering light bulb.

Once we decide we need to get get touchy feely with the soil we may decide to allot for ourselves some barefoot time outside each and day and I highly recommend that. Yet we probably still spend way too much time wearing insulated shoes that remove that electrical connection and that is where earthing shoes come in.

They are shoes and sandals that are actually made of conductive materials (allowing for electrical flow) and they even have copper discs embedded in the soles. So even though you are technically wearing shoes you you still have access to the earth’s energy and natural electrical current. Earth Runners is one such company making them. I got a pair several weeks back. They are minimalist and custom made to fit your foot so you get a perfect fit every time. I admit that they took a bit of getting used to. They are definitely the most “hippie” looking shoes I have owned since Birkenstocks and they are worn differently than flip flops so my feet had to get used to wearing them.

I love that I am earthing while I am wearing them though, provided I am on real ground and I don’t have to worry about dirty feet or cutting myself on glass/rocks, etc. It makes earthing in public spaces possible so I am increasing the amount of time I am “grounded”. Does it actually DO anything? I believe so. Years of computer work and a sedentary lifestyle has taken a toll on my lower back and when I get those familiar twinges of pain I know that I only need to go sit outside with my feet on the grass or take a  walk on the dirt tails of  my local park  (in my earthing shoes) and the back pain goes away. No pills, just grass and dirt. Well, that and regular exercise. I love that new shoe brands allow me to extend the amount of time I can spend “earthing”.

Other earthing shoes on the market include Pluggz which come in flip flop styles and also dressy flats and Groundels flip flops.

  • Stephanie Moram

    Nice sandals!

  • That’s cool. I usually walk outside at least once every day barefoot. It’s funny how “off” I feel if I don’t do it. The spending time outside is the biggest thing, but I would like to think the barefoot part is good for me too. My feet sure stay gross though. I’ve noticed that men, who usually have their feet stuck in socks/shoes all day have baby soft feet but mine are so dry and awful unless I’ve just had a pedicure. LOL!

    • Same here Carrie. I have really rough feet and my hubbies are silky smooth. So irritating. ;)

  • ginabad

    Ok, I love the idea of these! Never thought about it. I love to be barefoot outdoors, but it can be a challenge…even the grass can have hidden dangers of sharp rocks.

  • Really interesting idea!