Fascia Blasting Resources, Products and Supplies

by Tiffany in Beauty

fascia blasting suppliesFascia blasting has turned out to be a more involved process than originally thought. You see, you need to heat your body internally and externally for the best results. You need to exercise specific muscles in specific ways to fire and build the underlying muscle. You also need slippery oils (DIY or purchased) and a way to store your devices without breaking them.

It can get quite pricey when you add up the cost of the fascia blasters and all the accessories that make them work that much better. Yet, once you start following the advice in the book, reading the suggestions from the private Facebook group, and seeing amazing results…it is all worth it. I know I was hooked when I dropped a jeans size with no dieting and no drop in weight, all within three weeks.

Here are some blasting resources, supplies, and products to make your fascia blasting journey smooth and free of bumps (pun intended).

Resources for Heating the Body

Sauna 3 Zone Fir Far Infrared Sauna Blanket – For heating yourself before blasting. Not everyone has access to a real in home sauna or one at a gym or spa.

TheraPearl Face Mask – For heating the face.


Blaster Storage Resources and Containers

Hard Case Travel Bag – This case is technically for wireless speakers but it is PERFECT for holding the faceblaster and Mini2.

Command Broom Grippers – Stick these on your walls or even in your shower and they hold the FasciaBlasters perfectly!

Tools for HeartButt Exercises and Firing Muscles

SmarterLife Resistance Band Set – These are perfect for working the muscles associated with the heartbutt challenge. Use them with…

Resistance Loop Bands – Helps isolate the muscle groups you want to work.


Fascia Blasting Oils

Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil

Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage Oil

Coconut Oil

Avocado Oil


Detox Resources

The fascia blaster can cause detox as fat cells lyse and release stored toxins. This is why you can feel sluggish, get headaches, or feel like you have the flu after you start blasting.

Read Hashimoto’s Protocol (even if you have no thyroid issues) for a wonderful liver and adrenals support program for detoxification.

NOW Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator – One of the main ways that the body rids itself of toxins is through the liver. In fact, it is one of the hardest working organs in the entire body.  You need a supplement to help support your liver as extra toxins are presented for detoxification.


Any tips or resources to share??


Eco Stuff to do With the Kids This Summer

by Tiffany in Children

With summer vacation approaching, you might be wondering what your children are going to be doing this year with all that time off. We’ve put together some things to try out with the kids that’ll keep them busy and hopefully save you money too.

Do some decorating

Whether it’s painting the walls, upcycling a chair, or scouring curbs for tossed treasures, summer is prime time for decorating and designing. The warmer days should make paint dry faster and you’ll go back to school or work knowing that you’ve improved your home.

Yard sale

If you’ve got some junk to get rid of at home, or want to encourage the kids to give up their old toys, a yard sale could be a fun way to make some money and know that you’re not just throwing your old things away. The get the kids more involved, why not add an incentive like allowing them to keep the money made from their toys, or give a prize to the child that sells the most?

kids eco summer

Wash the car

Something as simple as washing the car can be really fun on a hot day. Kids love to make a mess and they’ll have great fun spraying the hose and you can reward them by having a water fight at the end! You can also try using an eco-friendly soap from Fragile Earth.

Try some summer recipes

The amount of clever summer recipes are endless, and there are lots of child-friendly ideas that are simple and fun like making smoothies or real-fruit popsicles.

Do some gardening

Vegetables such as beetroot and salad onions are perfect for planting in the warmer months and do not take long to grow. Kids will love seeing them grow and having them to help with the planting might even make them more likely to eat them!

Do you have any other ideas of how to keep your kids busy over summer vacation? Whatever you do this summer – have fun and keep learning!

Written by Laura Hall at Shiply.


Natural Ways to Remedy Vaginal Dryness

by Tiffany in Health & Healing

This may be one of those taboo subjects for you, that you don’t like to discuss. But a mom/woman striving for health should always consider her own reproductive health and the health of her sex life. All too often when we experience a health issue we reach for a prescription bottle, which may help with the symptoms of initial concern but they open up a whole other can of worms, such as low sex drive or dryness. Perhaps these issues are creeping up on their own due to the simple fact that we are aging. No matter though, there are things we can do to feel better if we are in pain and enjoy the pleasures of life and love to fullest extent we can.

The graphic below outlines some things we can do including:

  • Cutting back on medications if we can, especially ones that are designed to mess with our hormones…ie birth control. It is never too late to try NFP! Also look at the side effects listed for ALL your meds. You may be surprised.
  • Begin a meditation practice to help eliminate stress. This can improve many aspects of your life and health, this issue included.
  • Get rid of irritants and toxic products…perfumed menstrual products, tampons with pesticide residue, lotions with parabens, etc. You cannot expect to have healthy nether regions when you use toxic stuff down there.
  • Rev up the foreplay and use natural lubricants.

