Here’s How Tech Can Be a Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

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There’s nothing like granola and tech as a part of your healthy, well-balanced breakfast. We certainly hope it is healthy as we all start the day with it – tech, that is. We’re still working on the granola. The alarm clock has been replaced by the smartphone. So we get up on time. We check our sleep stats to make sure we are improving in that area.

Before we finish getting dressed, we’ve got a handle on our schedule so that there are no surprises. Our tech has even told us what time we should leave to cope with weather and traffic.

After relieving our stress about the schedule, our tech is instrumental in surfacing the news that matters most to us. We have prepped the presentation to within an inch of its life. And we couldn’t be more ready to take on the day. All of that has to be a part of the good health equation. But there is so much more tech can do for our health, both directly and indirectly.

Peace of Mind

There are some very good reasons to make sure your kids are carrying a GPS device when away from home. Depending on the age of your kids, the most natural GPS device is a smartphone. That is a device they will not see as a burden, but a joy. They will want to carry it with them all the time.

If you splurge for one of the new iPhones, be sure to pick up one of the many iPhone 8 plus cases that can protect your investment. Both sides are made of glass. And it will cost more to have the back glass repaired than the front. So while your child may be voluntarily carrying a tracking device, accidents happen. Also a must have are pocket pouches or a backpack that blocks EMFs.

Your peace of mind is not just about knowing where your kids are at all times and having a way to reach them. It is also about making sure a costly investment stays in one piece. Part of good health is being able to call for help in any situation.

Nutrition Tracking and Calorie Counting

So just how many calories is that granola bar? You would know if you were using one of the best food tracking apps and calorie counting wearables. Fitbits offer a budget option for calorie tracking. The Apple Watch is the best all-around fitness tracker currently on the market for consumers, but expect to pay more for a complete package. Nutrition apps range from free to just a few dollars.

While you’re at it, be sure to use apps that automatically enter that data into the Health app if you are on the iOS platform. There are repositories for health information on other platforms as well. Just be sure those other apps and platforms use end-to-end encryption. Your health metrics are valuable to those who know how to exploit it.

Medical Technology

Some technology is designed to help you heal such as portable bone regeneration devices that are sometimes used after surgery to stimulate bone growth. These devices are a little bigger than smartphones and operate like miniature sonograms. There was a time not so long ago when such devices were the domain of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Today, you can carry this equipment in your purse or book bag.

There are also the pill cameras that you can swallow as opposed to an invasive procedure. The camera pills pass through your system along with everything else that passes through your body, but the images are sent to a pager-sized device that you keep with you. The information is transmitted via a wireless protocol and the doctor can see detailed video imaging of every part of your digestive tract.

Whether it is tracking your kids, or tracking your diet or tracking your body’s internals, tech is an inseparable aspect of what it means to be healthy in the 21st century.


A Designer Purse for Your Essential Oils – A Giveaway

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If you are a true essential oil enthusiast then you have a fairly large supply of the oils. After all, you can use them for so many things. Making your own natural remedies, DIY beauty solutions, and green cleaners can’t be beat. Another consideration is how you can take them with you when you are on the go. I love being able to get at a bottle of peppermint when I need a pick me up at work or a bottle of lavender if I suddenly get hives. I also like to keep some oils on hand to diffuse in my collection of diffuser necklaces. It’s just convenient to be able to carry a few oils with me whenever I may need them or want them.

This is why I am stoked about the rather fun oily mail I got last week…a designer purse that can hold essential oils!

I acquired it from Got Oil Supplies, which is an amazing source for oily supplies. This particular purse (they have many) is the Cristine. It is a solid black with a floral/navy inner. It has 16 elastic pouches to hold your essential oil bottles…up to a 15ml vial! There is a zippered pouch in the middle and two cargo pockets for your other necessities.

It is nice enough that I would be thrilled to carry it even without the added oily storage feature but that extra feature just puts it over the top. I can carry oils with me when I want to and not worry about them leaking all over the contents of my purse. Up until now I just carried certain oils with me in a waterproof pouch. With this handbag there is no need for that. There is also ample room for all my other must haves…wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, etc.

They have many other designs, styles, and colors. Make sure to check them out if you want a purse designed to carry essential oils. Also check out their other offerings. They have some really fun stuff! I have my eye on these custom labels for your own blends…and the purple glass bottles are pretty nifty too.

