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Are You Eating the 30 Healthiest Foods?

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is such a subjective thing. Or is it? Everyone has their own ideas of what is healthy. Many swear by tofu and I think it is a bad idea. Others think that fat is the devil and I think no such thing. Can we ever agree? Well, I do happen to agree for the most part with Real Simple magazine’s list of 30 healthiest foods… not that they are the healthiest per say but it is a pretty good list of healthy foods. I thought it would be fun to go through their list and see how regularly my family is eating these foods.

1. Mushrooms – Eating these weekly. This week it was baby portabellas and oyster mushrooms.

2. Walnuts – Monthly at best. My kids eat them more than I do.

3. Peanut and Almond Butters – No peanut butter but we do have almond butter and sunflower seed butter. My kids eat some daily usually. I may have a spoonful once a week.

4. Quinoa – Used to eat this weekly but since going grain free I have eliminated it. I really miss it though!!!

5. Almonds – We used to make homemade almond milk several times a week but have fallen away from that now that we have local, fresh cow’s milk available to us. But we do have the almond butter.

6. Blueberries – Weekly. I put a small bit in our green smoothies and my 5 year old eats frozen blueberries like M&M’s. I had to go out this morning to buy some in fact, because I knew he would request them first thing. In the summer we will have fresh blueberry compote for breakfast a couple times a week.

7. Eggs – We eat about 2 dozen a week from our local farm delivery service. They are pastured eggs with deep orange yolks… yum!

8. Spinach – Weekly. I put at least a cup of spinach in our smoothies.

9. Wild Salmon – Yes, once a week usually.

10. Chicken Breast – Sometimes. Good on salads but I usually eat wings or drumsticks when I eat chicken, with the skin on.

11. Avocado – Not very often and in the summer only. My kids don’t like avocados much unless I mix it with cacao and make chocolate pudding. I want to eat more though.

12. Sweet Potatoes – Only in winter but we do have them a couple times a month during that time.

13. Barley – No

14. Whole Grain Pasta – No.

15. Oatmeal – No.

16. Skim Milk – Nope. I usually buy 2% or full fat. Unless it is in kefir or yogurt the kids are the only ones who drink it. Skim milk should not be on this list either.

17. Lentils – No, don’t like them much either.

18. Bulgar – Nope.

19. Sardines – On occasion.

20. Kiwi – A couple times a year maybe.

21. Olive Oil – Sometimes. We usually use coconut oil.

22. Kale – Weekly in smoothies. I alternate between kale, chard, collards, turnip greens, and wild greens.

23. Kidney Beans – No.

24. Chard – Weekly in smoothies.

25. Edaname – Nope.

26. Pumpkin – In the fall only.

27. Oranges – Weekly usually. The kids love them.

28. Non Fat Greek Yogurt – Yes to Greek yogurt, no to non-fat. I eat 2% or full fat Greek yogurt every single day, first thing in the morning. Once a week for my kids.

29. Broccoli – Weekly.

30. Black Beans – No.

I would add carrots, green beans, snow peas, more greens, blackberries, and coconut oil right off the top of my head.

How did you do? See anything you would remove from this? Or Add?

  • I’m surprised at the lack of more leafy greens. I think those are one of the things that are missing from what most people eat daily.

    These lists always interest me.

    • Exactly. Less meat and more greens please.

  • Nicole

    I would remove any “low” or “non fat” items. These things are not whole foods in my book. If you drink milk it should be whole milk, etc. I would add liver to the list as it is a nutrient-packed source of vitamin A and D. Also, homemade bone broths, coconut oil and shellfish would be on my list. I would recommend reading anything by Gary Taubes for more information on the “low fat” myth.

    • I agree about the fat and coconut oil.

  • Maegan Dougherty

    Ditto Mike. And I’m surprised skim milk and pasta are on the list.

    • I think they are confusing healthy food with “diet” food in regards in to the milk. Skim milk is usually praised by calorie counters.

  • Mckella

    I agree with most of these except the nonfat dairy (I don’t consider it a whole food), the pasta and possibly the chicken breast. It didn’t specify organic or pasture-raised, which makes all the difference, and really lean meat isn’t a great idea because some of the fat is necessary to balance all that protein.

  • Alicia

    I would add Seaweed and sea vegetables to the list as well.

  • We don’t eat animal products, so those are off our list, for sure.
    However, I do think whole-grain pastas have as much place as other whole grain products.
    I would definitely add more greens and berries though. Coconut oil and hemp or flax seeds. Maybe stone fruits too (cherries, plums, apricots) and tomatoes.

  • Zan

    Bananas, apples, nori, parsnips, snap peas, turnips and radishes.

    • M-L

       I totally agree!

  • Andrea Santa Maria

    I’d remove all the dairy unless it comes from humans.

  • Lisa

    Where can I find the recipe to the harvest bean soup that is pictured? It’s looks amazing!

  • Anna Karenina Clark

    A great list for doing a bit of self-evaluation. I’m often asking if the foods I am serving are the most nutrient-packed foods I can serve. Cabbage is another one I would add. I would love to hear if there are any of these you are going to work on adding more of…or if you find a way to incorporate avocados more for those who don’t love them. And quinoa since we struggle with that. We do a lentil & kale soup weekly around here so that gets those into the mix more. And also a weekly mexican-style night that involves black and/or kidney. Once I find a winner of a recipe with healthy ingredients, my family wants it weekly and doesn’t tired of them so that really helps.

  • Smilingmommy2

    Check out the book “the world’s healthiest foods” by George Mateljan. He lists the foods and gives each one a nutrient rating. Awesome book with some good recipes and info on how to best cook these foods for maximum nutrition.

  • JnJGoGreen

    Not a bad list at all. I am surprised at how many things on this list our little guy eats on a very regular basis.

  • Shannon

    I like adding Avocado to smoothies–gives it a very creamy texture!

  • Shell Blue2

    I throw quinoa into my meatloaf ( or chop up some spinach and red peppers and mix it with oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar in a light salad of warm quinoa. (I personally prefer quinoa cooked in chicken broth)

  • Anonymous

    Barley is easy to add to your list and SO YUMMY. Just take your favorite chili recipe, and replace the meat with cooked barley. Or, just add to your favorite veggie chili recipe. Very filling and great texture.

  • Wnewsom70

    Honestly, I have no idea what most of that stuff is. But when my body is craving milk, I go whole. Sometimes I crave broccoli, and I get it. I am a firm believer that your bady will tell yeu what you need, its up to you to listen. I guess kidds are different for lack of experience, I have none so I can make no reference. Do the best you can, Girl. All I may offer is some tasty resoloutions that might make your life a little easier. If they like what is there, healthy or not, they will eat

  • Terie

    Nice list. Looks like your adding those greens and berries in your smoothies. That’s always a good idea. I love smoothies made with fresh, in-season fruit or vegetables. I like everything on the list. Nice job adding all these great nutrients to your diet.

  • Lisa

    Well I’m allergic to 6 of the items haha. I agree on low-fat dairy, ew! We aren’t eating enough of these things though.

  • Dsmythfreeman

    I agree with you on every food which shouldn’t be on that list.

  • Amazingly, most of these foods are the ones that we pick out on our weekly grocery runs. We favor brocollis and mushroom in our dishes.

  • Nicole

    I would replace skim milk with soy milk

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  • Dnkraus

    It’s a great list!  I love all the veggies.  I’m doing very well with nuts, because they have replaced most of my meat.  Love walnuts, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and pistachios.  Overall, I’m doing quite well!

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