I would also add that you need to eat a healthy diet and look into essential oils that help support hormones. I know I used one such oil blend recently and the it helped amp of the natural juices and clear my skin or hormonal acne flare ups. I was in love until I started getting my period every 3 weeks instead of 4 and decided to cut back on usage. It did show me however though that natural methods can work! Hope it helps.

Why Can't I Get Wet? The Truth About Vaginal Dryness

Image Sourced from LubeZilla. They have a lot of options there for safer, natural lubes.


You Just Bought a House! Don’t Go Broke Making Improvements

by Tiffany in The Homestead

So you just bought a house. Congrats! A place of your very own, you are adulting for real now. You are probably itching to make the place the your own and who can blame you?

Tap the breaks just a wee bit though. Buying a new home can actually end up being way more expensive than you bargained for when you start decorating or begin a series of renovations. Now is the time to practice contentment and to track every penny in your budget because new home fever can set in and it can get ugly. Here are some tried and true tips to keep costs down and keep yourself in check.

  • While the rooms are empty, make a floor plan to scale of the house and yard, and perhaps get a new home notebook for plans, design ideas, and inspiration photos. Add receipts as you make purchases and do renovations so you know exactly how much you are spending. If you plan to sell at some point make sure your changes add value.
  • In this book or another, write out a timeline for improvements to help  you prioritize. This helps when you get an itch and you want things “right now”. You can afford anything, but not everything (yet). Stick to a plan.
  • Paint is pretty cheap. In fact it may be one of the cheapest ways to make a home new and fresh, so it is a good place to start. Once you have crisp, freshly painted walls, in a color (or colors) you love, you will be much more content.
  • Make sure all the bulbs in the house are energy efficient LEDs.
  • Call your local energy company to get a free or low cost energy audit. This will help you winterize and make your home more efficient.
  • Even if your inspection turned up no significant issues make sure to have a generous emergency fund for unexpected surprises.
  • After moving in look for “money sucks” in heating, cooling, and plumbing. These are not glamorous things to upgrade but if you fix them first you will have more money for the glamorous stuff later.
  • Check out Habitat for Humanity for things like ceiling fans, lighting, switch plates, windows, doors, cabinets, tiles, paint, and even furniture. There is no need to buy new if you don’t have to!
  • Down become consumed with filling empty spaces and rooms. Let that guest room remain empty, let the box springs sit on the floor, and get used to sparse furniture in a formal living room. Wait until you can afford to furnish these rooms with pieces you really love. It is worth the wait. When you try to fill them right away you almost always go for cheaper pieces you don’t actually love but you can afford OR you go into debt to get the stuff you want.
  • Plant trees, especially fruit trees. It is a small expense but one that few homeowners will regret. In a few years you will have lovely trees and/or fresh fruit. Don’t be that homeowner that waits a few years and wonders why in the heck they put it off.
  • If you need tools and equipment for fixes or improvements see about renting them or borrowing them. Don’t spend a fortune buying things you will use once!

Do you have any tips or wisdom to share for new home buyers?

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Try to Eat Veggies or Fruit With Each Meal

by Tiffany in Healthy Eating

veggies with every mealOne of the best and easiest steps you can make towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family is to simply eat veggies or fruit with each meal. Sounds easy right? It actually is.

Reaching your health goals means adjusting your diet. Small changes make things a bit more “digestible”.

Add Them to Food You Eat

One of the easiest ways to add vegetables to your diet is to add them to foods that you already eat. Basically, everyone loves pizza, so one of the first things you can try is to add them as a topping on pizza or puree them into the pizza sauce. If you eat spaghetti, you can try adding a small amount  of spinach or broccoli to the mix, again pureed into sauce. Cauliflower can be pureed into cheese for mac and cheese. Mix them into scrambled eggs or make a frittata. Try butternut squash pancakes. If you add small amounts to your food, you will notice  that every vegetable adds a hint of flavor that you might really enjoy, and it gets the kids used to these flavors as well.

Green Smoothies

A very easy way that you can eat more fruit (and veggies) is to freeze fresh fruit, or buy frozen fruit that you can use in making smoothies and add some greens to the mix as well. Drink a healthy mixture of fruits and veggies on the go. This is especially great for people who are too busy to cook entire meals in the morning before work or make healthy after school snacks. Smoothies are usually a mix of water, nut milk, or coconut milk and the fruit and greens of your choosing. Greens that are perfect for smoothies include kale, spinach, arugula, and chard. And don’t worry, some pineapple or a super ripe banana disguise the taste of the greens.

Make Soups

Another excellent way to get your daily vegetables would be to add them to soups. You will be surprised by the almost limitless options that are available when it comes to making delicious, creamy soups that you can use to top rice, meats, or even just eat plain. You will be able to heat up these soups and eat them on the go much like the smoothies mentioned earlier in this article. If you plan ahead you can get all of your nutritional needs and more into a few cups during the day. Add some cauliflower or leeks to potato soup or chop some veggies super fine and add it to the chicken noodle soup.

A surefire way to make sure more veggies are in the diet is to make it a priority to have at least one serving with each meal. Make it a goal and get creative with different ways to make it happen.