On to the giveaway!! One lucky reader will win a designer essential oil purse from Got Oil Supplies!

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5 Fall Adventures for Families

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5 Fall Adventures for Families

Are you planning a family vacation this year and aren’t sure of where to go? Well, if you’re into nature, the great outdoors, and relaxing in thermal pools, Colorado may be perfect for you. There are several mountain cabins for rent in Colorado or boutique hotels to choose from in Denver, Boulder, or Colorado Springs. And the best thing is, the state gets on average of 300 days of sunshine, so you’re almost guaranteed dry weather. Here are five of the best things to do on a family vacation this fall.

1# Drive Along the Trail Ridge Road:

The Trail Ridge Road has some of the best views in Colorado as it winds through the Rocky Mountain National Park. Passing between Grand Lake and Estes Park, driving along this continental drift promises dramatic scenery. Expect steep canyons and even snow on some of the higher points of the road while you’re driving along the highest paved road in the United States.

The switchbacks give some of the most beautiful views in Colorado. Wild elk also live on parts of the route, and it’s typical to spot them as you’re going along this 77 kilometers (48 miles) route. The kids will love the changing color of the foliage and varying landscapes. Stop at some of the viewpoints to soak up the natural beauty in front of your eyes.

Expect the journey to take approximately three hours factoring in plenty of breaks for photographs. Road closures are common during late fall and from the end of November to May because of heavy snowfall. Make sure you visit in the first half of the season to avoid disappointment.

2# Visit Capitol Peak:

If you want to show your family a blanket of aspen gold foliage stretching forever into the distance, take them to Capitol Peak in the Elk Mountains. Trails range from a smooth few kilometers trek up to more strenuous ones if you fancy a day of hiking. Head out for a day or exercise and enjoy the striking and vibrant shades surrounding you. The best time to soak up the beauty is just before sunset as the orange sun casts a wave of color over the already golden leaves.

It’s not advisable to go hiking with your family on some of the more difficult trails. Accidents do occur. Even if you’re not into hiking, still take the kids to see the colors of fall at their very best.

3# Get Lost in a Corn Maze:

A fun-family friendly activity in Colorado this fall is to take part in a Corn Maze. If you’re not sure what this is, imagine one of the endless cornfields in the state on a large piece of farmland. Now imagine a farmer hacking paths through the farmland to create a pattern that resembles a maze. Visitors come, pay a small fee and have to try to pass through to reach the other side.

The mazes typically open from late September and have a variety of themes. Some celebrate and allow parents to take their children pumpkin picking afterwards. Others are for older kids and have an element of trivia and mystery. You can find most of the mazes around the Denver area including the famous one at Denver Botanical Gardens.

4# Take Part in the Annual Gorilla Run:

The Denver Gorilla run combines running, dressing up, and raising money for charity. People from all over Colorado descend into Denver for the annual fall fun run covering a total distance of 5 kilometers. But, the running is just the start of it. All participants dress up in either a gorilla or banana outfit as they jog along the streets raising money for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.

Come down with the family, don a costume and run the short distance or cheer on the others from the sideline. There’s also the best costume competition, which encourages participants to be as creative as they can. Everything is good natured and will be a fun experience whether you take part or not. At the end of the run, everyone gets together to enjoy an after party and celebrate the conclusion of the event.

Gorilla Runs take place in a few cities around the United States, but the one in the Mile High City is said to be one of the best. So, if you’re in Colorado this fall, head down to Denver to join in the fun and games. It’s a certainty that the family will have a memorable experience.

5# Attend the Elk Fest:

Every fall in the Estes Valley, the annual Elk Fest takes place. Visitors can learn everything they ever wanted to know about Elks and buy handicrafts and other related souvenirs. The event is family-friendly, and kids of all ages enjoy getting close and personal with some of the animals inside. After the event is over, a concert with country music and bluegrass take place for the parents to enjoy. If you’re interested in this, search online to see what’s happening and to get more information on the specific dates. Learning about elk and seeing a concert is a great way to spend a chilly autumn’s day in Colorado.

From Colorful Scenery to Gorillas and Elk:

Show your kids the changing colors of leaves in the national parks or get lost in a corn maze. Check out the Gorilla Run and Elk Fest if you’re in the State when they take place. A family vacation to Colorado in the fall has everything you could need to have a perfect trip.


Natural Remedies for Baby’s Fever

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Natural Remedies for Baby FeverIt is very frustrating to have a small baby with a fever. They are uncomfortable and restless many times and all we want to do is comfort them. But we can and should avoid reaching for that bottle of baby Tylenol or Motrin. There ARE natural solutions that are much healthier for them.

In most cases, your infant’s fever should be left alone. Fever serves a very useful purpose and is the body’s ally in fighting infection. There are a few natural remedies, however, that are safe for babies that will help your little one feel more comfortable.

It’s a good idea to see a Naturopath, Homeopath or other licensed health care provider who specializes in natural remedies before using them on your baby. He or she can point you in the right direction when choosing herbs and homeopathic remedies as well as help you with dosing.

Lemon balm leaf, chamomile, peppermint, licorice and elder flower have been traditionally used to treat infant fevers. A baby older than 2 can be given one half cup of herbal tea, up to 4 times a day, for 24 hours. For babies younger than two who are breastfeeding, it is best if Mom takes the herbs herself in order to pass along the medicinal properties to her nursing infant. Or you can purchase over the counter herbal formulations with dosages designed for infants at your local health shop.

Echinacea and goldenseal have been proven in some studies to clear up infection. Try a combination specially designed for children.

Garlic also has antibacterial properties. If your baby is older than 9 months, you can make a batch of chicken broth with garlic, and serve it to your baby.

Ginger tea can help with a fever. It’s also great for stomach aches. Ginger has warming properties and is wonderful for babies who are chilled. Make a weak tea with grated fresh ginger. If your infant is over one year of age, add a drop of honey to sweeten.

Homeopathic remedies are effective for infant fevers, but the specific remedy must match the individual child’s symptoms. Check a homeopathic reference book to find the right one, or call a Doctor of Homeopathy.

Be sure to keep baby well hydrated with clear liquids. If baby is nursing, offer the breast frequently so that baby will get plenty of fluids and the natural immune factors in breastmilk.

Keep in mind that if your infant is younger than 6 months old, it’s a good idea to call your Doctor about a fever. Additionally, if baby is listless, lethargic, acting unusual, having difficulty breathing or complaining of a stiff neck, phone your Doctor immediately.

Natural Baby World can help you raise a healthy baby in a toxic world. Visit and find natural baby care tips, products and other resources for your little one.


Back To School Favorites List

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Back To School Favorites ListBack to school season has ended in my neck of the woods. I have two kiddos who have been back to school for a few weeks and one who starts this week. Yay! They are back in school and I have more free time to myself. Yes, I said it.

I am also pretty pleased with how the back to school shopping shaped up as well. All school clothing was thrifted. The only new stuff I bought was socks and underwear. I also shopped at Dollar Tree for the majority of the school supplies. Last year I spent $75 on the basic supplies…this year, $30. Booyah!

Of course there were some items I could not get at the dollar store so here are some of my faves…

I do not buy cheap backpacks and thus I do not have to buy them often. Both of my backpack wearing kiddos had not had new backpacks in several years. I think my daughter had been wearing the same backpack for four years. So I buy a high quality backpack every 3-4 years instead of a cheap one every year.

For my daughter I got the Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Backpack in seafoam green. We went with a campus backpack because it is spacious enough for all her books and a laptop. I also love the quality of Pink backpacks and being the thrifty shopper I am, I paid about 50% less that retail.

My son is rocking a Beckmann of Norwav Classic backpack. This will last him until highschool probably and we will buy another for sure. It has nicely padded straps, a chest strap, and it distributes 50% of the weight to the hips. It has reflectors on all sides, plenty of room, and a built in rain cover so there is no need to carry an umbrella.

Cat Ear Headphones with Glowing Lights  – Okay so I always want a to splurge on a few cute items and this in one of them. They are ADORABLE! I smile every time I see my daughter wearing these and with a 2 year warranty being only $2…these are a good buy.

These Cute Cat Gel Roller Ball Pens also fulfill the pen requirement while being completely adorable and fun my littles.

How did back to school shopping go for you?